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Monday, August 15, 2005


ther will be no discrimanation against anyone for any reason what so fucking ever..women will get the same pay as men ...if they both have worked the same amt of time at the job the pay should be the same..no one should get less pay just because they werent born with a dick..marrying one should be enough..
we will steal the insurance plan of the canadians...free insurance for anyone who cannot afford it..people in prison will not get free dental work, free operations..they will earn money from working on the chain gang...and can pay for their dental work from that fund..everytime i read about some guy doing time for rape or murder or assault what ever and he is in prison where if he gets a cavity he gets free dental..well, fuck that shit..he works on the chain gang or he gets a fucking tooth ache like the rest of poor americans..
we will have free perscriptions.. there will be no private rooms in hospitals..there will be wards...were everyone gets the same treatment... and if anyone gets plastic surgery they have to pay for the surgery for any child that needs facial construction..
and every person that voted for bush gets to have their asses wacked by a two by four and that is just for starters...think everyone that voted for bush should be made to join the army and serve in iraq, afghanastan,iran, and any other place that might get their asses shot at....see how much they like the war then....
man, im really on a tear today...reading the paper and listening to the news just makes me nuts some days..and then to top it off, some yokle out in crawford to insure that the rest of the country knows that we are inbred, ignorant assholes, takes a pot shot up in the air to show he can..."cause by god, this is texas and we all have guns and can shoot them any time we want to."..jackass...fuck this im going to go look for sooner..cant trust them fucking rangers to find their asses with both hands...i'll find him and bring his monkey fucking ass back to denise so so she can get her child support...and while im at it i think i will take a detour out to crawford and see what kind of stink i can stir up....

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