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Friday, August 06, 2010


I don't know that these pictures do justice to the glory of this burger and assorted fried veggies. It was glorious. I kept saying 'Holy Shit, Holy Shit.' That, and 'I've died and gone to heaven.'....She also made a special dipping sauce for the fried squash, onion rings and fried bell peppers. It was so good. It was sort of creamy and thick at the same time and very spicy. Jeanie said if I liked it they would put it on the menu at the Pizza House and not just down town at the Bakery/Deli. I didn't like it. I loved it.
I really loved the deep fried veggies. They were so great. The burger was so big and it had cheese and meat and pepper hanging out all over the place..had to eat all the stuff hanging off the sides before you could even get to the hamburger. And as you can see, it took both hands to eat it. I think I used about 50 napkins and still had crumbs and assorted droppings on my boobs..I was able to eat half of the burger and half of the veggies. Plus Anissa was there and she and her friend were celebrating her birthday and they gave Babs and I each a piece of it's better than sex cake. But Babs thought after all my moaning and groaning of ecstasy with each bite, that my dinner was better than sex, which is why I'm holding a cigarette in one hand and the beer in the other. I can't tell you how weird that felt. Ha.
I had the rest of the burger and veggies this afternoon for lunch. It was still great. sigh*
See this all started out from the pictures of all the things on the menu at the Pizza House on they're Facebook Account. They had this picture of this beautiful Poblano Jack Cheeseburger and I swooned..I couldn't wait to get my check so I could go get one.. I go bebopping in and order it and they don't know what I'm talking about..They only make them at the Gerik's Bakery and Deli down town in Waco. Well fuck!. So the quiet little wall flower that I am, I email Jeanie on the Pizza House Facebook account and whine about not having it. Plus if Mohammad won't go to the mountain, the mountain will go to Mohammad. I made my own. It was pretty damn good too. Made my own spicy sauce for the burger and didn't use letter or tomatoes on it. Took burger meat and stuffed it with Pepper Jack cheese and Jack Cheese on the top of it too. It rocked. But nothing like this baby. So anyhow Jeanie emails me and says if I go to the Pizza House at 5 p.m. on Thursday she'd have one waiting for me, free of charge..on her. If I liked it they would put it on the menu at the West Pizza House. I didn't like it...I loved it...I'm trying to convince her to call it the Poblano Jacq Cheeseburger. So...this is just another reason why I love my little town. The kindness and good ole customer service from the locals. Eat your heart out folks...I feel sorry for anyone that doesn't live in West, By Goddess, Texas. But remember, if you do move here....set your watch back 50 years.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Man oh man oh man! What a burger! Love the photos with all the used napkins. The one of you with the ciggie and beer in "post-prandial" bliss is just great, LOL!

Charlene said...

WOW What a burger. Looked delicious and greasy!!

There is a place here in Louisville called Genny's Diner and they have a burger that costs about $11 and is one pound of meat and everything on it. About 15 years ago I went with Roger the psyco and we got one. We both ate it and there was still enough for the next day's lunch left over.

They have fried pickles too, which I love.

Intense Guy said...

"Post-prandial" bliss? Nooo.. This is the other "Post-activity" bliss... The kind that Yankee Girl speaks of... You know the kind...

I love that photo with all the napkins too - nothing like eating with your hands!

p.s., someday a nice camera is gonna come your way...

Buck said...

Oh my gosh - - Shiner beer.
Yes, that meal definitely looks like Texas. It'd definitely be fun to join you for that burger.


debra:that's about as close to sex as i'm going to get..haha.
they need to serve it with a roll of towels..
charlene:they have fried pickles too.
intense karl:i tried the knife and fork, but it just didn't seem right.burgers were meant to be eaten by hand.
I keep hoping santa will bring me a new camera.ha
buck..welcome sweety..nice to have you stop by..yup..every thing about that burger screams texas..come on down...introduce you to kolaches, skunk eggs, and dublin dr pepper.

Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! said...

Saw just the 1st picture and said to myself, "Holy Shit!"
Then I see you have said Holy Shit a few times.
That plate of food is something else.
Call it the Texas Heart Attack. ;0)
To die for..... yes indeedy.

Nit Wit said...

Your going to keep showing that burger until I gain 100 pounds. Now I'm gonna end up eating the rest of the fried chicken I made for supper.

Ted Amadeus said...

OMHfG, I can't believe you ate the whole thing!
That DOES look better than sex. At first, I thought the fried veggies were bits and pieces of bacon (now THERE'S a side for ya).
They could make a king's ransom selling those at West Fest!

Shrinky said...

Now that IS what I call service - wow - what a great place to live! I love, love, love those photo's, I doubt anyone could look at them and not grin. And yeah, who needs sex, with that little (okay, huge) baby around?

Anne Johnson said...

I felt like I was sitting right there with you at the table! OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVE deep fried veggies! Lucky you!

rox said...

I feel like I gained ten pounds just reading about it!

Ole Phat Stu said...

Food porn ;-)

Enough to feed all of Darfur for a week :-(


shitunot:thats all i kept saying, was holy shit, holy shit.the triple cheeseburger is the texas heart attack.
nitwit:you need to gain some more weight..get healthy.
ted:westfest food is something you can walk around with and eat..no way you could do that with this burger.
shrinky:i still cant get over how sweet that was of her to do that for me.but think of all the years of advertisement I've been giving her.ha.
anne:babs took some great pictures.
the batter on the fried veggies was sooo good..crumbly crunchy..
rox:I'll have to wait a month before I can eat it again..ha.
fatstu:I would love for everyone in darfur to have one.I'd like everyone every where to have one..yeah, it is sort of food porn.

texlahoma said...

Oh man! You sure know how to hurt a guy. I'm sitting here trying to fight off hunger pains till the pizza gets here and I see that. I'm really starving now. The Shiner looks good too.