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Thursday, September 04, 2008


There is this 'woman'...that is nuts...I mean really nuts, probably schizophrenic...compounded by the fact that she's an alcoholic and does numerous quantities of drugs. Several months ago she was arrested and taken to jail for sitting in the front window of her house using her vibrator...She will talk wild and crazy, saying fuck and Jesus in the same sentence..Like fuck you and Jesus loves you..that kinda person. So she's been kicked out of Family Dollar at least 4 times, and the last 3 times she was told not to come back. (Tom should have called police and had her sign a paper saying she knew she was not allowed to come into the store and if she did after that she would be arrested for trespassing...but he didn't) So Monday I'm working and as there are only 3 stores in town open we're busy...If I had noticed her when she came in I would have stopped her and maybe things would have been different, but she still would have been belligerent and there would have been a setto..Anyhow..I'm ringing up a customer and I look up and there she is...I'm thinking 'oh fuck'...She seemed like she might be ok...she wasn't making conversation with anyone and I was hoping I could just ring her up and get her out...but noooooooo!..She is yammering to the customers on either side of her, and one is head down, I see nothing, I hear nothing. The other has the deer in the headlights look ...I'm ringing up the ladies stuff as fast as I can and of course it's a check so I have to do the check checker and all of a sudden crazy lady starts saying "at Westfest they were saying nigger nigger nigger."...I thought well, that's that. I came back to the counter, grabbed her stuff and said "your going to have to leave, your not supposed to be here and you were told not to come in.".She's still going on, these 2 women are freaking out. Crazy lady won't look at me, and she's turning back and forth from one of the ladies to the other, swinging her arms, and I'm thinking 'ahhhh, shit, she's going to hit someone.'...She still wouldn't look at me..so I reached out and laid my hand on her arm to get her attention and said you're going to have to leave and she flipped out. Screaming take your hands off me, you can't touch me, and just totally out of control. I said you're going to have to leave right now..Just get out and don't come back. I never raised my voice or did anything else, just calmly trying to get her to leave. She gets to the door and she's still screaming at me the customers, Jesus, and I said I'm going to call 911, and she said I don't care if you call 911, or your husband or .....your wife."(told you I looked like a little fat dyke, ha)...and then out the door she went..I'm apologizing to my customers who are saying you handled it better than I would have and you have nothing to be sorry about. Well, since I have had run ins with her before I didn't think any more about it..(the last time we had to throw her out, Tom followed her outside and said you can't ever come in here again.'..when he came back in and said what he told her, I said what did she say and he said 'fuck you'....)
So I go to work the next morning and the crazy bitch has been all over town telling everyone I grabbed her arm jerked her around and hurt her arm. She called the police, a lawyer on the Internet and the corporate office. So the had been in the day before(no one fucking told me) and got the asst. manager who was working from a different store and she said no fucking way. They came in and wanted a written statement, assuring me they knew she was nuts but if she makes a complaint they have to check it out..I said...why don't you just look at the video , it's all on tape...nana nana boo boo...bitch. So they took my statement, watched the tape and said no worries. But still what a fucking mess. So the more I have thought about it, the more pissed off I am....Now I'm hunting the bitch. I'm driving up and down the streets of West looking for her. When I find her they will have to arrest me for assault, because I'm jumping out of my truck and I'm going to kick her fucking crazy ass..I'm beginning to think that someone has let her know my reputation as she hasn't been seen since. I promise you...there will be some ass-kicking, good ole redneck, dancing the cotton eyed Joe on your ribcage kind of ass-kicking. So if you don't hear from me for a while...I'll be doing my time.


jan said...

I don't think they let you blog from the pokie, so just stay away from her. She isn't worth it and I would miss your blog and your very funny comments.

mrsb said...

If I were her, I'd move.


texlahoma said...

You're going to do whatever you decide to do so I won't even try to talk you out of it but be smart about what you do!

Rainwolf said...

I'll miss you for a few days.

Nit Wit said...

Besides some smart ass Lawyer would make it all your fault and her, the poor helpless victim.
Be nice if the budgets hadn't been cut so much that they turned most of the fruitcakes out onto the street.
Used to be that you could file a complaint saying she was a danger to herself and others and they would put her where she would be safe from mean old Jackiesue.

catscratch said...

Sounds like she'd be in the dictionary if you were to look up
- nutjob
- asshat
- pervert

Ech. Don't go get yourself into any deep shit over a nutter. It ain't worth it.

Roxrocks said...

Do they accept Canadian money at the Bail Bonds place, cuz I got your back!

"dancing the cotton eyed Joe on your ribcage..." OMFG I'm LMAO on that one!

sageweb said...

Oh dear, is there anyway someone can take pictures or video...purely for our enjoyment.

Just kidding, be careful. Crazy people aren't worth jail time.

Nan said...

If she's as crazy as you're describing her, watch your back.

yellowdog granny said...

to all:so far she's off the streets. I think someone told her who i was and what she's got herself into..cause i mean she is no where to be found..her boyfriend who i know and has apologized for her said he doesn't know where she is...if she turns up dead, i better have an iron tight alibi or im fucked

Junebugg said...

Why the hell didn't you mention all this when you came home Monday? Or even when I called from the road to let ya know I was OK? Waz the matter, ya afraid I'd turn around and help you hunt the bytch?

zero said...

mess her up!!

it is odd to wok at family dollar, isn't it? i work at one now too.