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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

...I GIVE UP....

Fuckit I quit. I'm calling Tom tonight and telling him it's all over but the crying. My old feets can't handle it any more..Plus I talked to apt. manager and if I continue working my rent will double...That sucks!...But mainly..my feet are just killing me. When I decided to work with one shoe on and slipper socks on my sore foot and walk and stand on my foot basically barefoot for 4 hours ..well, that had to be right up there with the dumbest things I have ever done..Some where between marriage number 2 and marriage number 3...The corn is still there and looks pretty ugly, my toe nails are turning black and fungi looking and falling off. The bottom of my right foot is so sore I can't put my weight on it..and my other foot is doing double duty and I swear I hear it scream at me"Sit the fuck down."..Plus, my cough is back..even with the cough syrup I'm still coughing. I just don't get it..where did it come from and why is it staying so long.?

All I know is I'm pooped..I'm tired of coughing I have achy breaky feets and if I didn't know me better I would think I am starting to get a tad depressed, and anyone that knows me, knows, depression is not me...I don't do depression..I do kicking ass and pissing off and a lot of getting even..but not depression. But I'm not my normal perky ass self I know that for sure. You would think I would be so fucking happy ole George is going away that nothing would bother me..maybe that's it..I'm going through bush bashing withdrawal. I need something to bitch about...I could bitch about the Cowboys but none of you really give a shit, and Bush is going away so nothing to bitch about there. The economy is in the shitter and wall street is getting a ass-kicking, but so far that hasn't effected me. Of course I'll not be able to buy cutesty stuff for everyone any more. sigh...Maybe I can get my buddy up at the Video Store to hire me. Sit on my ass all day and rent videos...I could do that..See if he would pay me cash. Or I could just go back to blogging , reading and watching soaps....arghghgh kill me the fuck now.

While I was over at Kevins' blog I told a great story about me and Mojo and a elevator...I think I will repeat it here. I was waiting for a elevator with Mojo who was about 19 at the time, and the doors opened and there were 2 really cute young guys in the elevator, and one of them said:"Going down?" and I said :"Only if I don't have to swallow."...and Mojo hit me so hard on the arm with her fist I actually came up off of one foot. The guys on the elevator was almost laying in the floor laughing and then the doors closed and Mojo said:"I hope your satisfied, now we'll have to wait and catch another car."..

But I grinned all day long..knowing that those 3 would be retelling that story for a week...life is good...


billy pilgrim said...

i understand swallowing is good for a cough.

sageweb said...

I love the elevator story. Are you sure you don't have asthma?? You should have the doctor check. You can drink all the cough syrup in the world and it won't help.

Sorry about your feet..I don't blame you for being bitchy, feet are the one thing on my body that if they hurt so does everyone else around me.

Lilly's Life said...

Oh I love the elevator story, LOL!!! They will be telling that to their grave!!

Oh gosh is it worth the work? You should be staying home getting paid to tell your stories. You are a natural comic you know, truly funny. Love your posts.

How many times have you been married by the way. Any more than No 3?

Intense Guy said...


Damn it, get well soooooooon. You should be planning (or invited to) the Bush retirement party. BYRTOS - Bring rotten tomatoes and old shoes.

buddha_girl said...

Get thee to the doctor now. A certified, licensed podiatrist. You are no longer allowed to trim your toenails or work on callouses and corns. I will not stand for it.

You are to listen to this.

You do NOT want to be in the same situation as Buddha's godfather. He almost died of kidney failure the last time they took a toe. He is diabetic. He was trying too hard. He didn't listen. Three toes later, he walks the chalk around my ass.

I am VERY worried about this lingering cough. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOU the way you take care of others. It's time.

That Rude Girl said...

Jackie, PLEASE take care of yourself. Quit your job so your rent doesn't go up or you don't lose a toe! Also, PLEASE see a different doctor about that cough of yours! I'm very worried about you.

I love your elevator story. Very funny.

rosemary said...

1. quit the job, rent is more important
2. stay off of your feet.
3. think about getting another doc or at least a second opinion
4. read more blogs, no more soaps.
4.5 you need to take care of yourself.
5. getting old is a bitch

Ted said...

You only got one you. If you can get SSI as well as retirement SS benefit, go for it...Too goddamned bad they won't give you combat pay for trying to fight off all that stuff: You've definately earned it.
Rosemary's right: "Getting old is a bitch" but I'd a lot rather be over the hill than under it; beats hell out of the alternative.
Stay with us, JS...The best is yet to come.

rainywalker said...

Between second and third marriage? You mean your supposted to divorce them? Damn, now I have to get rid of two wives out of three!

Hell, I was over at Satin World today and three women were fighting over a chicken. Each one had a hold on a leg!

I'll run over to Web City and get you some medicine. That should place me about half way up a spiders ass!

This is it, mu neighbor has a wooden leg and we call him shit on a stick!

Get well, you need House for a doctor.

rainywalker said...

I almost forgot.....the bird looks like "Dick" the Cheney without his shotgun.

Mama Kelly said...

Jackie, I have to agree with others above that I am worried reading about this cough for so long. And that foot sounds frighteningly bad.

Please take care of yourself!

Big Pissy said...

PLEASE listen to everyone and go see another doctor about that cough and ESPECIALLY take care of those feet!

Do I need to come out to West and take care of you?!?!? I'll do it! :)


Wendy said...

I cannot say anything that anyone hasn't already.

Care of feet is very important especially for someone who needs to watch their sugar. Get the hell off them, except to see a podiatrist or 3. Sides if you don't, what you gonna do with all those snappy choos of yours?

yellowdog granny said...

billy:I didn't have a cough then.
sage:I don't know what I have..but have called over 20 drs. and no one is taking new medicare patients..so I may just have to go to the emergency room.
lily:Im not going back to work..I'm calling tom tomorrow and telling him ..it's all over..no mas.married three times..or as i call them asshole number 1, 2and 3..
intenseguy:im ready to be better soon.
buddhagirl:like i said.im at a loss to get an apt. with a dr. none of them will take new medicare patients.except family practice..and they don't know jackshit.
rudegirl:im working on it..i know im not going back to work..here everyone wants a job and i have to quit mine..feck!
rosemary:yupper, going to quit the job. don't want to lose my apt over family dollar.
ted:i need to call ssi, I keep forgetting to do that..
rainy:uh....oh kay!
mamakelly:yeah, it's been over 4 months now..that may be a record of some sort.
bigpissy:im thinking monday will be the day i finally get pissed and just go to emergency and get this taken care of..

Ted said...

*LMAO @ rainywalker's last take*
"Shooter" Dick's uglier though.

If it'll work for filler and ease the Bush-bash withdrawal, you can bitch about some of my rants over at SF.

Willym said...

Damn Lady you better look after yourself.

And yes it does sound a bit like depression but then when you are in constant pain or even just constant soreness for a long period of time that can happen. You get sick of feeling sick.

And Rosemary is right - getting old sucks - the parts start going, they can't find the replacements for your model and the User's Manual is in a drawer somewhere.

Big hugs from Roma

Elizabeth said...

Honey, we all need you around. So take a load off your achey breaking feet, get rid of that cough, and get back to your ass-kicking self!

(PS - I finally sent that package I've been threatening to send. Hope you don't have what's inside it already. But if you do, pass it on.)

MarmiteToasty said...

I hear if you gargle before you swallow it does the cough wonders :)

Please take stock and put your health first....


Cheesemeister said...

As I was saying before Firefox crashed AGAIN...
It sucks that you have to quit since you like the job. But as you already know, its more important to pay attention to what your body's telling you.
I sent you an e-book with diabetic recipes that I got as part of a big collection of e-cookbooks that I just bought. I hope you find something in it that might be tasty.
Take care of yourself and get better.

Nan said...

Your feet come first. You definitely need to just spend some time in a recliner with them up and healing, not schlepping around a dollar store.

Kulkuri said...

Take care of yourself and get better soon. I tagged you with a meme, so you will have something to do while sitting at the confuser.

I like the pix, so much that I used it awhile back myself.

LostInColor said...

Ouch! Poor you! And poor feet! Give those feet a break lady and quit that job. You don't want your rent going up anyways. Big hugs. Please take care of yourself.

Jaliya said...

Give your feet some love, woman! Ditto your lungs and the rest of you.

You will feel better on January 20th -- guaranteed! The mess won't be going away anytime soon, but at least we'll have a *sane* man at the helm. No more silver-spooned, inbred, pinch-nosed, tantruming dry-drunk frat boy!!!! Go on, Granny, make up a story about Georgie. Something as hilarious as your elevator story! I have to remember that one and fervently hope that such a moment arrives for me.

Blessings on you ... Be well xo

Anonymous said...

I love the elevator story!
And, I do have to agree, you need to get to the doctor for the cough and foot problem. Perhaps they could give you a referal to a specialist in each field. I am one that has asthma - if I don't use my medication I cough ALOT, so maybe that is what you have. And the infection in your foot could spread through your blood....not good......better to get it checked out.
Take care and rest.

Ghost Dansing said...

little feat.....

Sling said...

Oh,the elevator story was a classic! :)
..Pretty quick on the draw with the one liners doll.
Sounds like you know how to deal with the work/feet/rent situation,so I don't have much to add to what the other kids said.

yellowdog granny said...

ted:I'm sure I'll come up with something to bitch about..it's my nature.
wilym:well, one good thing about me is..I have a happy heart. so if I am depressed it wont last long..my nature is to be happy..yelling and bitching.'and getting old is not for the weak.
elizabeth:im up at 6:30 this am all raring to go..and no place to go..ha
toasty:yeah, im taking care of my self
cheesy:thanks sweety that was so nice of you
nan:yup that's all I have done since last wed. and i'm bored with it already. I'll find something to do to keep me out of trouble...
kulkuri:argh. another meme..I'm not sure i did the last one someone had me do..every one knows everything about me.
lic:yup..fork me..i'm done.
jaylia:i can't wait for the 2oth...good thing i dont drink any more...i'd get drunk and celebrate having a president with a brain.
bridget:thanks for commenting..we're bringing you out of your shell.cough seems to be fading..as long as i take the damn cough syrup.
sling:I have always been fast off the draw. and belive me it has got me in more trouble that you can imagine..well, YOU could probably imagine it..ha..

Roxrocks said...

I'm late to the party so I'm just going to say "Ditto" to everyone else's nagging, er, I mean comments! LOL!!! (I'm kidding!)

That elevator story has cracked me up more than once in the last few days!!! I love you!

Green tea said...

Don't wait till Monday to go to ER..
if something happens and you have to go on the weekend you will be stuck with over worked pissy people.
been there done that, you don't know what hell is??
Get your fanny over there today..

texlahoma said...

You're doing the right thing.
Try oil of oregano for fungi foot.

Hey, your days in office countdown is looking real good!

tsduff said...

Shame on me for not responding sooner. That is the most bedraggled bird I've every laid eyes on... good description of how you felt. Boo hoo sorry you have had such a horrible time... when we feel bad we can't seem to do anything else that matters. By now I hope your cough has subsided, and your feeties are better - did you wrap them in bubble wrap?

yellowdog granny said...

rox:i love to make you laugh.
greentea:well, my cough is under control and i'll wait to go see the feets dr. ..since im not going to be on it..not much more i can do.
tex:oil of oregano?..wow..will check it out..heard about soaking your feet in listerine..
can't wait till there is nothing but zzzeros on it..
tsduff:im on the mend...doing better..thanks...

McRaven said...

I had a cough that wouldn't go away and a few months down the road Doc said I had asthma. Got a couple on inhalers and I was good to go. Love ya!