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Sunday, July 20, 2008


David, Mojo and Thom..David is wearing my Do it with Calco shirt that I had made for me...which went right across my tits and made the bosses at Calco very nervous, and they wouldn't let me wear it to the big convention they had for all the stores..So I wore it to the picnic we had and it caused such a riot that they made me promise not to wear it again..wussies.

Mojo is wearing her Would you like a little boy? Take my brother tshirt and her purple lounge pajamas that she wore everywhere..Her Grandma still
talks about how ugly they were and that she wanted to wear them when they went out for dinner..That's my girl. Thom's doing his I am to cute to be a bad boy look..

this is my son David and his Daddy, Asshole #1...Who was out of the Air Force for the first time in 4 years and was letting his hair grow out and didn't know what to do with it..I was about 8 months pregnant with Thom a
nd took the picture.
This uis Asshole#1 and I going to a wedding or something, I can't remember..I know that I made that shirt he is wearing..I made all of his shirts..
The other picture is of Asshole#1, me, my step sister Vickie, step brother Bubba, step mother Ruth and my Daddy. This was taken about 1962..The one of A-hole and I was taken about 1963, right before I got pregnant with David. Wow, does this bring back memories..some good...some not so good...but damn..I sure was skinny...I had a 19 inch waist...I think my measurements were about 36-19-30...I had no ass at all...sigh*..now..I have plenty of ass..I finally grew into my tits.
These pictures are presents from my x-sister-in-law Marie. She is the younger sister of A-hole #1...and feels much about him like I do..She and I were friends before I even met him and we used to have so much fun running lose in San Antonio, Texas back in 1959-1960..She's a Scorpio too and what I couldn't think up ...she could...so thanks Marie...


Anonymous said...

You made all his shirts? That's impressive.

YOu know it's funny when you see other folks' photos - they know the characters involved (so I'll take your word for it that the ex was an asshole) but if you don't know the stories, people just look ike people.

billy pilgrim said...

it's like you're living in a jimmy buffet song:

my whole life lies waiting behind asshole # 3.

Roxrocks said...

You were a hot dish with that tiny waist and the heels!

Travis Erwin said...

And a talented seamstress as well. Who knew?

whimsical brainpan said...

I love that you call him asshole #1, and am beyond impressed that you made his shirts.

texlahoma said...

You were a hottie!

jan said...

What is that, a Scarlett OHara 21inch waist?

Just curious if you and asshole #1 have your paths cross ever.

That Rude Girl said...

Damn, Jackie Sue. You were a living Barbie doll with those measurements! Just look at that itty bitty waist! Holy crap, you were smoking hot!

unokhan said...

your genes 4warded 2 another generation your intensity.

and if mojo is the one livin n sf i just wanna hug her neck

Cheesemeister said...

I only actually married one of the assholes I was involved with before deciding that celibacy is better. Since we have a kid together he's still around but he's more like a cousin or something now--and not a kissing cousin either! Do you ever look back on one of the guys you were involved with and wonder "what the hell was I thinking???" I know I do! Guess it's just my karma.

Cheesemeister said...

I was just thinking, I always had plenty in the ass department, now I just have more! At 18 I measured something like 32-24-36. Now...well, you know the AC/DC song, Whole Lotta Rosie? Those are about my current measurements! (42-39-56. Although I'm actually not quite a 56, it's more like a 48.) Still, that's a whole lotta ass.

angel said...

i just love old photos! suddenly all these memories come rushing back from where they were stashed and jostle for attention!

Nit Wit said...

Looks like you have your waist siched so tight that your face should be blue. Looks like you had a reduction in that last picture.
Mojo looks like she is seeing an evil plan that is starting to work.

mrsb said...

Woohoo! Foxy mamma!

Nit Wit said...

Cinched I mean. I forgot to spell check.

LostInCO said...

Nice pictures! Very fun!

sageweb said...

Wow you made shirts that is cool...I couldnt make a sock. Your kids are all so gorgeous..you and asshole number one had good genes to make babies with.

buddha_girl said...

19 inches???????????? I would say like 17 by the looks of that damn picture. Sheesh - you're the poster child for corsets. Freaking GREAT pics, Jac!

Gadfly said...

Wow. There's a trip through the past.

Although, with that '70s hair, I can put some pictures up there with your kids *chuckle*

Doralong said...

Well he may have been an asshole, but you got some fine looking kids out of the deal!

And damn woman! Love that outfit! I get very nostalgic remembering my 20" waist, or depressed, depending on the day.

Does this mean we get pics of the entire parade of assholes? Please! Just make sure there's plenty of you and the kiddos too..

yellowdog granny said...

cotw:yup, made his shirts and any dressy type dress, I made for me..I haven't seen him since 1959 and when I saw his picture I thought, 'what an asshole'..ha
billypilgrim:my life is a jimmy buffet song..all i can tell you is...there will be no asshole#4
rox:I never felt anything but like a skinny big tittied kid..
travis:i doubt if I could sew a straight seam now..
whim:all my x-husbands are numbered asshole#1,#2 and #3..I don't know how I learned how to sew well enough to make his shirts..in home ec I was called Jack the Ripper for all the mistakes I made sewing..
tex:if I only looked that good now..
jan:19inches..scary huh? I have talked to him on the phone, once about 6 months or so ago, when one of the granddaughters was having health problems and they needed family history so I googled him and found him..and you know what?...he's still an asshole..
rudegirl:why thank you sweety..loooong time ago..
uhokhan:yup mojo lives in san francisco..where she wanted to live since she was the age she was in that picrture..
cheesy:1,2,3 all taught me one thing..no number 4
I pick bad partners..
angel:yeah, when i saw the pictures of the kids it was really great..

nitwit:actually the belt was loose, I had it on the last hole..
maryjo's expression hasn't changed much..she was such a silly little girl..
mrsb:thanks sweety..
sage:can't sew shit now..but i was a sewing fool back then..I had forgotten,but I made David's clothes too. Little western shirts, and reverseable pants in cordaroy..We did make some good looking boys..he's daddy to them..#3 was Mojo's daddy..
buddha:yup...it varied between 18-19 inches..bob could put his hands around my waist and his fingers would touch..
gaddy:yupper, don't you love 70's hair..the boys hair was longer than mojo's..
doralong:I don't have any pictures of #2, we were'nt married long enough to have many pictures made..ha..think I have posted Jack's picture before..I've always felt lucky that I had such great looking kids and it passed right along to the granddaughters too..


Cletard said...

OMG! Woman, you were the the epitome of the "Wasp Waisted Gal"!!!

BTW, I LOVE The Texatard!!!

Elizabeth said...

You were SO tiny! Come to think of it, so was I, once.... Sigh. Great pix. I'm just lucky I didn't marry any of my many assholes!

tsduff said...

Man alive Jackie Sue - the only other person I know with a 19 inch waist is Scarlett O'Hara, and that was only after Mammie pulled her tight in the corset :) You are one fabulous beauty.

Love the kidlet pictures... must be the seventies for sure with those hairstyles. I'm still looking for a glimpse of Mojo - this Saturday we'll be picking up trash on Ocean Beach.

more cowbell said...

Good, gravy, Granny -- you were one hot plate of yummy, girl! What the hell was he thinking, turning into an asshole with a woman who looked like that AND sewed his shirts? Did you cook too? Damn. What an asshole. But you looked fabulous.