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Monday, August 01, 2005


Talking points...
"If Great Britain is such an unwelcoming, racist place to live, why do all races continue to flock here, as they do to evil, imperialist America?" julie burchill, in times of london.july 16th

No shit sherlock

"The gobal struggle against violent extremism." The Bush adminstration''s new name for the conflict previously known as "the global war on terror." new york times. july 26th

yeah, right...

"The Supreme Court is supposed to sit above politics and apart from polular whims.But when a large majority of the court's justices have never cross-examined a lying cop or a slippery ceo, never faced a jury, never slogged through the swamps of the modern discovery process, something has gone wrong." stuart taylor, jr. the atlantic monthly sept.issue


new website...
a web site to which people send photos of themselves as they'd like to be remembered in the news media if they are killed by a suicide bomber...

some people have way to much time on their hands.

There is a great article on che Guevara...in sunday dallas am news..
about how people idolize che and the truth is he was a savage killer and known to have killed over 500 people while he was in charge of La Cabana prison in cuba. He oversaw mass executions...so think about that the next time you buy a tshirt with his picture on it...Carlos Santana..

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