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Thursday, May 07, 2009


Well, she's not secret to me..but she doesn't want me to tell anyone who did this...but as of the 9th of this month I will have a paid subscription for the DAM News for 6 months..This friend who is now in the will along with all of you for the help with Annie, wants to remain anonymous..She won't even give me her address so I can send her a card. I wish she would so I could send her a book just for her..I had a ton, it would be no big deal but would make me feel better about the wonderful gift..How did I get so fecking lucky to have such wonderful friends..I feel like Sally Fields..." you like me...you really like me."...Plus I've been bummed out because Mothers Day is coming and it's a time of the year where I feel like a piece of shit, because I might hear from Mojo if she's not having some crisis. But nothing from the others. Plus the granddaughters remember they're mother but don't think about Grandma on mothers day...so it's a day I dread...really fucking dread..But then I get this fantastic gift from a person who only knows me from what I put out here every day ...All of you that contributed to the Annie fund and gave from your heart make me feel tons better.. Babs is taking me out for dinner at Pizza House for Mothers day as she is more like one of my kids that my own. and a email from Shady put me over the top..this is what I got today
for you. You were and are a good mother! unfortunately you have shitheads for kids. Not your fault. You said when we lived at the mini compound you didn't know what was going on because you were drinking too much. when we lived at the mini compound you worked! you worked two jobs. you were dating chuck and you weren't a drunk. you were not drunk all the time because you were working two jobs! Stripling blake and the beer joint. You stayed home every evening because you wouldn't leave the kids alone. David and Thom were at an age where they were acting out. For some unknown reason neither Maryjo or Thom told you or me or any other adult about the problem with their older brother. Not your fault either. MaryJo's problems are her own creation along with the genetic chemical imbalance of Jack Denney. Lots of people have parents who drink or who work and aren't around. some don't have problems, some do and some blame their parents. Once again, it's not your fault. Considering your background who do you have to blame? Mine? if I went to school as black and blue from my mother beating me up today they would have put me in foster care. So? I have anger issues but it didn't ruin me or you. Stop punishing yourself over your adult children's behavior problems which are theirs not yours. unfortunately it effects you but it's not your fault. You were and are a good mother. Happy Mother's Day!
Ok..I'm going to go cry now..and go read my DAM News...In the words of the immortal Billy Pilgrim...I fucking love you sonsabitches.


sageweb said...

Oh how sweet ...very cool..but that DAM news still shouldn't be raising their rates on the fixed income readers.

midge barbinera said...

It's funny cuz I have always kind of seen Babs as your almost/sorta daughter. You two were meant to know one another. Tell her I said hi! She can go laugh at my photos if she wants to...you know, the ones you ignored! I was looking forward to some sort of snipey remark from you!

Didn't the Beatles write that song "Shady Lane" about Shady Lane?

Heidi said...

I am so glad you can continue getting your paper. How kind of that anonymous donor!!! God bless her!

yellowdog granny said...

sage:and the bastid editor is in washington whining about bailout money for them...fuckers..still havent heard from them..doubt if i will either...if they have a seniors discount..i dont know about it..
midge:until you mentioned me not commenting it was then i remember i had been there and read but forgot to comment..i get such a kick out of the peoples comments...yeah, babs is like my kid..she sure treats me a hell of a lot better than my kids do or did..
heidi:im telling you i feel like blance dubuois..depending on the kindness of strangers..but she's no stranger..just wish she would let me out her..haha.

billy pilgrim said...

i ain't crazy about mother's day either.

now father's day, that's a different kettle of fish.

Allan said...

Hooray for [blank]!

Sling said...

I just love random acts of kindness! :)

themom said...

Well, I hope you have a nice MOther's Day ANYWAY!!! I make sure all my grandkids remember their mother's and get nice gifts or make them...and I get....not much. Such is life - I will survive. :)

Mama Kelly said...

Im glad you dont have to give up your paper after all.

{{{ happy mother's day }}}

yellowdog granny said...

billy:hell my kids USED to give me ties on fathers day..now i get butkus.
allan:yup horay for her is right.
sling:me too, which is why im making a list of things i can do for everyone that contributed to the annie fund and 'friend' for the DAM news..it may not be random but it's a thank you..
themom:happy mothers day to you...you deserve the best.
mamaKelly:thanks..im so excited i can hardly stand it.ha
happy mothers day to you too.

buddha_girl said...

This just made me so happy!

Happy Early Mother's Day! The Buddha Home considers you mom. So there!

Intense Guy said...

I'm glad you dont have to give up the DAM paper!

{{{ Happy Mother's Day }}}

I'm sorry I'm late - I've been a tad busy.