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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Robin has asked me four more questions. They are hard..so it has taken me awhile..here goes.
Number one: You have the opportunity to add something to the "bill of rights" in our Constitution....what would it be?
I don't know how I would word it as I'm not that prolific, but I do know that they should make it a right that all citizens of this country should be allowed legally to marry, live with, and adopt children with, no matter their sex. It's called human rights.I would also add a rider to the voting right, that all citizens must vote for every election, or be heavily fined.
Number two: You have a 30 minute segment on 60 minutes to tell the world how you feel...what is the tittle of your segment?
Thirty minutes? You josh, right?.....I would take up 30 minutes of the show and the title would be HUMAN RIGHTS and I'd preach, bitch and carry on for all of the 30 minutes about how we should not allow a book written thousands of years ago, by a bunch of old farts, and this book was translated a gazillion times from Greek to Latin, from Latin to Greek and then English so that most of the meaning has been lost, to dictate our laws against our citizens. This is America...The United States of America and we are all given certain rights..and these rights should be afforded to all our citizens, not just a portion of them. Then I'd bip anyone who argued with me.

Number three: If you could write your own epitaph, what would it read and if there was a person you could thank on that piece of granite, who would it be? Write my own epitaph?
Wow, how cheeky is that? Ok...here goes:
And I would thank my Daddy for never letting me down.

Number four:(back at ya...) If you could live anywhere in the world and do anything you wanted...where would it be and what would you do?
That's easy. I'd live right here, and if I had the money I would remodel the old theater and turn it into a Theater/Dinner club.Serve good food, watch good movies and on Friday night have cartoons and kiddie movies and serve pizza and soda.

Life entertainment and dinner on the weekends. I could learn to love that.
(this is from Robin)
I realize asking the Goddess these questions would be superfluous...but I'm very curious about Jackie's answers!
Working on the goddess ones but that's hard!

Robin is supposed to be working on some questions for the Goddess. Now THAT should be interesting.

I have another post to do..but not up to it right now..Need more details for a bit of information I head about today about our old friend Tom...plus my Dr.'s apt. So see ya tomorrow.


Pom said...

Excellent! I am especially fond of #4. Really a great idea.. perhaps you should look into a loan for that one as it would be a wonderful community service!

That Rude Girl said...

I'm sure you're just as good a mother as you are a friend.

For #3, you should also add:
And One Totally Kick Ass Granny. :)

jan said...

Aaaaak. You want to force everyone to vote, even the ones who has no idea who is running?

Robin said...

did my comment make it? (question # 5!)

Robin said...

Apparently not! SO! I'll say this...Amen Sistah! I've been waiting breathlessly for your response and you did not dissappoint...hard ain't it?! Hey, you started it!

Thanks for the fun but your epitaph? I've read your daughter's comments, she's cool and a testament to you, no matter what...you'd have been a groovy Mom (still wonder what you were doing in May in `68!) You forgot to add how much you mean to us all!!!!!!!

And as far as question for the Goddess? Harder to come up with than the answers to your questions! The Goddess is mean! She bips people for inane stupid questions...but I'm working on it!

Intense Guy said...

I hope we don't see YDG's epitaph for a goodly while.

I enjoyed the questions and the answers - this is a fun blog "game".

sageweb said...

I love the theater idea. Not sure abot everyone voting...too many idiots in the USA. I prefer the idiots dont vote.

billy pilgrim said...

i thought you might give pitbulls the right to liberty and the pursuit of cats.

rosemary said...

All 4 are pretty good...I'd bet there is a child somewhere that might disagree with a part of that epitaph.

LostInColor said...

I would totally go to a theater like that!

Sling said...

Hey!..That's a great idea about the theater thing!
I think one day,in our lifetime,there will be a right to marriage ammendment.

Raspootin said...

I think you should run for mayor of West!

Lilly's Life said...

Wow that was great - I agree you should be made mayor. I like the idea of the theatre too. I would be up for that. And something tells me you are a good mother and I bet your daughter respects you thats for sure. Lovely line about your Daddy too - feel the same about my own like that. Love coming here for a dose of straight talking and reality!

yellowdog granny said...

pom:i would love to do it..one night for the kids with cartoons, etc. and one for teenagers..no one younger than 13 and no one older than 19...just teens...maybe have dinner a movie and a dance..
rudegirl:if im honest ..no i wasn't..the alcohol kept me from being the best i could be..no excuse..that's the truth.
jan:give them classes to educate them about the people they would be voting for and the what ever the state is voting for..good excuse to smarten some people up...
robin:was there a question five?..i missed it.
may of 68 i was a busy thing.working, working working..yeah, mojo is cool..but she's got a ton of problems..all of which she lays at my feet..who am i to argue.
im sure the Goddess will be very understanding with your questions..or not.

intense guy:i have no plans of croaking any time soon..and it is a fun game.I like the random picture one too.
sage:yeah, i know people are stupid, but there are enough smart ones out there that are just not motivated and need to do the right thing..look at the last election.

billy:pitty bull dogs don't need no stinking laws.
rosemary:nah, I was a pretty crappy mom..really..
lic:wouldn't that be fun? especially in a small town where you would be dining with family, friends neighbors..?
sling:i can only hope..and i am thinking about going and checking out the old theater and seeing how much they want for it.
raspootin;nah, they'd never vote for me..I don't have a czech last name.

yellowdog granny said...

lilY:im good at straight talk and reality.ha

Green tea said...

Good luck at the Doc's office.

tsduff said...

I give a resounding hurrah in agreement of all of your answers. I especially like #1. This country is appalling in its hypocrisy with regards to equality of its people.

I'm stumped on one of my own questions... still working on #3. It's a hard one.

texlahoma said...

Good answers. On #1 I'd add something about No Victimless Crimes!

I'd forgotten, we talked about fixing up an old theater like that one time. I wonder how much it would cost.