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Saturday, May 18, 2013

WEST, BY GODDESS, TEXAS.. we will survive part 2

The good, being Willie Nelson(who was born in Abbott, Texas,9 miles down the road) donated $125,000 to West and Abbot VFDs.Don Reed, who served as a spokesman for Willie, delivered the money in the form of checks to the two fire departments. The bulk of the money was raised at Nelson's benefit concert on April 28 in Austin. $80,950 went to West and another check to Abbott for $46,551.
More good came in check form from the North Texas car dealers and it was for $130, 000. The DFW New Car Dealers  Association represents car dealers in the 11-county  area in North Texas.

With the good comes the bad, and the funny.. The bad? Bryce Ashley Reed a former West EMS volunteer was indicted by a federal grand jury Tuesday in Waco on a charge of possession of an unregistered firearm. He is accused of having the components to make a pipe bomb. So far they have not tied him to the explosion and I personally don't think he had any thing to do with it..I don't know him and not going to use this to speak for or against him as I DON'T  know him..but it's sad...
now for the funny..although I'm pretty sure Fred Taylor doesn't think it's funny.
ATF made a surprising discovery while conducting damage inspections following the explosion. They discovered 16 marijuana plants over six-feet tall growing in a home owned by Fred Taylor of West.
Taylor, 54, was free on bond May 10 after being charged with possession of marijuana over four ounces but under five pounds. Taylor's home was heavily damaged in the explosion. He turned himself in on May 9.
I don't know..but it seems to me that having your home blown off it's foundation might be punishment enough ...and can they make that stick? Can't he say, 'hey, the plants could have been blown over here from some place else?' ha..
If you go to youtube and put in Fred Taylor in West, Texas you can see a video telling of his events of the explosion..
sigh*...life is sure weird.

City of West officials announced Tuesday that a change in the water billing rates for the residents living in zones, one, two and three. For one month only, April 15 to May 15, residents will be charged only half the normal billing rate for their minimum water usage. Tiered rates will be in effect for those going above he minimum water amount. In addition, the officials reported residents will only pay half of their normal charge for their sewer rates. Garbage rates will be at full charge.For residents in zone three there will not be any charge until water is restored and no one has a time on it.

West resident Shelly Chudej Moore is collecting t-shirts that are being made to raise funds for the victims of the explosions and is going to make a quilt out of them. She will donate it to the West, Texas Museum.Those wishing to help Moore may contact her at 254-498-2874 or P. O. Box#82 West, Texas 7691 she is currently looking for t-shirts in medium and large so she can make the quilt uniform.
West Chamber has scheduled  a Commerce's' Ride for the Chamber motorcycle ride for June 2.
Registration for this event is set to begin at 10 a.m. outside Out West Bar and Grill on South Main Street. It will be a 2 1/2 hour ride thru McLennan, Hill and Bosque counties..Chamber president David Pareya said all motorcycles are invited. It will be $20 per bike and $5 for extra rider. There will be one stop on this ride.It will end up back at Out West Bar, where a meal is planned along with door prizes.
Proceeds from the Ride will go to the chambers's Celebrate West fireworks extravaganza planned for June 29th at the West Fair and Rodeo Association and Westfest grounds. For more information all the chamber at 826-3188.

This Sunday VFW will have their monthly pancake breakfast from 8-11 this Sunday at the VFW club. The cost is $5 for pancakes, French Toast, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, SOS, hash browns, coffee juice and milk. All proceeds will be donated to local causes. Be nice if they could donate some of it to the Tale Tellers.
The Stockyard Cafe(by the auction barn) will be closed this Mon. and Tues. to paint the floor and install a new stove.

The Lander Reunion will be from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. On Sunday May 26 at Cottonwood Hall. Friends and family members of Henry H.Y.) and Annie Symank Lander are asked to bring a covered dish. Tea and coffee and plates and eating utensils will be furnished.There will be a raffle for a quilt, a $50 and a $25 cash prize. Each family is asked to bring one or two items for the raffle. Since it is also Memorial Day weekend, they are asking the small children to make something patriotic items and there will be ribbons awarded. If you have any questions please call Kathleen Pustejovsky at 254-582-2213.
West VFD received a $200,000 tanker truck from 3 companies: Pierce Manufacturing, Freightliner and the Siddons-Martin Emergency Group.
She's pretty.

AND................IT'S BASEBALL TIME..
West youth summer league opened this past Thursday. It's on...

Recovery center opens in Best Theater..center can help from sweeping floors to demolition.

The senior center has been having the meals at our little meeting room here at the Cherrywood apts. The owners and Ally the manager have been very helpful, giving donated items from Ally's Church. They are letting residents have displaced people stay with them if needed...
There is one benefit, fund raising after another going on all over the are. It is so heart warming and the people of West are so very grateful. Knights of Columbus, Friends of Willie Nelson, Knife River construction, and Santa is coming to town also..Going to St. Mary's School Gym..with love and hugs and toys...

Another thing that sort of slipped by me..The West Swimming pool had been damaged..But Jimbo said he has received so much help getting it back in working order that they are shooting for May 22 for opening date. If you don't know..our pool is the largest cement outdoor pool in Texas..(maybe second but I'm opting for biggest)..

50 years ago in West, the West National Bank filed suit on Billie Sol Estes(dig out your history book, this guy's a doozy)
 A suit, seeking full payment of a promissory note plus damages, has been filed in Waco against former west Texas tycoon Billie Sol Estes.
In the suit, West National Bank is seeking $2,289.50 damages on a note which bears his name. attorney George E. Kacir filled the suit in Judge D.Y. McDaniel's, 74th District Court. The West bank claims Estes gave the note to Willie R. Winters who in turn gave it to the bank on March 1, 1960. Winters, also of Pecos, is co-defendent in the suit.

Luke has a 1970 Mustang for sale. 302, v8, 3-speed manual, new tires, runs like new. call 254-315-2064
So..as you can see...you can slow us down but you can't stop us..

not sure there is a word for Goddess in West...


Anonymous said...

People can be so wonderfully generous.

Laws on marijuana are insane: more than 4 oz and less than 5 lbs.?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, there's usually "good, bad and funny" in everything, isn't there? Heartwarming how everyone's pulling together in and for West!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Awesome news. Awesome people. Thank you.

FoxyMoron said...

Oh let Freddy have his pot, geez.
And you must be so, so proud of how your community is pulling together after this tragedy. I want to see photos of that pool, might Google it.
I think we all feel like we know West, Texas because of you Jackie.

MarkD60 said...

Good Ol' Willie!

Anonymous said...

Willie should step up and claim Freddy's plants. Lollllllll!!!!!!

Keep on keeping on, West!!

Kulkuri said...

When I was stationed at Dow Airplane Patch in Maine, I knew a guy whose last name was Estes. Used to ask him how his uncle Billie Sol was doing!!??