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Friday, March 25, 2011


West VFD Cookoff drew 84 entrants, which is down from last years 98 teams, but with the cost of gas and the economy I'm not surprised. Other coo offs are having a drop in entrants too.
Barbie Strein and her Lost Gonzo Too team from Fort Worth ran away from the field to earn the grand Championship at the 18th Annual West Volunteer Fire Department Barbeque Cookoff. Which is a big fat $15,000. This was a special Cookoff too as it was in memory of longtime West City Fire Marshall and Fire Chief Freddy Gerik, who passed away on September 18, 2010. Gerik had served as the City Fire Marshall from Nov. 13, 1984 and fire Chief from from Oct. 10, 1989. He joined the West Volunteer Fire Department on April 9, 1957. Freddy absolutely loved our Fire Dept and was so much apart of it, that it's hard to think of him being gone.
The Kiwanis held a blood drive Thursday. The mighty mighty Bold Springs Baptist Church is serving meals today. Fried fish and shrimp dinners today and Chicken and dressing dinner for March 28th.
They're holding a benefit for the baby of Billy and Jessica Harrell tomorrow at VFW. I'm making 2 sheet cakes. There will be a hamburger supper beginning at 4pm with an $8 minimum donation per plate. An auction is to begin at 5pm and live music by Ryan Roberts. Little Charlie was born in November 2010 and has RSSV Rhino Virus. He has just now been taken off the respirator and out of ICU. Anyone that would like to make a donation, let me know and I'll let you know where to send the money.
WISD is having extended class days for the missed snow days..Bet the kids are loving that.
Yale University's Women's Slavic Chorus had a performance last Saturday. The group was in Texas during their spring break and had performed earlier in the Dallas area. They were guests at the Barbeque also and 2 of them sat at our table and were judges. First time for them. I think this is great for them. But when you've got a $15,000 grand prize I don't think I would want a couple of yankee girls who have never judged before as part of the judging system. But then I'm still pissed over the raw chicken.
We had a terrible and unexpected death in West. Cyril "C.W." Cernosek passed away. His cancer which had been in remission for many many years came back and took him in a few weeks. He did so much for West I can't even begin to list them, but I'll try.He was State Director for R.V.O.S. Local Lodge for many years. He was a member and held various offices with the St. Mary's Quarterback Club, West Athletic Booster Club, McLennan County Czech Heritage Society, Texas Czech Ancestors, Czech Education Foundation of Texas, West Fair and Rodeo Association, West Longhorn Club, Knights of Columbus Council 2305, Texas Teenage Baseball/Softball Association, and the Catholic Life Association, and K.J.T. #31 of West. He was a city councilman since 1989, been a Westfest Director since in started in 1976. Was a strong leader and supporter of the West Youth Baseball/Softball Association. Basketball Official for the S.B.O.A. Waco Chapter, coached Little League, coached basketball for St. Mary's School in Wet\st, and being very supportive of activities at West Rest Haven. (in the pictures of the cook out we had last summer at West Rest Haven he's the one that I dubbed 'the man in charge of wienies.' He thought that was pretty funny. I can't believe he's gone. He was so very established in the town of West. He did so much for so many and his loss will be felt every where. I know that if you even mention his name at the Haven everyone starts to cry. Jackie the sweety just cries and cries and cries. Kathy is cried out. Just can't believe I won't see him at the Haven again. Sad sad sad.
On top of that ..my friend Steven Vanek's mom died. She was 94 but still, you never want them to go.
West business's are collecting used cell phones. It's a Cell Phones for Soldiers Drive. They will be recycled and aid U.S. soldiers in getting free phone cards. Anyone want to donate their old phone let me know.
Melissa Jade Bennett and Stephen Kyle Jones are engaged and will marry in West in June.
Mathew Aaron Biles and Jennifer Alyssa Naylor are also engaged and will marry in Waco in July.
New babies new babies. Harper Caroline Miller was born on Feb. 21 and weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces and was 21 inches long. And to even it out a little boy, Liam Franklin Stiff was born in Jan. He weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces. Chasity Wolf is 21, M.J. is 5, Zoey is one and someone just turned 50. Didn't recognize him in his goofy hat.
We have a new restaurant in the old Sulak's building. Cafe Vin and they serve Breakfast, lunch and dinner and have live music on the weekend. Will have to check it out.
WHS's theater arts department has scheduled a public performance of their one act play "Darcy and Elizabeth" at 7 p.m. March 28 in the West High School Auditorium. This one act play by Jon Jory has been adapted from Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice and is a romantic comedy set in the middle 1800's in the London countryside. They will also perform this play during Zone competition in Hillsboro High School. Hope they do well.
Nors Sausage and Burger House has a Seafood platter dish that includes catfish, oysters and shrimp and 2 sides for $17.95.
The Lady Trojans and The Trojans are still kicking ass in baseball and softball. They are rocking and rolling all the way to the top..again. I'm so proud of these kids.
Another reason to move to West...Cute house and large garage with additional storage. 2 bed, 1 bath with siding, large pecan trees. 2 lots on corner. $59,900. Great starter home and with all the room, could really remodel and make it even better.
Community Grocery has Slovacek's summer sausage on sale for $3.39. I love Slovacek's sausage.West Food Mart has Tyson's whole fryers on sale for .79 a pound..up a dime from last weeks sale on them. Will still pick 3 of them up..I like buying them whole and cutting them up, my self..much cheaper. Damn...every thing has gone up but my Social Security Check..I'm so poor I can't even pay attention..
Well..have a happy week..we sure are having one here in West, By Goddess, Texas...lucky us.


Jan said...

Cutting up chicken is a lost art. My parents raised chickens for a while and I watched the whole process from strolling around the yard to served on a platter.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sorry to hear about your friend Cyril. It's hard when the good ones pass on.

billy pilgrim said...

who eats more chicken, you or dexter?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

......a couple of yankee girls.....

Have some raw chicken with that prejudice. And keep both in Texas, PLEASE!

rainywalker said...

You should open your own newspaper in West. You might call it, "My Give-A-Damn is Busted." Great Blog!

Intense Guy said...

That "Connecting to" log in thing is definitely connected to the two missing pictures on the sidebar of your blog - if you remove them - it will go away.

I saw someone completely cut up and debone a chicken while somehow managing to keep the skin intact. I saw it two - three times and I'll be durned if I can figure out how they did it.

texlahoma said...

You've got a great little town there.

yellowdoggranny said...

Dexter only eats cat food and tuna ..he won't eat any thing else at all.
I've seen them de-bone chickens and wanted to try it but I can see me cutting a finger off..
I love my little town..and as an example? they raised $5,000 for the baby at the benefit.

Rox said...

Small towns are great. West sounds like one of the greatest! :)