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Thursday, June 25, 2009


enough of the dead...let me turn your attention to something living..my lettuce. I have 3 pots of different types of lettuce and have had at least one salad a week from them..so good.

this is Old Corner Drug..the command center..the lady in the back is mrs. Kirk...Kirk wasn't there..Wed is the day he plays golf..Mrs. Kirk is the one that told me about valerian root to help me sleep..thanks to her and the 'root' I have slept 2 nights in a row and got 8 hours sleep both nights..I heart her.
What can I tell you? I love them Texas clouds.

this is the display that is in the West Public Library..they are fantastic.

I heart clouds.

My cream cheese blueberry charla. I don't know if I'm spelling it right, but all I know is they taste so good, that if you have one, you'll never have a moments peace until you have another one.

My 2 recliners in the new living room arrangement..I like it this way.

my new tv...sigh*

I have been scanning pictures to send to my aunt Leola and my uncle Hick. When I get them done I will post them here. I was so fecking cute.


Elizabeth said...

I meant to get lettuce going this year, but it didn't happen. Nothing like a fresh hand-picked salad mix.

And I love those puffy clouds too. They're like the clouds that kids draw!

Lilly said...

I bet you are stll cute. Lettuce would be my favourite food - eat it with everything. Shame I am not skinny given that. And the clouds are lovely - and your recliners look comfortable and relaxing!

kath said...

yeah! still cute..

I too heart clouds and I am happy for your new tv :)

you have a very cozy looking home

Yankee Girl said...

Thanks for bringing some life back to the blogosphere!

Intense Guy said...

I KNOW you are still cute :)

Go lettuce GO!!! Get the salad dressing ready granny!

That cream cheese blueberry charla looks yummy.. save me some?

Ohhhh! by the way! I found a P38 over in my Uncle's box of stuff and guess what? I got ya one still in the original wrapper! I think its Korean War vintage. Its on its way to West as soon as I find an envelope. :)

sageweb said...

Oh the headline cracked me up! Love the pictures! I want what you are eating!

rosemary said...

Yup, I am so over dying and stuff.....on with life. lettuce....best damn food for a squirrel to ruin in North Idaho....next to apples on a tree. I love the way the living room looks....and i did notice over the TV you are saving the environment by using green bags....I do want that TV however. I had to settle for a fridge yesterday because our old one sounds like a freight train coming to a screeching stop off track.

Raspootin said...

how do you keep bugs from eating your lettuce? I tried lettuce and tomatos and both were eaten; not by me I may add.


elizabeth:i love having the lettuce..such a difference from that crap in the stores.
i love those clouds.
lily:the chairs are terrific..the big fat one on the left is the one I paid $25 for ..the kick handle for the leg rest doesn't work..so I have to tilt the chair up and push on the control and pull it up..takes about 15 seconds..so it's worth it.ha
kath:my living room is to be used..feet on tables, couch..no rules.with annie ...? can't have rules.
yankeegirl:was starting to get bummed out...life goes on.
intenseguy:oh that would be so cool..I'm still working on being able to ship larlas and kolaches to everyone..ha
sage:im telling you ..those karlas are worth every pound it puts on.
rosemary:yup..use my green bags..I did have about 8 of them..but everytime the granddaughter comes over she goes home with one full of stuff.
i heart my tv..really..
raspootin:i bought some inviromental healthy spray and spray it on them..it keeps them from destroying them and not poisonous to the plant, me or the air.

Rox said...

Touch wood, the lettuce in my garden has been untouched by the deer so far. It's raining here a bit today so hopeuflly, I can have some in day or so with a little light dressing. My kids say fresh lettuce is bitter, but that's only because the store bought lettuce was picked before it had any flavor, in order to ship it up here to fumbuck nowhere!

Sling said...

I love your house doll!..Very comfortable looking.
And don't the Lord just love a farmer..Nothing like enjoying the food you've grown your own self.

Heidi said...

The lettuce looks great! I was going to try planting lettuce this year, but then changed my mind after my catnip and chives died.

apositivepessimist said...

I am envious of your TWO recliners.

We only have a lounge and the one chair…it only reclines when that bitch of a dog decides to leap in your lap from the middle of the lounge room. Mind you, it’s usually the FatBastid that is getting the reclining, he claimed the sole chair as his. I’m letting him claim ownership for another few months…then dammit it’s MY turn.