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Friday, August 05, 2011


today is the 36th day of 100 or over in a row..42 is the record set in 1980. the forecast is hot, hotter and motherfucker hot..109 a couple of days in a row.. whee. it's so hot it blew some sort of condenser in the cable box. Tuesday night I broke my right little toe (broke it 3-4 times, before) and then Wed I had to go to Wacko to do my shopping. I took Anissa. We had so much fun. I need to get on here and describe my face when I bit into a leechie nut. Holy fuckme, that was the nastiest thing I've ever had in my mouth..and I've been married 3 times and had a few(??) fellas thrown in there and I've given blow jobs that didn't taste that bad..gross. Anissa said every time she looked at me I was licking my t-shirt trying to get the taste out of my mouth. Anyhow we had Chinese for lunch, then we went to pet smart, drug emporium(new costly and I can't believe they get that kind of money for some of their stuff. I got a good sized jar of honey, and some wasabi peas. Then we went to big lots, where I pointed out the exact place that I begged my daughter mojo to stand right in front of my jeep so I could run her down.After 6 hours of shopping for school cloths.)and not buying anything because 'they just aren't me mom.'..sigh*..
Then we went to HEB and House of Satan for fresh fruit and fresh veggies. We put my groceries away then went to Family Dollar so see Ink. Oh, did I mention that by the time I got home ...we'd been at it for 5 fecking hours..My toe was screaming at me.
I made another 4 loaves of bread a few days a go, today I made a huge batch of home made granola. I got a message from Jeanne from Pizza House and she made some incredible pita like things..It's impossible to describe them.They are little big ole fat huge gigantic biscuits stuffed with chicken wrapped in bacon and cheese with jalapeno. Man was it good.. were the size of softballs..I ate one and gave the other one to Anissa. Babs is still on her diet. I am too, but I slip and don't get worked up about it. Babs is like in a concentration camp..steamed rice/veggies , fruit, home made granola and I made her a black bean medley and she likes it too.
I'll post a picture of it so you can see what your missing. Going to bed..see ya'll.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sorry to hear about your toe. I bet you tripped over Dexter, didn't you? I broke my little toe once and it hurt like hell, so I understand. All you can do is wear a good sock and a form-fitting shoe to keep it from moving around too much while it heals.

But in spite of your pain, you still bring us Friday Stumbles -- thanks!

Grandma K said...

I have broken my little toes so many times that now they do not move. I have to move them if needed!

I don't know how you managed to shop in this heat for five hours - with or without a broken toe. You really a tough cookie,

Jan said...

I sprained a toe and had to have it x-rayed and whined about it for a week. Can't imagine breaking one.

jadedj said...

I empathize with your toe break. I broke my little toe once after getting a new pair of glasses (bi-focals...my first pair). I stepped down two stairs instead of the usual one and I was barefoot. Turned the damned thing completely backwards.

Also, as I am wont to do...I am stealing at least two of these. You may see them again.

Not to twist the knife, but we finally got relief today in the form of rain...drizzle bullshit, but down from 105 to 88 or so. Whew.

Rox said...

I love the Facebook one and the Somebody hates you for no reason one! CLASSICS!


I hope Karl you know that one of these is for you..

Intense Guy said...

Look I'm a penguin!!!!!


Gosh, I hope your toe heals quickly. :( No fun being in all that heat to start with and then hurting on top of it.

Hugs. I'd kiss it all better if you promise me you don't taste like leechie nut.

Stay "wearable in public"! :)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Somebody hates you for no reason?

Ready when you are:)

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

WTF is a leechynut???
Now a BJ....I KNOW! ;0)