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Monday, August 01, 2011


Not many questions....but hope you find what your looking for in Goddess's answers..

Jan wants to know why I leave you for so long to flounder in your ignorance..

I never leave you ..I'm always with you..if you flounder in ignorance, it's not my fault..Every thing you need to bring you in from the dark is right at the tips of your fingers and in your heart.

Buzzardbilly...you don't fool me..I know what's in your heart..You did the right thing and you know you did the right thing. Telling him what you really feel and think would have satisfied no one. Some of my children are brick dumb and no amount of lessons will cure them. But some take the smarts...and run with it..and you did.

Jadedj, sigh*...you know that's not a heater. That's my mighty shield..It has many uses..It does help protect the draft from perking up the bare nipple though.

Ted wants to know if I'll see Sarah Palin's movie while I'm here...really?...You have a chance to ask Goddess a question and you want to know about Sarah Palin's movie..? really?

Billy Pilgrim wants to know if he should retire or wait for them to drag him kicking and screaming from the job. I think you answered your own question..if you think the only way they'll get you out is kicking and screaming, seems like you don't want to go and wish to stay.

Kulkuri wants to know about a word called unfucker...It may make Urban Dictionary, but trust me, it's impossible to be unfucked..You had 8 years of being fucked....is there anything that can be done to un do it?...think not.

Karl, Yellowdog is inspired by your posts all the time. You post about your family, the country around you and the people that lived there. Maybe you need to be look deeper into the reason why your not inspired .........

Vicki is seeking..she looked for it with her God, she looked for it with me..now she's just seeking..Look into your heart. What you are looking for is there.

Francie sees what every one sees...the earth in peril. But you must remember Francie, the earth has been here for millions and millions of years..the human inhabitants have only been here for a short time. Look what happens when you all think you were made to be here. You were a great experiment and were given every opportunity to always do the right thing, so don't blame the demise of the earth on anyone but greedy humans. The earth has been changing since day one, it will continue to change..with or without humans.

Ted..politics ...everyone blames politics...it's not politics that is fucking up the world..it's the people.

Pat..I see you as beautiful...I only see beauty in my children. Fat? Fat is good..Goddess is fat..fat breasts, fat stomach, fat thighs..Goddess gave birth to you..you gave birth also...that's the sign of being a mother...whether it's Mother of the world..or mother of children. Revel in being a Mother.

I'm sad that you had the chance to talk with Goddess and the best you could come up with is

fretting about Sarah Palin, dirty planet(that you made dirty) and politics.

I think you all need to look to your heart more. you'll find what your seeking there.


billy pilgrim said...

shit, randy moss beat me to it!

the end is in sight, my doctors are bugging me to retire and i've totally pissed off the cracker factory recently.

thimscool said...

If you're in a position to retire, you should do it and spend all your time and cabbage on preparing your home and family for the world of shit that is headed your way.

And by that I do not mean surround sound, my friend. I advise you to take up big bore hunting, and expand your garden. While you're at it, get to work on that bunker too. US economy now has an 18 month expiration date and when it tanks we're taking you all down with us.

Ted Amadeus said...

Oh hell, thim: Canada & Mexico got a better economy than US! Migrants are LEAVING California for the first time in decades. Billy's probably gonna be better off retired than most of us fucks that work.

Shrinky said...

Blimey, looks like I stepped in some serious shit here (sliding out of the post with my hands over my ears, screaming, "Lalalalalalala!")

Francie said...

Looking deeper!

DaisyDeadhead said...

I love how you put the sacred writ in red letters... just like, you know, that Other Guy's. :)

thimscool said...

Damn, Ted. We're scaring away the ladies... sorry Goddess.


uh oh..think the Goddess is pissed..must be the latest group of soldiers she had to carry home...all deaths make her sad..but don't let that stop you from watching your latest reality show..it's more fun than real life.

Intense Guy said...

Thank you Goddess for answering my question...

I hope the Goddess has a pleasant ride the next time she hitches up the cats.

billy pilgrim said...

who the fuck knows what's going to happen. i just see the gap widening betwixed those that have and those that don't.

i think europe is going to blow up before america and vancouver is fast becoming a satellite of china. those chinamen bring a lot of money with them.

billy pilgrim said...


thimscool said...

Now that is inspirational!

Here's a novel thought: Money talks and bullshit walks.

My advice: start walking.

thimscool said...

You'll know you've arrived when the dust has stopped settling on your snow shoes.

At that point, I hope you've got that SOCOM and plenty of .308, brother.


these boots are made for walking..you ready boys? start walking..

thimscool said...

I'm not ready yet. Thank goodness the PTB agreed to continue the charade for another 18 months. That should buy me the time necessary.

Although, to be honest, I plan to shelter in place. I mostly like my neighbors and I've got a rockin garden. And chickens.

thimscool said...

No snow shoes, tho.