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Friday, August 27, 2010


The world famous Pizza House of West, By Goddess, Texas and just a few of the wonderful food served there by the best and sweetest wait staff in all of Texas.

The fecking blogspot or firefox, I'm not sure which..won't allow me to caption each picture. So in order of appearance we have:
1. Triple cheeseburger
2. Skunk Eggs
3. Super Nachos
4. Poblano Jacq Cheeseburger
5. Fried chicken and fixings
6. Chicken salad
7. Cat fish dinner
8. 1/2 sausage 1/2 peperoni pizza
8. peperoni pizza
9. Mozzarella cheese sticks
10. Skunk eggs and hot wings with the hottest hot sauce I've ever eaten.
11. The bar with some assorted beers and drinks.
....Now you see why I don't just have pizza.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm going to have a skunk egg some day. It's on my bucket list now.

Anonymous said...

That looks like about 86,000 calories in those pictures. I can feel my arteries clogging way up here in Canerdia!

I bet it's all YUMMY!

Heff said...

OH MY !!!

My appologies, Yellowdog Granny !


Spank Heff !

Jan said...

Yeah...I could eat my way through the whole menu.

Twain12 said...

i'm with Debra She Who Seeks...i so want to try a skunk egg

Nit Wit said...

Now I'm virtually full.

billy pilgrim said...

i still haven't figured out what's in those skunk eggs. i always thought skunks were mammals.


they have a full menu.burgers and great sandwiches..chili dogs, fried steak sands, hot ham and cheese, philly cheese steak,chicken club, with grilled onions, mushrooms on the side ..shrimp dinners, spaghetti,shrimp alfredo, hamburger steak, lasagna, chicken alfredo, quesadillas of every kind, 9 different kinds of pizza's with any mixture you want..i like the zombie which has every thing...
the most expensive thing on the menu is the large zombie and it's $19,75...I fecking love this place.

jadedj said...

Oh man...I'm getting acid reflux just looking at that triple cheeseburger.

Willym said...

Wow - diet food! Still want to try the skunk eggs. Two reasons to come to West - YDG and Skunk eggs!

Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! said...

Looks to die for............and you probably would if you ate enough!
I'd want MORE catfish on my plate.
Double up on the catfish,plz....

The Future Was Yesterday said...

C'mon heart attack #3 !!

jadedj said...

No, wait...I clicked on "Monday is the rest of your life", or some such...and I am here, where I have been. Que the fuck pasas?

Intense Guy said...

That triple burger... good gosh... how does one get that into their mouth?? I'd need a chainsaw and BBQ fork to eat one...

and darn it.. I want one NOW!!!