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Saturday, March 19, 2011


I have been a busy Goddess, the Yellowdog has friends that have had some losses. I would like for them to know their loved ones are sipping Mead at the grand table in Sessrumnir...George Carlin has made it his job to be the welcoming committee and trying out his new stand-up act on them. I'm proud to tell you that he has a solid 45 minute set on the Tea Baggers alone.
But I'm back now and ready to answer your questions.

Jan wants to know if there is other life forms our there or are you all there is. What a joke, you on Earth are like the Farkle Family from Laugh In. Your the joke of the Universe. All the inhabited planets have actually taken up a pool to see who gets the closest to picking the date you blow your self out of the solar system. The one with the closest date gets a free 2-week vacation cruising around the planet Lyzripgig., now they know how to run a world..there is one law, do no harm. There is peace in the valley on Lyzripgig. More later on this lovely place. But I will have to admit, they don't give me the laughs you folks do.

Lisa, Lisa Lisa. Yes, they are real. Every thing about Goddess is real. The Yellowdog asked a favor from me for you. I'm supposed to let you know the importance of your being. To let you know that you have worth, that you bring joy, that you can have joy. But you do need more of my help.
Know that the Goddess loves you and is always there for you. All you have to do is make the first step and ask for me.

Shrinky has a interesting question. Where do flies go in the winter. They are still there, they
have a hibernation-like state called 'diapause', and they just hibernate till it's warmer. How many times have you walked into a room and have a fly fall off the ceiling on you?...Hibernating.

Francie, you bring me such joy. Flowers are lovely gifts for the Goddess, but Goddess would rather you made a donation in her name to a Charity for Wounded Warriors. When they don't make it I come and take them home. But when they stay they need all the help they can get from everyone.

Kulkuri wants to know why they ask for name and password when he comes here. Everyone wants to know that including Yellowdog and Goddess. As Yellowdog says.."Beats the shit out of me."

Ah...Ted...There are more horses asses than horses because it's the nature of you Earthlings to just be horses asses as often as you can. Goddess is just surprised there aren't more of them.

Billy the Pilgrim most loved friend of the Goddess and Yellowdog..Good question ..but no the
nephilim couldn't patch a tire, they are so dumb. They are not a creation of Goddess. They are creations from the Boy Wonder, and he seems to enjoy beauty more than brains, and the
nephilim are lovely to look at but as Yellowdog says, "Dumber than a box of rocks."

Female:really? really?...sigh*..no

Jadedj, yes Jehovah has a penis..even he has to pee. He eats, he drinks, he walks, talks and rides a bicycle. So of course he'd have to pee.

Bob, you have to be a believer but I could go for a Big Red, you buying?

Allan, so sad. This is how the Earth is going to go out. This is just the beginning. Japan will recover, but not for many many years. Just about the time it will take for another accident, or maybe not so accidental.

Kathleen wants Goddess to bip someone for her..Bip....................sent.

Wendy wants to know if her coworker is going to have a melt down and can she watch.
Well, my suggestion is ...help her along..fuel to the fire so to speak.. Nudge nudge wink wink..
Why wait for the Goddess to help her along..? Give her a nice gentle 'shove'.

Daisy Deadhead(don't you just love that name?) wants to know if we're going to continue evolving or are we done. Done..like toast.

Anonymous (I'm thinking Yellowdog's good buddy Sooner)
wants to know if Jerry Jones is cursed. FUCK NO.. if you had his money would you think you were cursed?

Battlee43..I feel for you buddy..finally get tickets for your favorite football team after 15 years and the owners and players are fighting and the owners lock them out(I got this information from Yellowdog)..she says..she's hoping, wishing and praying to me that they both fold and get back to the business of football...I don't think it will last a year..greed is pushing them to a closure.

Well, Goddess is off to Libya ..seems like I will be needed there. Not something I'm looking forward to. How do you people on this planet manage to allow such crazy people to get into power and then stay there for 40 years.????? You are not ruled by the Christians beliefs you so loudly scream about. Allowing someone like him be in control and sell him arms just to make money. Money won't get you into your Christian Heaven, and neither will all those bumper sticks and flag decals on your SUV.
Go in peace.............love your Goddess.


MarkD60 said...

Well, that was interesting.

Name:was Female, I shit you not! said...

Damn! Forgot what I asked.
Must look back at my ridiculous question. sigh!
You ask a ridiculous question and you get the Goddesses straight answer. ;0)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I just feel stuffed full of wisdom now! Go kick Gaddafi's ass, Goddess. Those Libyans have suffered enough.

Shrinky said...

But, but where do they DO this diatrab thingie? I'm not buying they sleep up-sides-down on my ceiling all winter, that's just too plain creepy, 'sides the rate I smoke, they'd be dead of lung cancer before the spring..!

Bob said...

I forgot to ask...

If you are all for love and peace, why the armor, shield and sword?


I am the Goddess of Love and war...

rainywalker said...

Perhaps the Goddess should strike down the virus makers. Save everyone lots of cash.

Intense Guy said...

Hmm... I didn't know flies hibernated. Learnt me something new today. :)