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Thursday, January 31, 2008


I get a phone call last night and it's Vincent..saying he owes me an apology..he had forgotten about me and the truck..so he came and got me to go help him get it started, has a ford econoline?...I think that's what it is..it's about 3 cars long...and we used a chain to pull it till it jump started..then he took it home and about and hour or so later he called and said it was ready..Wasn't the starter ..it was the wire that goes from the solenoid(spelling?) to the starter..he also fixed the bell that goes off all the time and never stops, put brake fluid in..and some other fluids..don't remember what they were..fixed my heater(the defrost wasn't working),fixed the idle and I'm telling you...it's like driving a new truck...all for the princely sum of $45...It drives better, shifts better and the brakes are better...I happy...
I'm also exhausted...Jenny came and got me and I did the Jackie of all trades chores for her..I got some chips off the door and had a yoyo kid match the color at Lowe's for her front door, which they had painted in flat house paint..Bought electric plug and plate and replaced, put in a new door bell, took some cleaner and wire brushes and got some spray paint off her front porch..measured all her screens so I can get the kits to make her some new screens. Took my upholstery needles and bought some tough thread to patch up her fax leather couch and love seat..the arm on the couch was tore, so I sewed it..and fixed some little nicks and dings with the patch kit.. You can't even tell where I fixed it..dang I'm good..We had a lot of fun..she got all hysterical a few times with the guys that were doing the job of putting in new carpet, counter tops, and hanging her mini blinds...But all and all, we had a great day, got lots done and she thinks I'm super grannie...She must have thanked me 15 times and let me know how much she appreciated it and loved me for doing it....My heart is full...My back is killing me and my legs hurt and feel like hammered shit this morning, but it's all worth it...Just to know she's happy...
I was going to post a picture of her..but can't get fucking blogster to work this morning..won't spell check and won't let me pull up pictures...fuck you blogster..
Ok....back to my books...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


There is good news and there is bad news...I always like to get the bad news first..and that is..my truck is broke..and Vincent is supposed to be fixing it(we think it's the starter)..but haven't heard from him and the truck is still sitting in the parking lot of Ace Auto Parts, where she so politely decided to quit..Babs and I are making bets on how long it will take him to at least call..So far she is seems to know him better than me..I keep thinking he will pull up in the truck and say 'tada'...she seems to think he is on a bender...sigh*...fuckity fuck fuck.....fuck!
The only good part of that is that Jenny needs me to go with her to her new duplex and hang up her mail box,fix her door bell, remove some decals off the door and put up some new numbers...and since the truck is 'awol' she will have to come and get me and bring me home..Oh and I also have to go with her to her mom's house and fix her couch..It has a rip and some tears along the seam and as I am Jackie of all trades I am the one who gets to fix her stuff...
Now for the really really good news...Babs and I went to the library today and Nancy informed me that a bunch of new books came in and I went ape shit...I was making 'ooh, oooh ohh' noises..purring and stoking the books like some pervert...I actually said :'I love the smell of new books' and sniffed the pages ...In taking them off the 'new books' shelf I ran across the book by the Cunt, with the title if Democrats had any brains they'd be republicans...I think I forgot where I was as I said 'I'm going to slap that bitch'...and when everyone started to laugh, I said.."Did I say that out loud?"...Still laughing everyone assured me that yes, I said it out loud, but it was ok..nothing I said surprised them much anymore..
Nancy's going 'this is a public library Jackie'...but she was laughing too..I got 11 fucking books...11......10 of them spanking new...and I'm so excited that I'm giddy..I got home and usually there will be one that stands out and will go right to it..but this time I couldn't figure out which one to start in on first...I even called Nancy and told her I was having a nervous breakdown, that I didn't know which book to read first..so she looked at my list and said I should start on The Cat Dancers first as it wasn't a new one and was one that I had asked for because it was in a series and I had read all the rest..so I am..and it's good..Here is a list of the books...and some of them are on 3 or 4 lists of best book for the year..
The Cat Dancers by P.T. Deuermann,Tree of Smoke by Denis Johnson, Last Known Victim by Erica Spindler,
Genghis-Birth of an Empire by Conn Iggulden,Double Take by Catherine Coulter,Finn by Jon Clinch(it's about Huckleberry Finn's Daddy),The Name of The Wind by Patric Rothfuss(really supposed to be a terrific book),The God of Animals by Aryn Kyle,The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz,Crawfish Mountain by Ken Wells, and Jamestown by Mathew Sharpe.
Ahhh, life is good...now if only my truck was fixed..
If you don't hear from me for the next 3-4 days..it's because my nose is going to be pressed into the thighs of my sweet smelling new books...I will be dancing with the cats, checking out victims,working with the FBI,learning some history about Temujin, the son of a khan and just generally having a wonderful time..
I love books...and I really do love the smell of new books..don't know if it's the ink or the pulp or just the thought of all that excitement going on between the pages...
I'll be glad to give a review of each book in case anyone wants to check them out...
Fuckme till I smell like a new book....

Monday, January 28, 2008


Just a reminder to go register to vote..in case you haven't already..

The biggest pitbull ever..and the sweetest..My Nate...

My roadkill sweatshirt and road kill kitty..

One of my most prized possesions..
my autographed picture of Randolph Scott...I was in love with him from about the time I was 7 years old..

E.T. gets busted..


A very large spy satellite has lost power(no one knows exactly when or how this happened)and could strike earth in late February or early March. The satellite, which can't be controlled, could contain hazardous materials, and it's unknown where on the planet it might come down.The officials who related this story spoke on condition of anonymity because the information is classified as secret.(yeah...its so secret, you blabbed to anyone that held a microphone in your face, you dipshit)
The spacecraft contains hydrazine, which is rocket fuel. Hydrazine, a colorless liquid with an ammonia-like odor, is a toxic chemical and can cause harm to anyone who contacts it.
This uncontrolled re-entry could risk exposure of U.S. secrets.(like me sitting here in my underwear typing this post)
The spacecraft weighs about 20,000 pounds and is the size of a small bus. it would create 10 times less debris than the Columbia space shuttle crash in 2003.(which was scattered over parts of Texas)
Jeffrey Richelson, a senior fellow with the National Security Archive, said the spacecraft likely is a photo reconnaissance satellite.(didn't they just say that this is a national secret?..yet we have a jerkoff from the national Security Archive spilling his guts) Such eyes in the sky are used to gather visual information from space about adversarial governments and terror groups(like the people that talk smack about George W. Bush in the US of A.), including construction at suspected nuclear sites or military training camps. The satellites also can be used to survey damage from hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters.(yet, why is it I feel like that satellite is full of pictures of everyone in the Democratic party and every liberal group in America...including me in my underwear?)
So...lets see...we have a spy satellite that is out of control, contains hazardous materials, has been off the grid for over a year, it's a national secret and yet here I am doing a post on it...Yupper, the sky is falling alright..and it's a national fucking secret..so don't tell anyone...
But when someone hands me lemons...I make lemon meringue pie...so I think we should take advantage of this golden opportunity...If and when we know exactly when and where this satellite is going to smack down, we should gather up all those end of world predictors and place them gently in the middle of the area...It's called making good use of a golden opportunity...ya, wanna go to Jesus?...well, here's your chance..And if and when you see Jesus?...tell him I said howdy...

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Some times it just doesn't pay to read the paper...but then again, if I didn't I wouldn't have anything to bitch about, and you know how I love to bitch.Keeps my blood pumping and that's a good thing...and another good thing is:

Austin..A cat snooping around its new apartment found a hiding place where the previous resident hid a stash of child pornography, police said.The cat's owner checked a gap in which the cat (Sophie) stuck its head and found DVDs containing child pornography, officials said. The apartment's previous renter, Luis

Jimenez, was charged..
Someone should give Sophie a life time supply of Friskies/vet care and toys..Lets hear it for Sophie....
Now for the bad news:

Toronto-- Canada's foreign ministry,under pressure from its closest ally(yes, that would be the Bush Administration, them fuckers),said Saturday that it would rewrite a training manual for diplomats that list the United States as a site of possible(possible..?..are you fucking kidding me?)torture.The document, released Friday, cited the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.It also names Israel, Afghanistan, China Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Syria as places where inmates could face torture.
Well, if that ain't enough to piss off the Pope and hair lip the governor...I have always admired the Canadian government, but this smacks of ball shrinkage and I think we should have stayed on the list until we shut that joint down..Only thing in Cuba that makes Castro look good....fuckity fuck fuck fuck..
And for the what the fuck news...In Texas we've had several breaches of confidence in our Universities and hospitals where there's research with infectious diseases..Why they think we should believe THIS bullshit, is beyond me..
Galveston--A laboratory used to study highly infectious organisms has been temporarily shut down at the University of Texas Medical Branch of Galveston after an internal door failed twice. The door separated a lab containing mice exposed to the virus that causes bird flu and a lab containing a strain of hemorrhagic fever. No people were in the rooms when the door opened Wednesday, and neither pathogen escaped, officials said.
You notice they didn't mention a name of any of the officials..They're out chasing the fucking mice that got away..Why is it I expect to read in the paper in a week or two about the mysterious deaths of all the birds in the area...
well,fuckme till I have only good news...

Friday, January 25, 2008


Jamie in New York and Jenny at her Graduation..

Jackiesue,my favorite ole hippy hat and shawl..in desert of New Mexico...Not stoned for a change..
Jackiesue on Thom's birthday at hacienda house..telling Daddy NOT to take my picture..

Jackiesue still in New Mexico..before I had Maryjo... Nothing wrong with my face or teeth..just old pictures with blots all over it..

More pictures of little Asshole..who I still miss so much..

This is the painting that my nephew did for me...I love her...on the back he wrote..'tastes like chicken'.....

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Who are still playing ...In Monroe Country there is the Monroe County Marble Club Super Dome, where every day you can shoot homemade marbles and play against the guys who 'whipped the world' in an international tournament..
The Super Dome isn't like most domes, it's more like a shack than an arena and before sunset everyday men and kids down on their knees and flick marbles until nightfall at the Marble Dome.

It was build in 1988 but looks 100 years older , with insulation hanging from the rafters..
If you don't have your own marbles, you can have it made, but their not cheap.Paul Davis sells his custom flint marbles for $20 each. Some the size of jawbreakers, but mostly the regular size.Granite marbles come in colors from black to white with tan marbling.They play a game called Rolley-Hole which is played by using their thumbs to make three evenly spaced holes in the double-sifted, water-packed, fine yellow dirt. They aim their marbles at the holes..
Each 2-member teams must shoot for these holes, and each must get his marble into each hole three times,down the court,back and down again.
At the same time, players try to knock opponents marbles away from the holes they're trying to hit.
In 1992, they heard about an international marble tournament in Tinsley Green, England, south of London, where men have been playing marbles more than 400 years. Members of the marble Dome wangled an invitation to participate. Most of them have never been as far as Louisville, let alone London, but they took their handmade marbles and went.
When the boys from Kentucky got there, they had fun teaching others the Rolley-Hole, but they had to learn right away the game of circle-type marbles that they played in the tournament.
In spite of that, they played so well in the British Marbles Championship that the other competitors hardly had a chance. In a sign of good sportsmanship they allowed the Brits to score once before beating them.
In the final international tournament, they became the world champions, winning with a score of 10-0.
They returned to Kentucky where the Louisville Courier_Journal headline was "Thumbs up y'all/Good ol' boys, simply marbleous, whip world!"
Women do play in Thompkinsville, but it's mostly a man's game in the Marble Dome. The annual dues are $20 per person, which keeps the lights on and pay for the wood to keep the stove going in the winter so no body's fingers freeze.
There, in the evening shade in Monro County, the world becomes a big blue marble where the men are champions ---at least until their wives call them to supper.(mostly done by Janis Turk a freelance writer in New Orleans)

When I was a kid, marble playing was a big past time...We would play for hours, taking each others marbles in a win..I was a fair to good player, so I never played with my best marbles as I was a poor sport and didn't want to lose my cat eyes and the copper colored ones that I loved..I remember there was one game we played, don't know if it was something we made up or it's a real game. But we would spit and then have to set your marble right on the spit or as close to it as you could get...I remember having an advantage as I have a space between my teeth and could spit so far no one could could reach it...I can still remember the feel of the Texas heat as it scorched a hole on the top of my head and the taste of the dirt..Beats the hell out of any video game the kids play now.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This will be difficult as I never measure..ever...these are abouts...
about 4 lbs meat...ok...the meat..in Texas we have chili meat..which is a coarse grind of meat..I will buy it if it's on sale..if not I buy roast that is on sale,shoulder roast usually..then I get the guy at the local grocery to grind it up for me coarse...no extra charge..I love my little town..
4lbs meat
2 onions
4-6 gloves of garlic
chili powder/garlic powder/red pepper
cumino.(about 3 tablespoons)
1 small can of tomato paste...
24oz Lone Star Beer(or your favorite brand)..these are to taste...if you like hot..use more chili powder..but I also get dried red chili's and soak them in water till the peppers are soft, then run them through the processor with some oil...till it is mush..then use it in the chili..as much as you want...I also use some of the water that the chili's soaked in if the chili gets too thick..(I like my chili to look 'clean' so I constantly pick the red skins from the chili peppers out of the chili)
I run my onion/garlic thru the processor till they are mush
add it to the meat as it cooks...salt pepper...when gray I add the spices ,chili's ,tomato paste and beer...after an hour I taste..if it needs more what ever..I add it..and keep adding it every hour till I have it the way I like it..which is when sweat pops out on my forehead..This batch is pretty good but I don't eat it the first day..I cook it for 4-6 hours on simmer..then put it in the refrigerator over night..then back on the stove for more cooking about 3 hours..still tasting and adding..after simmering for another 2 hours or so..you eat one bowl ....then back in the refrigerator over night..then you can eat it..there is something about the setting and the long cooking that really pops the flavor..Right now it needs to sit in the refrigerator over night and then I will add more chili's..it's not hot enough..
I hope you enjoy your chili....To get you in the mood here is a nice pom' about Chili--
No person shall I ever see
Who is addicted as is me;
Addicted to the Fowler Chili,
I eat it daring, willy-nilly,
Then steel myself for what must come
That fiery exit through my bum.
writ by:Eck Bludsoe
If you are real chiliheads...you need to get on ebay and buy these three books..
The Great Chili Confrontation by my hero..H.Allen Smith
The Great American Chili Book By Bill Bridges
A Bowl of Red by Frank X. Tolbert.
I have all three...the one by my hero H. Allen is about the very first chili cook off in Terlingua, Texas. It is not only about the cook off, it's about Texans, chiliheads, chili Queens( which they found out where whores in San Antonio,Texas) and about how the first chili was made by the Aztec's in Mexico. How they killed a bunch of Spaniards and cooked them up with some chili's and tomatos..so if you really want to make original chili...you have to capture one lean Spaniard...

This is the front porch of my apt. last spring...this is asshole in the bush playing jungle cat..I have pictures someplace of the yard fully in bloom and with all my tomatoes(3), peppers(4) and eggplants(2)...but can't find it..Babs and I went to grocery stores and hardware store yesterday..she got stuff to start planting already...I got stuff to make chili..I made her a pecan pie and it was the best one I ever made..I finally figured out the electric oven..hot dang!..I also got 3 20lb.bags of bird seed for $11...fat bastid birds..I have to go to house of Satan today...Babs refuses to go...I go in the afternoon, people be damned..she goes before 8am when there are no people..I strive on conflict where she avoids it..We also went to the $1 store..I got this neat spice rack for $2...holds 8 glass jars..it's really pretty..on a lazy Susan type rack..I may go back and get one for Jenny...this one was supposed to be for her..but I kept it..I bought 3 little stuffed animals ..one sings you are my sunshine, which I will give to Jenny as it is the song I used to sing to her when she was a baby...The one I got for Jamie is 'jump around'...I got one for me..you press it on the hand and it says 'I like to move it move it..i like to move it move it....move it...'..cracks me up..I was playing them in the store and David's daughter Sara works there and came over and took them away from me as I was setting them all off and dancing to the songs'...she just shakes her head and walks off.She's trying to figure out how to get permission from her mom to go to Galveston (the coast) for spring break..told her to take me for a chaperon...boy she has that eye rolling thing down perfect..She said she had an invite to go from some cool people and an invite from some not so cool people..and didn't know how to tell them no with out hurting their feelings or making them mad..I said..'easy..just tell them your Daddy won't let you go..blame it on the parents, it works all the time'...she was thinking about it and Babs says:'tell them you have crabs'....Sara's head popped up and she said 'crabs?'....Cracked me up....That Babs has some twisted ideas..
I'm trying to figure out if I want to make another pecan pie or brownies...both were very good, but think Babs really liked the pecan pie...I get to taste a little but give most of it to her..I like to bake and can't bake for me as it's a lot to do for just one piece...so Babs gets to benefit from my baking..
Well, I have to go to the library, as I'm out of reading material..I read Dean Koontz new book and loved it...he has such a love for golden retrievers and they star in this book.I also read Steven Colbert's book "I am America (And So Can You!)....very very strange...I like his tv show better...
I also have to go pick up Inky and Anessa's son Devin after school..he has to walk and it's just to damn cold for him to walk that far, so will go take him home..It's nasty cold for West,Texas and very windy so we are all hunkered down waiting for the cold snap to unsnap...
I have a post coming up about shooting marbles..Which most of you are too young to know any thing about...But most of you old farts will remember..Gotta go....

Monday, January 21, 2008


"The larger the car, the bigger you feel."
Kirk Pingel,explaining why he and fellow Texans love big vehicles. Texas emits more carbon pollution yearly than California and Pennsylvania, the No.2 and 3 states,

combined.(associated press)

(You can buy a car 3 blocks long and you're still going to have that t-tiny dick, Kirk.....Hmmm, last name is Pingel..wonder if all the teasing he got as a kid about being fingle pingel is the reason he is so insecure?)

"We are the way to happiness. We can bring peace and unite cultures."..Tom Cruise, hyper-enthusiastically praising fellow Scientologists on a Church of Scientology training vidio.(gawker.com)

(I want a ring side ticket to this freak show.)

"What makes the allegations in the indictment so shocking, is that Siljander is a Born-Again Evangelical Christian. We had fast days in his office. There were prayer circles."..Debbie Schlussel, conservative columnist and former emploee of former Rep.mark Siljander, indicted this week on charges of aiding Islamic terrorist fundraising.(debbieschlussel.com)

(Gee as if Born-Again Evangelical Christian's have such a sterling reputation...huh, George Bush?)

"People wonder what in the world it is because this is the Bible Belt, and everyone is afraid it's the end of times."

Steven Allen(no not that Steve Allen), a Stephenville,Texas business owner who was one of many local people to see a UFO.(associated press)..(How scary is that.?..They are so afraid to admit there might be people from another planet or universe that they would rather have the world come to an end..)

What a bunch of assholes.........


I think I was about 20 years old here...right before I got pregnant with my first kid David.Oh my those 60's pompador hairdo's... Asshole #1 took this picture..

This is me at about 24 or 25...This is right before I went from glam girl to hippy...the creases are from #1 asshole carrying this around in his billfold..I stole it back from him when I found out he was still showing it to his new wife as to what she should aspire to..he was such an asshole...
This is me on speed..first time I ever took it..and the floors you will notice have a shine you can't buy...I did 3 coats of johnson's was by hand on them...plus I washed the walls,cleaned the kitchen with a brillo pad and a toothpick...was up for days..
This is after I left Oregon with hepatitis and got on the straight and narrow..(at least for a while)This is also after my Daddy had taken the boys to his barber and cut off all their long hair.which came down to the middle of their back..They wore little leather head bands, just like their mommie did...Jeez, they looked so sweet..which only goes to show how looks are deceiving..

Me, David,Thom and Daddy in Roswell, New Mexico in front of our mexican hacienda house...This was about 1971...

sigh*....when I had a skinny ass and a 22 inch waist...
you getting bored yet? If so I will stop and go back to bitching about Bush and the christians...

Sunday, January 20, 2008


In the little check suit I am 14, the other
2 I am 15..The one with my Daddy I am trying to keep from laughing as a cute GI was taking our picture and he thought I was Daddy's wife..Daddy got custody of me when I was 14 and when we moved into base housing together as Daddy and daughter everyone thought the old Master Sargent had got him self some young bride..Daddy was furious and I was embarrassed but thought it was extremely funny..

This one is of me at 15 also..The picture is clipped because when Maryjo was about 3 she discovered scissors..I got married to asshole#1 the summer of my 16th year..oh jeez, if I knew then what I know now...sigh* well, fuck me I'll never marry again...