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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Naturally being the schmuck that I am I entered the pictures from last to first..so go to the bottom and work up..ha..
That's Jamie and Jessica..there is one picture further down with Jamie and Jackie, who is one of my favorites..She cusses almost as much as me...and attributes her teen age complexion to cussing..The pictures of me crowning Louis for King are my favorites..when I put the crown on him I said Louis, you look like a pimp...we were both cracking up laughing and then he said I'm just laughing thinking about how much money I could make with all these women..I was falling in the floor from laughing..as you can see.
The 6th picture from the bottom, you'll see a guy leaning up against the wall..that's 'old fart'...he never ever ever ever .....ever..comes to these things..and this time I threatened to drag his ass kicking and screaming to it if he didn't show up. He showed up..didn't want to eat, didn't want to drink...nothing..I gave him gumbo and rice and french bread and he ate every bit of it..ate beignets and a cup cake..and actually have pictures (in the next batch) of him joking with Jamie and one of the blow up jesters..
Well....it was a roaring success. The first one of the cooking classes Idid I think had 17 people..yesterday we figure as close as we could get...55 people..not counting the aids/LVN's, RN's, etc. that came in and had a 'little bowl of this and a smidgen of that.'....We beat bingo numbers by double..I have a bunch more pictures to post..but will do it later on..I can not tell you how bad my legs hurt..I've been hobbling around all day..got woke up at 5:30 a.m. with a tearing pain in my right leg that brought me screaming out of the bed.Scared the crap out of Dexter and probably woke up Kathy in the apt. behind me. Toes and calves are cramping up on me, but nothing like the ripping pain in my inner thigh...holy crap...If I had a bullet to bite on and a shot of whiskey I would have bit the bullet and drank the whiskey. I'm too old for that crap. 6 hours to make the gumbo, and don't know how long it took to make 95 fecking cupcakes..Babs came over and we icing them with deep orange, purple and green. Pretty festive.
Suzanne made beignets to go along with the Gumbo/rice, french bread and cup cakes.Plus she down loaded all kinds of great music..Jazz, zydeco, and Cajun music..Louis and his wife were there long after everyone else was just listening to the music. It was just fabulous..I'm proud of myself, I'm so proud of all the extra stuff that Kathy, Jamie and Jessica did. Plus Suzanne, who is just an angel sent from heaven..those beignets kicked ass and so does she. If you look close you'll see a little girl..She's Jamie's little cousin and calls me Grandma Jackie..I think I posted some pictures of her from last summer when she stayed with me . I gave her the red cowboy boots, which she still wears and loves. She was so much help. She was eager and able. She was just so great. She's a terrific kid.She wanted to come stay with me today, but I knew (and was right) that I would be in no shape to be able to keep up with her. I napped and then Alice took me to Pizza House for chicken fried steak to thank me for the help I gave her this winter when the parking lot was all tore up and went dumpster diving for her car/house keys when she accidentally threw them in the dumpster. Then we walked our lunch off by going next door to Gerik's Bakery and got some rolls. She got a sugar cookie roll, and I got a Sharla..sigh*...life is good in West, By Goddess, Texas.

(more pictures to come)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That looks like SUCH FUN! I've been thinking of your Mardi Gras event and wondering how it went. Clearly it was FABULOUS! Love the masks, decorations and those blow-up Jesters -- wow, someone went above and beyond! And isn't it wonderful to see everyone smiling, laughing and having fun?

Sorry your legs are paying the price today, though. I hope you're rested up soon.

Jan said...

Texas Mardi Gras looks as much fun as the real thing. I'm surprised though that no one showed any boobs.

FoxyMoron said...

What fun!
Hope your pain has eased up.

Name:was Female, I shit you not! said...

There are many angels in West,TX and by golly I know me one. :0)

billy pilgrim said...

looks like fun.

is alcohol served?

MarkD60 said...

You done good Kiddo! It looks like everyone had a good time!


Anissa brought me a muscle relaxer..so I'm feeling some better..I was talking to one of the ladies about how your supposed to pull up your shirt and show your boobies to get them to throw beads at you..I said I don't think anyone wants to look at our boobs..and she laughed and said they'd go blind trying to find her boobies, as she didn't have any..they crack me up..Everyone's so polite to them and treat them like old people..I treat them like my buddies..refer to them as old farts and they love it..even the one guy that I always call 'old fart'..he laughs at me when I call him that..I brought Lizzie over to meet him and said Lizzie this is old fart, old fart this is Lizzie..she shook his hand and smiled real big and said 'nice to meet you old fart.'...he and I burst out laughing.
We had non alcoholic beer and a punch ..I actually had 3 of the non beers..tasted pretty damn good.
oh man...it's 10:00 and I'm already ready for bed..just got the new book by Patrick Rothfuss..A Wise Man Fears..boy is it good..worth the wait.

Francie said...

Hi Yellowdog Granny, just found your blog a week or so ago. I don't know much about Texas except that it is where JR lived, but I'm convinced now that it is an amazing place! Glad your legs are better.


hi Francie..don't' know about the rest of Texas...but here in West, Texas it is amazing.

Intense Guy said...

Wow! You really lit those oldsters up! Such colorful costumes too!

And all that food - geez... I got to go eat some dinner now!

:) Hope you had a blast doing this! And that you're all rested up now!