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Saturday, May 10, 2014


 Tuesday Inky and Anissa kidnapped me and took me for a magical mystery tour to Clifton, Texas where one of Ink's cousin's had opened a new place of business..wish I had taken more pictures..we went to Sulak's which was sort of like a deli/general store/meat market/bakery. Inky and I had trash cans..which is fritos, sausage, beans, bbq, bbq sauce, jalapenos, onions and coleslaw on top..goood..Anissa had sausage wrap..we got a bunch of canned things like jelly, pepper sauce, and jalapeno ketchup. Then we drove around the back of the dam and stopped for a look see..was a great day..this was my mothers day gift...love those kids. I think my hair glows in the dark.

 bacon burger from pizza house.
 Anissa and Inky kidnapped me and took me to Clifton for mothers day...I love these two..
 Anissa had sausage wraps..  and this is my world famous Pecan Pie.
 world famous skunk egg.
 Abby and her best buddy.
 Ink and I had the trash cans..they were really good..
nighty night..


Jan said...

Love those happy little faces...the ones on the kids too.

Anonymous said...

Those babies! That Inky and Anissa! And you! Yay!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Fun! And man, those trash cans look good!


the food was incredible...and yes, thats my Ink and Anissa..

Intense Guy said...

I want a trash can!!