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Monday, April 16, 2012

MONDAY MORNING..wasn't it Monday just a week or so ago?

                          Hope that's true..We got some more rain, little chilly out, and think poor Dexter is freezing his tukus off. I'm still having trouble getting any sleep with the mask..it just freaks me out..Hoping if I just keep putting it on and taking it off, eventually I will grow accustomed to it..I fecking hope..have a great weekend.

                   don't you love how I placed that annoying little fuck right after Ann Romney's ??? 


Nit Wit said...

Hey Rush would be a great person for a Jenny Craig ad campaign. I can see it now.
If you let yourself get fat you will start thinking like Rush Limbaugh. Join Jenny Craig now. :P

Grandma K said...

Lots of laughs today! Thanks. Makes Monday more bearable.

Rox said...

Finally catching up on the blogs...OMG You've been a busy chick! Did you get the new landlord trained yet? :)

Dexter looks cool. I can't even cut Molly's nails, you're brave to cut his hair! Are his fleas going away now?

I missed blogs.

jadedj said...

Allan West. What an ass. Besides his bullshit politics, there's that goddamn annoying haircut. What the fuck is with that?

Definitely stealing the two about that prick.

Jan said...

Thanks for making my Monday suck less and for more Putin.

MarkD60 said...

You said tukus. I'm telling.

Anonymous said...

I love the "apology accepted" one. I think I may or may not have uttered those exact words a few times to The Husband.

Intense Guy said...

I'm for the Santorum's departure celebration.

Embarrassed he's from my state.