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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Things are coming along..I finally finished filling 2 large plastic totes(huge suckers)with stuff for Jamie's bridal shower...Holy shit..I bought a lot of stuff...towel sets, spices, condiments, toilet paper, paper towels, coffee maker, can opener, hand mixer, coffee, coffee filters, coffee creamer, a Texas flag, an address/calendar/note book with my address , phone number and email address already in it and on the first note page it says call your grandma..popcorn, bunch of hamburger helpers, cleaning supplies, assorted kitchen tools and hell, I don't know what else..The 2 totes can also be used as laundry baskets when she gets moved in..I got her the Texas flag so she could piss off all the Redskin fans when she gets there..Yup, already I'm starting to stir shit up with them 'skins fans..
I wanted to look good for her party Sunday so I went and bought a top for my new black slacks and a new bra..holy shit...the top is a large.(deep eggplant color)..not 1x or 2x, but a large..and the pants are a size 16..ok, I know that's still big, but when your ass has been shoved into a 2x for years a 16 looks fuckingnear petite..ha..and the bra..oh my Goddess, it's a 48 D....a D...I haven't worn a D cup since I was ..............what ? 11...ha...my tits are so fucking perky...I can damn near rest my chin on them..
So going to go to town tomorrow after I get off work and get some nice shoes to go with it..I don't think my lime green baby phats will go with my new outfit..will take pictures so you can see..I have taken some pictures of West, but I keep forgetting so will try and do them soon...
West paper had some great news...Bold Springs Baptist Church is making hamburgers today and Monday..I didn't get one today and even though I want to I may not get one Monday either..last time I had one it shot my blood sugar up...and it's been so good lately..89-117...
I made another apple/cake cobbler, but this time I did them individually..made them in deep dish pie pan..made 2..and will save the remainder of the cake mix and the can of apples for a later date..Will give Babs one(well less my share..ha) and one to be split between my work and the lady at the other dollar store..Who when I went in Tuesday to get my vitamins said "where's my cookies"...so made her some too. I have been wearing my 'ears'...the listen up hearing device and it works great for when I want to watch video's on computer or movie on my tv..but in the store there are so many different noises that it picks them all up and it's like a disco in my head..Plus the other day the train went by and I screamed bloody murder and jerked them out of my ears..Judas priest..talk about smart...When some one bangs one of the baskets or a kid screams it's like it's right inside my head..and that's freaky..But I can hear the phone ring now..Good news is...Inky still hasn't had anything to drink...the bad news is Anessa stopped smoking and we're all fixing to shove her in front of a train. She's all over Inky like flies on shit, then he comes to work and bitches about her for four hours and I'm about ready to smoke and drink to be able to stand both of them..
We are desperate for rain here..I'm in the process of drying 4 loads of laundry and been walking back and forth and it looks gray out, but the wind is blowing to hard, so it'll just blow it off in another part of Texas.
Some woman(56) was going form Axtel to Leroy the other day and a bull was loose and ran out in front of her car and bye-bye ..killed them both..Really tragic. I sure wouldn't want to be the owner of the bull...I see a lawsuit coming ...Colton Lee Parrish turns 1 year old on April 27th. I had to post his picture..as it's about as cute as you can get. Oh man..I just read the article that goes with it..it's my loan manager from PointWest Bank, Bernie Klish. Wait til I tell her I put her grandkid on my blog. She'll have a stroke..
If your interested in a little home with a business, Leroy Country Store is for sale along with a 3bedroom, 2 bath house for only $135,00. Plus the Village Bakery is still for sale. You can also buy 8 acres of completely fenced land, with a tank, barn and oak trees for $45,000.
The West area girls are invited to a Mother-Daughter Tea Party at the West Community Center.Mothers and daughters are invited to attend this eent to make special memories. Girls will make a crown, play Princess Bingo, and find out what it means to be a princess. (hope no one brings up Charles and Diana)
Last year at this time we had 36.6 inches of rain. So far we've had 14.4 inches of rain...What a difference a day makes..Was going to post some of the pictures I took, but Babs is still napping so will do them next time..
ya'll come back and see us.......y'hea?


mrsb said...

8 acres for $45,000?? Captain Crunch in a handbasket! If I could sell my house for what it's worth in NJ(damn economy!) we could move out there and retire!

whimsical brainpan said...

We are in our 2nd year of drought here. Last year we were down 15 inches, right now we are down 8 inches already.

Here's hoping we get rain and the Mid-West dries out.

Nan said...

We're still in drought conditions here in Georgia, too. Lots of talk about water rationing, and local government is starting to get serious about retrofitting older houses with low-flo toilets.

I thought cattle had the right of way in Texas -- so isn't the bull's owner more likely to sue the family of the woman who hit the beast?

Anonymous said...

Holy Sheep S$(* Batman! Im with Mrs. B - I really gotta get out of NJ and find a cheaper place to live.


::heads off to work muttering "8 acres of land for $45,000"::

catscratch diva said...

I would love to have a little store. How damn hot is it in TX? Humid?

Apple.Pie. Grub. I'll forward my address and UPS number and you can feel free to whip one up and overnight it right to my office.

yellowdog granny said...

mrsb:the houses and land are 'dirt' cheap here right now..and we have more houses for sale now than I have ever seen in the 30years I have lived here...
whim:it's supposed to be a 100 today..eeek!..
and hope you and I get some rain soon..
nan:nope,that pesky bob war' is used to keep cattle in and rustlers out...which they have alot of with beef going to be so high..we have a no burn law going into effect till it rains enough to drop it down..so we'll be getting lots of grass fires which can travel really fast and do serious damage..like in calif..
mamakelly:ha..that's what you get for living in new jersey..ahahahahhahaha
catscratch:it gets hot..if it's this hot in june(and it was a record hot May) it will be blistering in august..probably 100-110...normally we don't have a lot of humidity, but we have had it all this month..
Leroy is a cute little no nothing town.about 400 people maybe..it's about 4 miles from west, texas..my little town of 2,000..
oh if you love grub, west, texas is the place to be..4 bakeries, 2 meat markets, and some terrific restuarants..
kolaches and sausage rules here..being all czech and german..except for me..the lone viking..

That Rude Girl said...

You can have some of the rain we've been having here in Minnesota. It's rained just about every other day since May! We've only had maybe two 80 degree days so far. One nice thing is I haven't had to turn the air conditioner on yet and that saves MONEY!

I think it would be fun to own a bakery, but with everybody being all health-conscious, I suppose that is why it is up for sale. Good luck finding shoes! Let us know what you find!

LostInCO said...

apple/cake cobbler, I need to visit so I can have some. yum. Have a good time shopping for shoes.

Anonymous said...

The totes full of goodies will be awesome for your granddaughter. You make me miss my mother in law because you totally remind me of her. She was a real chin up tits out girl like yourself.

billy pilgrim said...

those prices are so reasonable it's hard to resist. i'd get too fat if i ran a bakery and the country store would probable require working long hours.

any ice cream parlors for sale?

sageweb said...

The baby picture is adorable...but is is old or are they just jumping the gun for next April? Can't wait to see the pics of you in your new bra...you did say you were going to take pics of you in your new bra right?

Boy About Town LB said...

I am trying to get a mental picture of you resting your chin on your tits...yup I am Gay! That confirmed it!
Please post pic's ASAP!

jan said...

What does it mean to be a princess? I can't think of too many good things about it nowadays.

jan said...

What does it mean to be a princess? I can't think of too many good things about it nowadays.

Allan said...

Thank you for my little piece of West!

Anne Johnson said...

Good thing the granddaughter's moving to DC, because if she tried to hang a Texas flag out in Philly, she'd find her kitten tied to it by the tail. The Eagles are the only team in the NFL that offer life insurance policies outside the stadium when Dallas is in town.

yellowdog granny said...

rudegirl:my ac is going almost all the time..i'm scared to see my electric bill.arghghghg..we need rain and some cooling down so bad..
the bakery is for sale cause they're old farts and want to retire...one bakery closed down because nobody in their family wanted to carry on the business..they really made great kolaches..
lostincolorado:my apt manager and the maintance guy broke into my refrigerator and ate some of the cobbler...and took some to patsy at community grocery and so far it's a big hit..

rox:i just hope jamie likes it..i just wanna be a good grannie..

billy:I think that would be a great idea..we could open up a ice cream parlor where the bakery is..bluebell specials and dr.pepper floats..damn, now im hungry..

sage:it's old cause i remember bernie telling me about it..they didn't get a chance to run it when it happened as there were too many baseball pictures..ha..i just took pictures of my tits in my baylor tshirt and my tits in my new bra...will have the film developed sunday and put them in a post..after the bridal shower..

bat:i'd love to think a mental picture of my chin on my tits would make you straight..ahahahahha!
Jan;you have to remember it's 1957 here..so being a princess is still the snow white, cinderella idea...
allan:im so glad you liked your west, texas care pacakage..hope jan and kali get theirs soon..

hey you guys are the only nfl team that has a jail and a judge in the stadium..
you're my only eagles friend...and all i need..if jamie was moving to jersey or philly...i'd tell her to leave every scrap of cowboy paraphanilia at home..ha