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Friday, June 20, 2008

.......THE BEAR.......

"He's an old blind bear....alone in the winter woods...with only the smell of his breath for comfort. To mean to die, to lost to care. But show some caution....he's still the bear."
I included this poem in a post about the bear a couple of years ago...maybe not that long...But I received an email from some guy saying he was trying to find the poem, that he knew it had been recited by Robert Blake years ago on the Carson Show..and when he googled it..the only thing that came up was my blog..So I sent him the poem about the bear..Which I have always felt could have been written about me...Any how I decided to repeat it for you newbies..It's a good little poem..
Babs and I went to Pizza House to honor the age old Druid tradition of Summer Solstice by having Chicken Fried Steak...So ....listen to this..The last time we were there I had a small Chicken Fried Steak, it fucking rocked..($5.99)but I got carried away and ate the french fries and that was baaaaad...I had given Babs a bite of my CFS and we decided the sonofabitch was 'good'...no...'excellent'...So this time we decided it was only a $1 more for the large CFS...thinking it would be one steak just bigger...but nooooooo, it's 2 bigger CFS's and so for a buck more ..we get 2 CFS's..What a country..I got the FF's but gave them to Babs as we got togo boxes and put our extra CFS in the box with the ff's...and I got sauteed mushrooms which were killer..and took my extra CFS and extra mushrooms home and will have them for lunch tomorrow..For $6.99 we got 2 large CFS's ff's and a salad..Life is good!
Babs is letting me use her digital camera, and I am going around town and take pictures of all the places in town you read about..Community Grocery, West Food Mart, The Family Dollar Store, Campensinos Restaurant, Pizza House, the good bakeries, Caritas, The Hardware Store, etc. Go take some pictures of Wolf's, Strickly Country, Jack and Diane's, etc. Should be fun..
Anessa and her oldest son Donald came by with a watermelon the size of a Buick for me ...said I could share it with Babs...yeah, right..Will call her and let her come and get it..It's half of a half and it fits inside of a double sink..$3...Texas, gotta love it..
Remember the lady that had the free book cases for me?..I got an invite to go to a party out at her house, can camp out listen to music, eats and drinks..But as much as I think it would be fun...driving all the way to Crawford is pushing my luck. Snuck in and snuck out without the Secret Service nailing my ass before , don't want to try it again..
I got my new insurance policy today..it was over $50 higher...huh?..So I called and they took my information down and said they would re-figure it and call me back Monday with a new policy...See if I had just went, oh well they raised my insurance and paid it..I wouldn't have the chance to get it lowered...My mama always told me the squeaky wheel gets oiled first..
I'm going to go to some garage sales tomorrow...what do you think?...More books or what?...fuckme till there's a full moon..


Elizabeth said...

Hey there, thanks for the many, many candles, and for the new one. Love the bear poem, and actually, I think it's not a bad thing to aspire to. "Too mean to die." I think that's my new motto, especially with regard to publishing my book. Anyway, I'm trying to pull my sorry ass back into life. Talk to you soon. xoxo

Nit Wit said...

Lucky I was eating while reading this or I might not have enjoyed it.
I must have missed that Bear poem the first time around. Then again after reading 1300 posts I might have forgotten one.
Better stay away from Crawford. The Secret Service probably got in trouble for letting you sneak in and out like The Shadow.
You know you might just find more bookcases at those yard sales.
Remember, the noisy skeeter gets swatted first.

mrsb said...

Oh, I do miss me some chicken fried steak. Surprisingly (insert sarcastic voice here) there is just no good cfs in NJ.

Anonymous said...

I've never had chicken fried steak.

And more books? We're going to have to send you to rehab, Jackie! lol~!

yellowdog granny said...

elizabeth:i have a list of people i pray for...everyone on my blog list is on it..well, actually on my bloglines, I dont even use my blog roll any more..i pray for all of you at once and then when i think it's needed i pray for you individually...prayers are easy...and cheap..ha..i have a feeling that book will get published sooner than you think..
nitwit:trust me..I've been to every yard sale in west and surrounding areas, and no book cases..
i forgot how far back the bear one was..i'll have to check..i think i'd rather get oiled than swatted..ha
mrsb:ahh, chicken fried steak..breakfast of rednecks..gee, who woulda thunk..no cfs in new jersey..
heartinhand:what?...I will have to tell you how to fix it..it's really really easy..my favorite cfs story is shady lanes mom who is nj born and bred came to austin and shady took her to the rocking v, at the time the best cfs's in texas..after she ate it she said:"i think i like my chicken fried the other way."...i will immediately show you how to fix a cfs..it's easy and great..
im telling you..the book buying is a sickness...i do need rehab

McRaven said...

I want to hang out with you guys! Soon I hope soon. XOXOXOXOX

Big Tex said...

Jackie, before long you're going to meed to build a new wing on your personal library. :-) I have my own book collection, but it's nothing compared to yours.

angel said...

i can't wait for the photos!