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Monday, October 13, 2008


This was in the DAM News Sunday, and I loved it..Ms. Maverick, 82, of San Antonio, Texas, a descendant of the legendary Texas Revolutionary and land baron whose free-ranging, unbranded cattle gave rise to the word "maverick." Ms. Maverick, an avowed liberal, objects to John McCain using the word to promote himself for president.

Whats the beef with John McCain using "maverick" to describe himself?

Because he is not free, not free to wander. He has voted for the Republican agenda and George Bush 90 percent of the time.

What's the matter with that?

In my feeling, Republicans are dedicated to history, putting their hand on their chest, citing the Declaration of Independence, going to war and getting killed. I'm a Democrat and believe in solving present problems and looking to the future. Democrats are the party of the future. Republicans are the party of the past.

Has your family always felt like that?

Mavericks have been rabble-rousers since about the 15th century, against religious persecution and human-rights intolerance. Since they came over after the Mayflower, and they wanted to make us go to church. The Puritans were religious nuts.

Is it OK in some cases for people to borrow the name?

We didn't care if the Dallas Mavericks used it to play...football-is that it?..(It's Basketball)My great-grandfather didn't brand his cattle. They were free and available. In general, it's fine to use "maverick," if a person feels like that are free and feels like they can wander. You betcha.

That sounds like Sarah Palin, didn't it?

Argghghgh!(laughter) Well, that girl has had an influence.

Do you give her some leeway in calling herself a maverick?

I would kind of give her credit for being as strong as she is, pretty and wonderful...precocious. But I don't know how she could be a maverick..I'm sorry that her politics aren't as liberal as mine. I just wish she was on our side.

(Ms. Maverick's daughter, Fontaine, has a new Web site realoriginalmaverick.com)

Don't you know she'd be fun to talk to?...I wish they had asked her more questions and got her to loosen up a bit, I bet she would have been a lot more open. I'm going to go check out the Web site, and also am passing on something I found on my good friend Nitwit's blog..It's a Web site he found on Stumble Upon. Well, fuck...I'm having a shit load of problems with Blogger this morning and can't add the link..feck!..It's

Teen Mom's For Palin.com..It's a blog written by a 'pregnant teen for Palin.'..It's so fucking funny...

I'm still off work..coughing like crazy..Have to go to SS office tomorrow to figure out my medicaid insurance, etc. What a mess..who knew getting old would be so much paper work?

I'm out of here...going to take my medicine and go back to bed.

fuckme till I quit coughing.


Raspootin said...

I have caught the "creepy crawley crude" I have found that using addictive nose spray at night helps with the coughing. I feel for you. Does it ever go away? I have had this crap for 1.5 weeks with no signs of improvement.

Speaking of Mavericks, WTF with Dallas and Arizona ? I was thinking about you on the first play of the game :(

Im going to check out the prego teen for Palin site. I need something to amuse me while I pretend to work.

Roxrocks said...

Honey and cinnamon in hot water. Drink it. I read a site the other day that was all about the magical healing powers of both honey and cinnamon. Oh wait, you've got the diabetes, can you have honey? Shit, maybe you should rub Vicks Vaporub all over the bottom of your feet, that's supposed to help. Feel better soon JS...the world needs you to.

(Wow, that was a pep talk eh?)

Nan said...

Ms. Maverick must also get rather annoyed by all the Repugnicans who not only misuse her family name but then add insult to injury by misspelling it.

You might not be able to do the honey, but you can still try the cinnamon by adding some to tea or sugar free hot chocolate. I've heard it has healing powers, too, although I've never had an occasion to try it deliberately myself. (I probably drink a lot without knowing it because I love chai.)

Hope you manage to shake off the crud soon.

And, totally off topic, agree that Don Johnson was gorgeous in A Boy and His Dog, but at that point in his career he had the acting skills of a turnip.

sageweb said...

That is funny I saw the Real Mavericks on the news too.

rainywalker said...

Interesting, I never saw your blog and just put out one like it. We must have been thinking on the same line. Sorry!

LostInColor said...

great story! Ya it would have been nice if the interview was longer. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

billy pilgrim said...

i guess someone should come up with a new word for mccain and palin.

too bad all the good ones like prick, motherfucker, cocksucker etc are taken.

Kulkuri said...

One time when I had a bad cold, I found a way to get rid of it. Every time I coughed, I took a pull off a bottle of Southern Comfort. It took 3 days but I shook that cold.

jan said...

Great interview. What fun you can have at the ss office, spreading your mysterious illness among the bureaucrats.

Nit Wit said...

I got a good laugh out of that site I posted the link for. The Boss is diabetic and uses honey all the time she is doing something new the last couple of months to treat her sugar. She puts about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water every morning and drinks it down. I think it's for sugar anyway. Have to ask here when I see her again.
That Southern Comfort cure sounds interesting. I would have to use Drambue or Frangelica though and with me being diabetic it might cause problems. I don't think I would care though. Almost makes me wish for the crud just to test it out.
Gotta go get ready for work now.
Fuck me till I win the lottery.

Big Pissy said...

Great interview. Hadn't heard about it before. :)

Hope you feel better soon. Seems like you've been sick for weeks. :(

Lovely Retard said...

Have a cigarette honey, you'll be fine!

I heard about that Maverick lady on "Wake Up America" last week. Thank gawd there is still some sanity left in Texas!

texlahoma said...

Hmmm, I saw someone from Dallas this weekend and they had a horrible cough too! [scary music]

They were giving me change back at the store and the girl said "Here, have some bran knew Alaskan quarters." I said "Those don't have Palin on them do they?" [scary music]
she said "No." I said
"Ok then, I'll take them."
[happy lighthearted music]

unokhan said...

perhaps they can "cite" it, but i am willing to betcha that repugs --unlike a good many american marxists-- can't recite the DOI.

yellowdog granny said...

raspootin:arghgh cowboys are going to be the death of me yet, either them or the crud..i don't know how long it lasts, i've had it for 25 days...
the teenmoms for palin is hysterical.
rox:i forgot about the vicks on the bottom of the feet..im going to get some tomorrow and try it..i have honey straws i use when my sugar drops..
nan:yah, ole donnie couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag back then but damn he was hot.
I'm going to start using cinammon..use it in my tea with some lemon and honey.
sage:yeah, she's making the rounds.
rainy:great minds think alike.
lic:im trying to get better...
billy:i agree, as they fit all of those words..
kulkuri:and there goes 18 years of sobriety..haha.
jan:im coughing and sneezing on everyone.
nitwit:your not going to believe this I bought a jar of apple cider vinegar to drink every day with some water..will see how it works...
oh i love that web site teenmoms for palin..it's hysterical.very smart.
bigpssy:25 days..going for a record.
loverly:not all of us texans are redneck assholes..thank Goddess.
loved your rant on your last post.
tex:duling banjo's playing...wonder what's on the alaska quarter...a bear taking a shit in the woods?
unokhan:only thing they read is the bible.

That Rude Girl said...

Ummm.....is that teen mom blog for the bitch for real? Or a joke like she is? Seriously, I can't decide....

yellowdog granny said...

rudegirl:it's a joke..but so well done, you think it's real...very very funny

Josh said...

Awesome interview. McCain did seem to wander the set of the Nashville debate openly and freely, but he is definitely branded with the mark of the rank-and-file GOP.

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