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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


West News came out today..some good news in store for a lot of business's and organizations. 
Westfest donates over $40,000 to area groups.
Twenty area groups, organizations, and funds were on the receiving end of Westfest generosity as the organization's membership approved $40,500 worth of donations during their November 6 general meeting in the West Community Center.To date Westfest has donated in excess of $830,000 to area organizations since it's inception in 1976. The library will get $2,000 and I'm sure our librarian has that money ear marked for something well needed for our library. Our computers are all old and need replacing, and I think she's already got that in the works.. I just hope West realizes how lucky we are to have her..Nancy rocks..
This years net festival profit was $50,378.80. Total festival income was reported at $461,747.04.
This is my favorite part. The income larger income figures:gate sales $130,000.85 beer sales:$468,388.61.parking $21,11$68,7542.6.00, food booths rentals, $21,116. Carnival rides and games:$68,742.12 . art and crafts booth rentals, $21,825 food booth rentals $16,600.30, race entry fees $9,699, horseshoe pitching contest entries $5,180, souvenir sales, $51,752.11, Taroky tournament income $1,200. Rv area, $6,910. ATM Income $1,233 and other rides and games $5,100.05...Westfest is not just a 3 day party..its a chance for the town to show off their Czech heritage and inform people of the Czech culture. Plus the beer and great food..
 Saturday we're having a benefit to aid West ambulance service. The building was destroyed the night of the explosion. This fundraiser at the West Fair and Rodeo Grounds is for the West EMS which lost 4 volunteer members, their EMS building, 2 ambulances and all medical equipment the night of the April 17th explosion. All of the proceeds will go to the EMS.
Here is news I didn't know and think is great: Senior independent community plan given. 
36-50 apartments could be built on former Rest Haven location.
This could be happening if a Georgia based development company gets it's wish.
Breck Kean, the vice-president for Prestwick Envelopment of Atlanta, Georgia, pitched the idea for building 36-50 apartments to the West City Council,  during Monday's meeting in the West Community Center.
Kean discussed the possibility of purchasing the approximately two and one-half acres of land where the West Rest Haven was located before it was destroyed by the explosion.
Just last month, West Rest Haven officials announced plans to build a new nursing home facility on land which had previously housed the West Community Hospital and most recently an assisted living center.
It's estimated that the cost of the project would be in the $6-7 million dollar range. The apartments would be from one to two bedrooms and rent from $400 to $600 a month. cool deal dudes..
Our annual Thanksgiving meal that is held at community center ever year is planned for 11 a.m. on Nov. 28. Cheryl Mynar and Bob Nors,, co-coordinator for this event, said the meal is open to everyone in the community. The Thanksgiving meal is a combined effort of the West Kiwanis Club with assistance from the West Knights of Columbus and  West Ministerial Alliance.
Volunteers are needed to help with preparations for the Thanksgiving meal on that morning and also to aid in home delivery of the meals.
Help is also needed at 8 a.m. Nov 27 for preparation of the turkeys at the KC Hall in West. Also desserts are needed and anyone wishing to make a donation is asked to contact Cindy Webre at West City Hall, 826-5351. Also anyone needed plates delivered on Thanksgiving Day is asked to contact Webre at City Hall. Any monetary donations for this event can be given to Tim Jaska at State National Bank. I have done this for the past 5-6 years..I always enjoyed it even if no one spoke to me for the first 3 years. Now they speak to me..something like..are you still here? 
We still have some great buys and deals on homes for sale. 2-bd/2-bath home, beautiful wood floors, plantation shutters, garage and carport. $125,606. Or how about this...10.67+acres with a very well maintained 4 Bd/2 bath custom build manuf. home. Fenced, cross fenced, above ground pool, pond, outbuildings and more.Hilltop water. reduced $155,000.

well things go on..West residents that were displaced or didn't have insurance are still trying to get help from the Long Term Recovery Center. Everyone I have spoke to has been jerked around, lied to, stalled, or dismissed for not being qualified..It gets uglier and uglier every week..I wish someone that actually could get something done would help the residents of West out. I think they have suffered enough and to be constantly told to do something  or fill this out or call me back and no one is there or will return their calls..it's like catch 22..help is needed here..badly..
well that's it for the West report...more news to come..


Anonymous said...

Love to hear the news from your great little town. Sorry the people are being jerked off in trying to rebuild their lives. Is it the feds who are jerking them around?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those Westfest beer sales are amazing, LOL! Clearly there's a lot of thirsty people in West, Texas. Glad to hear that some aspects of rebuilding are progressing.

Nit Wit said...

Surprised at the amount of income that Westfest generates. Well, not really they have you promoting it. Nice to see a West News post again. I read some stuff about all the trouble people are having getting the relief money. I'm wondering about what the state is doing with all the disaster money they got from the federal government. I sure don't trust that bunch. They have been run by Fair Hair and The Gump for years and years.


I don't know if you guys noticed but on the right is a camera that is focused on the street that runs between food mart grocery and West True Value Hardware..can see the action..which is near none now..ha

Mr. Charleston said...

I'd say that West, By Goddess, Texas is back on the map!

Grandma K said...

I HATE to hear that "they" are still yanking people around in West, but the other news sounds really good. It seems there are many more positives than negatives right now (and I guess that depends upon who you are and in what situation). Praying for West!

Anne Johnson said...

Was that income up from previous years due to the publicity West got from the disaster? If so, that's great. If not, how can I put together a WestFest in my home town?

FoxyMoron said...

Talk about rising from the ashes!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Question...why wouldn't the nursing home re-build on it's own site?
Thanks Jackie....enjoyed reading the news.


I think that is why I'm not getting as much local money ..they are spending it to rebuild their homes and it's like they can't get the help they were promised..
the reason they are not rebuilding on the old lot is they are adding a assisted living section so they will need more room..

Intense Guy said...

Our Government(s) middle name is "paperwork and lies".