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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Go ahead..touch my kitty...I dare you.

I am NOT your pretty kitty kitty kitty, nummykins.

Does Pizza House Deliver?

Are you ever going to get up and feed me?

Your blocking Cat Diary on the TV.

Dinner or Die..

I swear to the Goddess, he gains a pound a day. Can you see the M on his forehead..? Stands for Me, Me, Me.
So'......I'm sitting on the pot letting the oatmeal do it's job this morning, minding my own business, while doing my business and as I sit there Dexter bites me on the ass. Yes, I know my ass is on the pot, but there is some overage and seems he can't resist it. He also thinks I am playing with him when I wipe my ass so he attacks my hand and the toilet paper. Going to the bathroom now days is a lot more exciting than it used to be before Dexter.
My nephew sent me two of his paintings and I usually am alert to where Dexter is when I get company like delivery people because he uses the distraction to make his great escape. So Tuesday I'm at the door signing the clip board for my 2 paintings and I see Dexter sneak out the door. I says:"You son of a bitch."....the UPS guy's head snaps up and he said "pardon me?"..I says:"Oh, not you, the cat... Dexter, he just escaped again."....He said:"Dexter? You named your cat after a serial killer?"...I says:"It's a lot better to scream Dexter when he gets out then 'you little mother fucker' like I wanted to name him. They may start leaving my packages at the office. The only reason I can catch him when he gets out is his love for treats...I just take the container of his snacks out and rattle the bottle and he just drops like a rock and waits for me to feed him. I pick him up and carry him and he's so big he hangs from my arm to the top of my legs..like carrying a croker sack of potatoes.
I'm working on a post about West, haven't done one in a while but there isn't much going on..Kinda boring in West the last couple of weeks..Everyone is just hibernating and waiting for Westfest. Speaking of which, I think this will be our thirty fifth anniversary coming up. I hope they have something better planned then the regular ole bands. I want them to get some of the 2nd or 3rd place winners from the American Idol contests. When they have their first meeting I'm going..see if I can piss off the old farts and let them loosen up on the reins a little so we can get someone new to play. Some one Good. Ok..gotta go...Nancy ordered some books from the Waco Library for me, plus I finally got the new Steve Berry book, the new T. Jefferson Parker book, and the second book by Stieg Larsson, The Girl Who Played With Fire. Can't wait till the third one comes out so Nancy can get it for our library. I have been reading up a storm. Cutting into my Pogo games. Y'all come back and see me ya'hea?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Dexter sure is a handsome cat. But a handsome cat with a crazed look in his eyes. And a taste for patootie and cat treats.


I will be sound asleep and can feel him sitting on the bed staring at me to get up ..with those spooky eyes..
dexter the prince of evil.

Twain12 said...

Dexter is the greatest ;)

Nit Wit said...

Lucky I went to bingo before I read this post. No telling what Dexter would have compelled me to do to all the old farts in the bingo hall. I didn't win and about the youngest woman there had some sort of seizure so it was a strange night all around.
I always expect one of the old farts will be the one with the free ambulance ride.

sageweb said...

LOVE the pictures of Dexter...and that is so funny about the delivery guy. Wow I have one book in line to read ..I cant imagine more than one at a time

Anonymous said...

That Dexter is quite the opportunist, biting your ass like that when you're so vulnerable. Cats are all the same...they're nuts!


i have told many people to 'bite my ass'...he's the first to actually do it..bastid..
dexter the prince of darkness.
babs came over today to take me to the store and while petting him, he scratched her hand..bad..bastid.