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Sunday, May 03, 2009


Padre Island National Seashore, Texas..(source..Corpus Christi Caller-Times_
Turtle patrol members spent 5 hours searching for a Kemp's ridley sea turtle nest.
Then they called on Ridley, a Cairn terrier, who found the nest in minutes.
The owner Donna Shaver, National Seashore's sea turtle science and recovery division director, began training the dog to sniff out the nests in 2005. The terrier has located two nests. One had 101 eggs to be incubated: 92 hatching's were later returned to the wild.
The need for Ridley is because the wind or surf destroys the trail of the endangered turtles, making them difficult to find. Ridley's nose sniffs them out in minutes. "We just don't want to go away empty-handed," Shaver said...
See...us'ins in Texas love our turtles too.


Robin said...

That's pretty awesome! All my dog can sniff out it a leftover "turtlelette blizzard" in the garage trash and create a mess looking for it! Did you see the dogs that can alert their diabetic owners when there blood sugar is is low? Amazing. I love dogs and turtles and...that doesn't even sound right! I love dogs and turtles. That's my mantra...oh yeah, I'm back and invited an ass chewing from you in my own blog....feel free to jump my shit, I deserve it and would take it much better from you than anyone after I signed myself out of the hospital!

Intense Guy said...

Go Dogs!

And Go Turtles!

sageweb said...

Billy will love this.

Allan said...

My turtle has been missing for 36 years. Help!