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Sunday, October 25, 2009

.......DAMN NEWS

There is a section in the DAM News that is called points...I love it..editorials, little news clips. These are the ones I thought were extremely interesting.
"Sexy nun costumes, or dressing up as Jesus is OK, but an illegal alien isn't?"
anonymous Channel 11 blog commenter, on Target's removal of illegal-alien Halloween costume from it's shelves after Hispanic protests. (KTVT Channel 11, Monday)
(Probably because there were no complaining sexy nuns and Jesus was other wise busy.)

"My children are all gone. IT'S JUST DIEGO AND I. I miss him horribly."..Judie Simmons, 70 a Plano woman whose runaway terrier Diego was allegedly adopted through an animal shelter by an Allen family that won't give him back. (WFAA Channel 8, Tuesday.)
(What kind of asshole wouldn't give that dog back? A 70 year old lady needs her dog. Judas priest.. I suggest sending some nasty emails to Channel 8 for the stingy heartless family.)
"If I stood and seemed comfortable in my kitchen, it's natural. IT'S IN MY KITCHEN."-Eric Williamson, Virginia man arrested for indecent exposure after a neighbor cutting across his yard spied him inside his house making coffeee in the buff.(WTOP-AM, Thursday)...
(So, let me get the picture here...a man is trespassing on this mans property and in breaking the law he sees the man in the privacy of his own home nekkid and the trespassers gets the guy who's doing absolutely nothing arrested for being nekkid in his kitchen. And the trespasser gets off with no charges. Holy shit. I smell Republicans at work.)

"They couldn't re-enter their bodies because THEY WERE DEAD." Beverly Bunn, a Texas orthodontist reacting angrily to a New Age channeler's suggestion that those who died in a sweat lodge ritual in which Dr. Bunn participated chose not to return to their bodies because they were having too much fun. (The New York Times, Thursday)
(I hope they had their clothes on or they'd be arrested for exposing themselves.)

"There are so many different variables. They might not know where their mother and daddy are. They might be homeless. EVERYTHING ELSE IS ON THEIR MIND, and not learning." DISD Principal Mari Smith, on why about half of the system's fifth-graders aren't ready for middle school.(DAM News, Thursday.)..
(There is also the possibility that DISD is lacking teachers of quality because of the cut in their wages, forcing them to take other jobs, leaving teachers with lesser abilities teaching the kids.)
"Heene believes THE WORLD IS GOING TO END IN 2012. Because of that, he wanted to make money quickly, become rich enough to build a bunker or something underground, where he can be safe from the sun exploding."...Linda Lee, lawyer for former associate of Balloon Boy dad Richard Heene, who is believed by police to have orchestrated hoax. (the Associated Press, Wednesday)...
(If the world is going to end, all the money in the world isn't going to save your dumb ass.)
I thought I might do some DAM news for you as it looks like I'm not going to be able to keep getting it...As you know Rosemary paid for me to have it for 6 months. Since then they have upped the prices again and every time I ask them about the quoted prices before I get a run around. They seem to think this is an OK way to treat their readers as they mentioned in the paper how unhappy everyone was with the price increase. So to counter that they are putting back some of the things they had removed to 'save money'..and then they also put the DAM news on line. The quoted me $226.80 for 6 months and then when I got my bill it said $252 for 6 months. Which is $42 a month and not the $226.80 they promised..fecking liars. I suppose I can just truck along paying $42 a month for awhile and see how it goes. Damn you DAM News, Damn you to hell..


Debra She Who Seeks said...

People can be incredibly stupid sometimes, can't they?

Ted Amadeus said...

I think the Heene dude's a hop-head or something: Torched too many fkn brain cells sniffing some shit he mixed up himself...At least I hope he's got a copout like that, because I'd hate to find out he was sober and allegedly in his "right" mind when he fucked up his family's lives!
Ditto mr. vigilante peeping Tom oogling another guy's ass then calling the fuzz: My Sunday psyche-up's all about that sort and their anti-gay whackjobery.

Ted Amadeus said...

DAM...$42 a month?
Toilet paper's getting expensive, these days!

billy pilgrim said...

$42 per month??

are those american dollars or zambian dollars?

Intense Guy said...

Gosh, I can't stand to read the news anymore... its soooooo depressing how moronic the human race is... (in general, non-specific terms).

Nit Wit said...

I knew the balloon boy stuff was a setup the minute I saw Dads haircut.
How can he expect to get a show with hair like that. I was sure of it when I saw the clip of him screaming on the Wife Swapper show.
There is a mindset in this country that you have the right to do anything but if you see someone else doing what they have an perfect right to do and get offended by it your the good guy somehow. Buttroys.
You better watch out when you do your nekked rain dance.
Newspapers are dieing. I don't know where we can get local news in the future without paying an arm and a leg for it.

Kulkuri said...

If you can't be nekkid in your own house, where can you be nekkid???????

If the picture is a picture of the illegal alien costume, what is wrong with it?? Those aliens are all over Roswell and Area 51 in Nevada.

Blueberry said...

What's the DAM News?

Target has Jesus costumes? That's good damn news.


I used to be amazed at the stupidy of people..but not so much any more..yup $42 a month..sonofabitch..
DAM News is my short cut for THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS.. am for morning..so it's the DAM news..


I am making my halloween costume..a sheet painted brown and made to fit like a cylinder and then a halo...I'm going as a 'holy shit'..