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Saturday, March 16, 2013


West Trojans place second in West Tourney and the West Lady Trojans win four games during week as they continue preparations for 17-AAA play.
I predict the Lady Trojans will go to state and win this year..
The I-35 expansion is converging on the city of West and making it really difficult to get around. The Tokio Road bridge is down and all traffic is rerouted..Tokio bridge goes over I-35, and Tokio Road goes right by our apts. So it's a pain in the ass. and it's only going to get worse..this will be going on till 2015 I think.But one of the great things to come out of it,is on the west side of the retaining wall they have etched Czech's in costumes and dancing. It's really cool..if my damn printer and old computer were working I could scan the paper and show the pictures..I might go take a picture with my phone and put it up..It's really a tribute to the town of West and it's Czech heritage..pretty fecking cool.
The Tokio Road exit will be closed down for 2 months..Which makes it a pain in the ass if you have to go to Wakko from  Tokio Road. Have to drive down to the city of West exit and go back the other way..or you could take the frontage road for 92 miles..sigh*..just seems like 92 miles.
The West Athletic  Booster Club released a statement last week reporting over $40,000 in donations to West Independent School District athletics during the past 2 year period. Proving that Trojan Nation is alive and well.
This coming Wed when the paper comes out it will have the news from the West Day at the State Capitol. 
Ok, this is all past weeks news..I just realized I was reading last weeks paper..feck..
but we do have some big ass news this week. The Czech Inn is going to be  Best Western Czech Inn. They did some remodeling to meet the Best Western standards. They put in new beds and bedding, 42 inch flat screen televisions, new furniture, new microwaves and small refrigerators, new lighting and lamps, new window coverings and new art work. The remodeling also included using more of an antique gas pump decor in the lobby and completely remodeling the gift shop area and turning it into a sundry store. New equipment was also purchased for the fitness center. So this is going to be very cool..maybe the rooms will be cheaper now that Best Western has it. just saying 
Right beside, but down the road  is the old K.D.'s Restaurant..well they gutted it out and turned it into Slovacek's Sausage which is from Snook, Texas. And yes, that is the name of the town. They are thinking that West is known for Czech food and sausage so it's a good fit..Plus it's right off I-35 and folks are already used to stopping here for Kolaches. Every since Nemecek's Meat Market closed there has been an abundance of Sausage makers selling their brand of sausage, ring bologna, summer sausage, etc. The new Slovacek's will be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will employ from 70-90 workers. This is really going to be great for West. Just wish it had been one of our locals putting up a sausage place. Food items such as bread, milk and eggs to go along with their specialty meat market items and bakery goods are to be sold at the business. There will be seating for 85 people with both inside and outside seating. Ten fuel pumps with 20 fuel positions will be available at the center.
The Rabrokers said current plans are to make all of Slovacek's line of meat items, except for their smoked products, at the West facility.
This along with Jeanne's new Pizza House business further north on I-35 is really going to put West on the map..even more so then now. Jeanne's place will have the restaurant, a Czech beer hall, Czech museum, bakery, etc. They won't have gas pumps I don't think. Jeanne wants to cater to tour buses instead of semi's. Which is what my job will be. I will get in contact with the bus company's, the tour buses, buses for musicians, bands singers, etc.  that will be traveling thru and let them know what we have and why they should be stopping there. But that's probably going to be at least 1 1/2 years down the road. 
New arrival ...Luke William Bentz came into the world weighing 8 pounds, 8 ounces, 18.5 inches long. Luke's big brother Grant just turned 2 years old.
Al's Tokio Store and Red Pickle Cafe is having a St. Patrick's Day Party..will have corned beef and Spivey Crossing will be playing. 
Jupe Mills now has 50 pound bags of Sudan Seed and 33 pound bloat blocks. Like I know what the hell that means.
We lost 5 citizens, 3 from West Rest Haven.But they were in their 90's...must be the sausage.
95 years ago J.R. Cuff was taking a course of baths in Marlin. He motored over each day for treatments. 
The descendants of Josef and Anna (Polasek) Bezdek will have a reunion on Sunday (tomorrow) March 17 at VFW Post 4819, 715 S. Reagan Street in West. This includes the families of Frantisek, (Frank) Bezdek, Joseph Frank Bezdek, Karel(Charles) Bezdek, Marie Bezdek Sykora, Anna Bezdek Sulak, Jan (John) Bezdek, Johanna Bezdek Kotria and Anezka(Agnes) Bezdek, (Sister Olivia).
(aren't those your x-kinfolk Pat?)....
Registration begins at 11 a.m. with a $2 fee which will off set the expense of the facility rental. A silent auction will also take place to help with expenses. The meal will be BBQ but they are asking that everyone bring a side dish and deserts for your family. Bread, tea, coffee, cups, plates, and eating utensils will also be furnished. For additional information call Annette Ballew at 254-582-0604.
West Food Mart has Tyson Fryer breasts with bone-in on sale for $1.00 a pound. Blue Bell Ice cream is $5 a 1/2 gallon...sigh*
Community Grocery has baby back ribs for $2.99 a pound.
And if that isn't enough to make you want to pack up and haul ass to West, By Goddess, Texas..how about the country home on 1.35+ acres 2 miles south of downtown West. 1,668 square feet. 3 bd/2 bath, open living room, lots of light, interior storage, newer HVAC, 2 out buildings. Needs some updating and a little TLC. All for the small amount of $104,900.
or even better: 39+ acres with large metal Quonset and barn. Available water and power. Buy as one tract for $132,288 or combine with 3 bd/ bath house and additional 32+ acres for $300K. 
West Kiwanis sponsoring a blood drive on March 21.
well ...looks like that's about all the news there is to print...now don't you wish you lived here? Get out of bed tomorrow, sneak down to Gerik's bakery and have one of their new treats...chocolate filled kolache. OMG. I had one Friday morning and it's the best thing I ever ate. I'm telling you ..that Jeanne is a genius when it comes to baking..sigh*...I ate one and wanted a dozen..I'm slinking in there Sunday morning and getting me and Jamie one...I'd rather go out with one of them chocolate kolaches in my hand then face forward into a bowl of oatmeal.
y'all come down and see us..ya'hea?


Anonymous said...

Wow, West is going to become one of the destination spots for hungry Texas tourists when all this gets finished.

Sudan Seed and bloat blocks have probably been genetically altered to make them better. :)

rainywalker said...

Tried and made all kinds of Kolaches. But didn't know you could get them in Chocolate.


it was filled with chocolate ..sort of like chocolate pie filling..I can't tell you how great it was...sigh*..wonder if you cold make the kolache dough with cocoa?...omg..

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like things are hopping in West, what with motel makeovers, new sausage places, etc. etc. And chocolate-filled kolaches! Oh my goodness. I hope this is the Lady Trojans year too!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one distracted by all the Trojans and Sausage talk?!


I'll probably die with salad on my fork. Go hard, Jackie!!