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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Moneygall, Ireland is celebrating the new hero in this tiny stop on the Dublin-to-Limerick road. The president of the united states, great-great-great-granddaddy on his mother's side was a cobbler from Moneygall. They were the Kearney's. Cobblers by trade, the Kearneys lived in Moneygall, and stuck it out in the village through the worst of Ireland's devastating potato famines of the 1840's. But in 1850, the Kearney's second son, Fulmouth, then abut 20, joined the millions who were leaving the Emerald Isle in search of a better life. Four generations later, his great-great -granddaughter Ann Dunham married Barack Hussein Obama Sr. So our president is called Barack O'Bama in Ireland. Stephen Neill, a Protestant rector of the Church of Ireland, found the link in 2007 after an e-mail from Ancestry.com, a genealogical research outfit in Utah, requesting information potentially buried somewhere in Neill's parish.
Neill retrieved a set of tattered ledgers from a parishioner's home dating to 1799, recorded in the old-fashioned, spiky handwriting of the time. Within a couple of hours, he had located entries that confirmed the presence of a couple named Joseph and Phoebe Kearney. And over night.....Barack Obama became Barack O'Bama. All I have to say is I like him better than that pagan killing St. Patrick...enjoy the video..


Nan said...

Great minds think alike. I just got done posting a slightly different version of this video about ten minutes ago.

sageweb said...

Very cool video...very cool song. It stinks at my work because the guys all ate cabbage at lunch...now everyone has gas.

Sling said...

Cool Vid Kid!
Our President has a fine Irish name.

billy pilgrim said...


so o'bama's irish!

who knew!

yellowdog granny said...

he's more irish than i am