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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DAM NEWS...and my take on it.

It's been a long time since I did a post like I used to ...been skating by with a Monday and Friday stumbles and an occasional update on life in West, but this week's DAM News had some great little snippets and I thought it was time for me to get off my fat honking ass and do a real post. So here goes.
"Now you're scaring the heck out of me. It pretty well screws my week." This is a quote from State Rep. Joe Driver of Garland, on learning that an Associated Press investigation had caught him double-billing for travel expenses.
'Well, I hope to shout and shimmy. I hope it fucks up your week, month day and several years. Screwing the people your supposed to be serving should fuck your week up. I hope you lose your job, your kids change their last name, your wife gives you a venereal disease and your dog bites you.'

"I'd say Texas stands out where there are really some strong examples of huge growth in administration with relatively little growth in instruction."..A quote by Jay P. Greene, a University of Arkansas professor whose study concludes that universities have been adding administrators at twice the rate of faculty.
'Well, nail one foot to the floor and fuck me in circles. You know you have really fucked up when you have to be lectured by some one from Arkansas. 'nuff said.

"You can't just blame nature." Ganesh Pangare, a coordinator with the international Union for Conservation of Nature, claiming the destruction of ecosystems exacerbated the impact of floods in Pakistan that have killed an estimated 1,400 people.
'Well, of course it's fucking not just mother nature...the weather is changing all over the world..It's done it over and over again for millions of years...we're not helping it any, but it's not all man made either..(the sound you here is Tex picking himself up off the floor.)

"He tries to put up a brave front, but it's so tough on him with this turn in his life creating all this unrest for him....It's sad to see him in this position."...Statement from co-owner Nolan Ryan on the indictment of former pitcher Roger Clements, accused of lying to Congress about steroid use.
'Well, fucking duh!.....I love Nolan Ryan and he's a good man and a great pitcher, but what the fuck are you thinking?...Of course it's sad to see him in this position, but no one chased him, roped him and stuck those steroids up his ass with a cattle prod. He did it his ownself...and then he lied...and then he lied some more..and kept on lying...when any person with a modicum of self respect and pride would have just fessed up and took the heat, the world would have moved on and this would be behind him. ...But nooooooooooooooooooo, he is still fucking lying..and now he's not only a stupid baseball player that had a great career, flushed it down the toilet and then lied about it...he's now going to do time in some federal pen, where he will be the bitch for some bank CEO, for lying to congress..although everyone fucking lies to congress...so..? You get no boo fucking hoos from me suckka...you brought it on your ownself.'

"I don't believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time."..Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, warning about the consequences of social media and the amount of personal information available on line.
"Lets see, you mean the Eric Schmidt, who was born On April 27th, 1955 in Washington D.C.
Graduated from Yorktown High School, attended Princeton and Berkeley and now resides in Atherton, California with his wife Wendy?..That Eric...??? Might have a point.

Gee, that felt good. Felt so good I just might do another one. West News comes out tomorrow and think this is the week they will be discussing all the haps at this years Westfest, which is on this coming Labor Day Week end. Even better than that, I think my nephew and his wife are coming down too. Anyone else one to come down? Dexter said he'd let you sleep in his liter box.
Ok...time for me to go check my blood sugar and see what I can have for a snack. I'm jonesing for
some popcorn...or maybe a peach...or...maybe eat the last of that pint of Blue Bell Popcorn Ice Cream.
Y'all come back and see me y'hea?


Charlene said...

The State Rep Driver is a thief. Any elected official who cheats on anything is a thief. When they take money beyond their salary they are a thief. Put yourself in their place and imagine you do what they do, would you be a thief?

That statistic about administrators in school increasing faster than teachers is the shit.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your bullshit detector is in tip-top shape, YDG! Tell it like it is!

Babs said...

Bout damn time you let it all out!

Nit Wit said...

The other thing that keeps the number of good teachers low is the fact that the contractors charge hundreds of millions of dollars to build a public high school.
I figure all politicians are crooks until proven otherwise. It's worked out pretty good as a rule of thumb so far.
Clements is getting what he deserves. I just think it's funny that he was under oath while the Bankers and Oil company execs and former administration officials who have been called to testify before Congress didn't for the most part have to take oaths.
Kinda goes back to my rule of thumb.

Ted Amadeus said...

When we have a Congress and state legislatures burning stogies and blunt while passing smoking bans in bars (WTF!?!?!?) and laws against drugs, don't expect me to get bent over a has-been crybaby millionaire that 'roided up: The real criminals are making laws, not breaking them!
"Bartender, I'm TRYING to get drunk so I can drive home & have unprotected sex with somebody I never met before, and THIS motherfucker's blowin' smoke in my face!!"

Ted Amadeus said...
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Willym said...

Okay my morning cappuccino just tasted better - I had the DAM news to read again. I knew there had been something flavourful missing in the past few months. Glad you're back at it!

Anonymous said...

I loved this post! Do more of them!

The one about the Google guy was my favorite. His company is the one responsible for all this shit.

Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! said...

Encore !!!!!

texlahoma said...

"but it's not all man made either"
Music to my ears!


I am going to do more of these..I had forgot how much fun they are..

Intense Guy said...

I love how the "powers that be" always sound so damn shocked when someone states the obvious...

Your punishment for State Rep. Joe Driver is too mild... he needs to be made an example of - so the taxpayers can send a message...

(god I hate that terminology)