I'm a liberal pagan living in West, Texas. Yes. That West, Texas.

Thursday, June 28, 2007



I can't find out where I put the original e-mail that had the photographers name and information on it..I sent it out to a bunch of you..so if you have it could you put in down in a comment..

Is this not the scariest thing you have ever seen?...I'ts not nice to fool with mother nature..

Monday, June 25, 2007


Why is it that my favorite newsmen all come from Texas..Dan Rather,Bob Schieffer, and now..Lou Dobbs...did y'all know he was from Texas?.cool!

If you guys missed it ..you should have seen Face The Nation Sunday morning...at the end of Bob's little news show..he said he had to apologize for his news team for missing such a big story...they worked hard, and did everything in their power, but they missed out on getting the Paris Hilton interview..They were to busy trying to get the results from the Anna Nicole Smith autopsy..I laughed so hard the cats came in from outside to stare at me.

On to the news:


The House voted narrowly Thursday(last week) to reverse a ban on contraception aid to groups overseas that offer abortions, challenging a pillar of President Bush's foreign aid policy. If the proposal passes the Senate, Mr. Bush is likely to swiftly veto it and upheld by Republicans who so no assistance of any kind should be given to groups that promote or offer abortions. Democrats say the ban is a failing policy that has led to an alarming shortage of contraceptives.
Nope..the assholes would rather see the mothers go to some back alley mid-wife and have some drunk with a coat hanger rip her insides out..or have the baby be born and then starve to death..them assholes!..No one is FOR abortions, but starving babies, or babies dying of aids is not a solution either.
"It's probably because of our bad educational system, but the percentage of people who believe in creationism is really scary for a country that's going to have to compete in a world where science and medicine require a better understanding.." New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, ex-Republican and potential independent presidential candidate, on the religious beliefs of more than 40 percent of the country.(New York Sun)..I'm not sure, but did he just call 40 percent of America stupid..?...Damn straight and no shit.
"East Austin right now is at a certain stage where small things can erupt into something major.I just want to try to prevent that.".
Rita Gonzales-Garza, Hispanic community leader, on minority efforts to calm tensions in the Texas capital after a black mob beat a Latino motorist to death(Dallas Morning News..Thursday)
that is what happens when you interrupt a Juneteenth day celebration...(Austin just living up to his motto:"keep Austin weird."

"That's the reason I wasn't in their camp..because I kept on contradicting them. I wasn't about to lie to the committee.I knew i was already in a losing proposition.If I lie, I lose.And, if I tell the truth, I lose."Retired General Anthony Taguba, who investigated the Abu
Ghraib scandal, on what he says were the lies top Defense Department officials told Congress about the matter.(The New Yorker.June 25Th)
Gee wonder if that is why he is "retired"...

Dublin,Ireland, The final British troops withdrew Monday from the Northern Ireland borderland long known as "bandit country," ending a 37-year mission to keep watch over
the Irish Republican Army's most dangerous power base. Soldiers from the second battalion of the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment left Bessbrook Mill in what their commander, Col. Wayne Harber,called a final act in "the longest military campaign in the army's history."
IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME...They should give Ireland back to the Irish and British rule should be abolished..but then what do I know?

It's raining, raining ...raining in West, By Goddess, Texas...we are over 20 inches above normal for rain this year and it's still June..(and that was a week ago)We have flash flood warnings every day..and every day some dumb fuck decides to drive their Chevy Nova across some ditch and get washed into the next county..They don't call them gully washers for nothing..I went to store to get some 'stuff' and got caught in the rain..by the time I got back to the apartment..I was soaked from head to toe..bra, pants socks, shoes...the works...had to change clothes..now my bones ache..I have the urge to make me a big pot of hot tea.
I bought a small TV/entertainment center and now I have to put it together..get to play Jackie of All Trades...mistress of none.
Still haven't got the computer fixed as it has rained every day...enough to piss off the pope..

fuckme till I have webfeet.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


How glad the Obama's and Clinton's
would be to capture my vote
But you had such persistence with
that Texas drawl
You wore down my resistance
I fell,and it was swell....ya'll.

You're my big and brave handsome
How you won me,everyone knows
with your quick wit and your so
fast on your toes.

It's that your so dang attractive
and my heart grew so active
when you came on Face the Nation
and My CBS news..

Then came cute Katie Curic
and I got the low-down
broke my heart blues.

I've got a crush on you,Bobby Boy,
all the day and night-time
Hear me sigh.
I never had the least notion
That I could fall with such emotion
for a man giving me bad news.

Could you coo?
Could you care
For a Texas cottage on
Lake Austin with a view?

The world will pardon my mush
'cause I've got such a crush, my
Bobby, on you..

Yes, I've got such a crush
my Bobby, on you...

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Thought it was time to update you on the haps in West...First of all..there are 70 days till Westfest...labor day weekend..I think(if things work out) my nephew is going to rent a booth at the arts and crafts tent and I will sell his t-shirts..I will have more information on that as they are coming down to take me to a dinner and a movie...hot dang..How much you wanna bet we don't go to Doc's...heehee..

Ok...so this Saturday West is having a squeeze off...According players from across the state will be here for the West Accordion Club's annual "Squeeze off" from 10am to 5pm at the West Community Center which is right next to the Library and .04 of a mile from me..A jam session and open mike session is planned throughout the day with food and drinks available.A swap shop is also planned..John Sulak one of the organizer's says we had over 30 accordionist last year.They come from as far away as Houston, Dallas,Fort Worth,Austin and all over Central Texas...Hooboy...Be still my heart..Ok..so I'm not an accordionists lover but this is a town of Czech's...Polka rules here..After over 30 years I just realized that Westfest is not the official name for it...it's called Westfest Polka Festival...hmm...must have mentally blocked that out..I never came for the music..I came for tent one...tent two...the beer tents..which have evolved to 3 tents now..sigh*..I remember the good old days when I came to party..buy 20-30 pevo tickets..(beer tickets)and drink beer all day long, go home take a nap..come back and drink some more..or take a little snooze in the 'little blue jeep'..

eat sausage on a stick,corn dogs,Frito pies,etc.

My couch makes out into a queen size bed..anyone wanna come?..

West Kiwanis Club and Carter BloodCare have joined together to conduct a blood drive from 2-7pm today..Yeah, have to pass on that..having hepatitis keeps me from donating blood..

St. Mary's Vacation Bible School attracts an estimated 175 kids...It will be entitled Avalanche Ranch:A Wild Adventure Through God's Word ...they have pictures of God as a Buffalo with wings and a bull with wings..God is Strong, God is Tough...yeah buddy...

St. Joseph's in Elk, Texas is having their annual picnic...on the church grounds..will have BBQ, bingo,children's games,a country store,

raffle, wagon rides and because this is Texas..beer will be served along with cold drinks...Church and Beer...don't ya love it..?

We have 2 engagements..2 anniversaries..one for 2 years, one for 50...Aiden Perdichi and Julia Hykel both turned a year old..Raymond Nemecek is celebrating his 96th birthday..I see him all the time..still drives his truck and looks about 70..Four deaths and no births...

Henrietta and I were talking about how the population of the town hasn't changed in at least 10 years...For every baby born 4 die..when kids graduate from school...they leave town..we need an industry...bring some jobs in and keep them here..or at least some of them..

There is a new business in Elm Mott which is 9 miles from here..it's called Gonzos Pinatas and More..They make custom pinatas and have packages of a bounce house, pinatas, tables and chairs..vary from $95 to $160+ tax..wonder if they can make a Bush Pinata?.....hey..maybe I should start making Bush Pinatas and go into business for myself....nah..I'm to lazy..

Eleven West Lady Trojans were named to the All District 12-AAA softball teams..West Senior Jordan Vannata took home top honors as she was selected the district's most valuable player..hot dang..

Blue Bell Ice Cream is on sale at West Food Mart 2 for $8 and at Community Grocery 3 for $11..sigh*

If your interested in moving to West..you can buy a 4-5 br,3 bath or corner lot with lots of extras for $175,000 or how about a 3 bed,2 bath, appliances, ch/ac, electrical,plumbing and flooring all new for $75,000.The Village Bakery is still for sale..

When I first moved back here 14 years ago..you couldn't find a house to rent or one to buy..now every block has houses for sale and at least 5-10 rentals ....There is a housing area with nothing but brick homes..mostly all built since I moved back..so they are almost spanking new..one owner type of houses..huge lots..big yards...fancy smancy..really nice..at least 2-3 houses for sale on each block...make for great yard sales though..

That's the news from West...I may be out of pocket for the next day or so..Taking the computers to get the zombie erased..He's back..

fucker..Called the guy in Waco and said"Hi, I'm Jackie and I have a zombie..."..he said "Hi, I'm Wayne I have a witch doctor.."..so we will get along fine..think he charges $55 to rid me of it..but taking all 3 computers and see what kind of deal we can work out..to get the best one of the three...

I went back and got a few more albums..not going to buy all of them..the coves aren't in terrific shape..but I got..Jackson Browne Running on Empty,Bruce Springsteen, the Wild the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle,Prime Prine, the Best of John Prine, and Scarecrow by John Cougar Mellencamp.Life is good in West, by Goddess, Texas....come on down...Y'hea?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

.......UNKNOWN CALLER.......

Ah, I love fucking with those people...Today I got a phone call from one of those 'unknown callers'....and they always mispronounce my name (it's spelled Jacque) and with my deep voice they always assume I'm a guy, so the conversation today went like this. Me:"Howdy."..

Unknown caller:"Is this Mr. Jockque, er, ah..Jock Denney?"...Me:"No, there is no Jock Denney here, there is a Jackie Denney here and that's me...what do you want?"..Unknown caller:"Hello, Mr. Denney..I'm"..Me:"I'm not a Mr. Asshole, I'm a Ms."...Unknown Caller:"Oh, excuse me Ms. Denney, this is Jeff Bladebladipshit from the "I'm Here to Fuck With Your Day" survey, and we have a few questions we would like your opinion on and we're not selling anything." Me:"Sweety, there are two things you don't want. One is a sexually transmitted disease and the other is my fucking opinion on anything."sounds of silence...I hang up...

I got bored last Friday and rented 5 movies for $5bucks..rented Good-night and Good Luck, which I really did like..Capote which I guess was a very good movie, but I couldn't understand a fucking word he said..(but still think Jocquene(SP) Phoenix should have won for Walk The Line.)Jarhead which was good, but not as good as the book..A Murder of Crows which I will watch tomorrow night..and Matador which I will watch later on tonight..I watched back to back, non stop The Closer and as much as I like Lost, 24, E.R.,Boston Legal,and Heroes, the Closer is the best show on TV...also watched the Dead Zone and it was good, but not great..I like Kyle XY...a lot..I find it very strange but I kind of like to watch the Gene Simmons Show..only because I am amazed that such a gifrantic asshole hooked up with a soft porn queen could raise such terrific kids..the son is pretty funny..

I am fixing to kill and skin the Little Asshole..

He is a enormous pain in the ass..He still bites, scratches and climbs on my head or sits on my shoulder and bites at my ears, nose, hair and any part of me he can sink his sharp fangs into..he is feral...and soon to be dead,dead,dead..People come over and they are shocked and awed by his antics..he runs sideways through the house, will run across the rug, sink his claws into the carpet and then slide and make a compete circle spinning on his back..the hallway is pretty long and he casts a shadow when he runs down it so he is constantly attacking the walls trying to get that cat that is chasing him..I go to the bathroom and he goes in there and bites on my toes and ankles and hard to do anything while your peeing..like kick him across the room..Margaret came over the other day (forgot to lock the fucking door) and he jumped up on the arm of the couch, scratched and bit her and then ran like a sonofabitch down the hall...He thinks he is a Tiger or Mountain Lion or some such cat..He's fixing to be the cutest little stuffed animal you ever saw...bastid..

It's almost 11:30pm and still have to shower before I watch my movie..See y'all...

Monday, June 18, 2007


Easy peasy questions so here are the easy peasy answers..

Rube, I came back for more slain soldiers which there seems to be an over abundance thanks to George ..Plus I have to check on Yellowdog and make sure she stays out of trouble..which is an ever ending job..

Kath wants me to bip Bush and Chaney....bipping is a waste on them as they're brain dead..Karma will get them..

Jan wants to know which is more heavenly..Valhalla or West, Texas...It's a toss up...but I love Valhalla...

Nitwit, is still concerned with his lack of posting...Post about what you love...post and whine, post and cry, post and laugh..your friends miss you...


Sebastien: the Goddess maybe the Goddess of Love and War...but I she doesn't do be headings...That's for the Muslims..The Goddess is more apt to fling a bolt of lighting up some one's ass, but no beheading..Now there is a long list of deserving people for that...starting with the entire Republican party and all those weak sister Democrats that folded, bent and spindled them selves over the War Budget..People that harm children and animals are on that list too...Too many to list..But NO beheading...

Sling, don't worry, your head is always safe with me...and your ass..

Josh wants to know which is a better place to live, Texas or Tennessee..The Goddess prefers Valhalla, but if you remember your history..the boys from Kentucky and Tennessee came to Texas and died at the Alamo...so guess they would rather die in Texas then live in Tennessee...

Tex, if you got as much rain as the Yellow Dog did, you should have tomatoes in 3-4 weeks...If you didn't get the rain..I'll try and send you some....

Live life well,do good deeds,love your children.

The Goddess's blessings on you and yours...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

.......SHE'S BACK!.......

Blessings on you my children..May your butt crack be free of twisted underwear..I have come back for a short visit to meet one of the Yellowdog's new readers...Sebastien has never met the Goddess before and wanted him to get a chance to ask his question ....You all are welcome to ask your questions also..Then I'm back to Valhalla...Friday night is karoke night and you haven't lived (or died as the case may be) until you hear all those soldiers singing "War, what is it good for...absolutely nothing."

Until Saturday...chin up..tits out...and don't let your meat loaf...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

.......USED SHIT STORE.......

I think I have died and gone to heaven..Went to town for some groceries and thought .'what ell, I'll stop in at Caritas and see what they have.'....Holy shit..They have stacks and stacks and stacks of record albums..I would say there are close to 1,000 of them and all for the price of a $1 each or .....$150 for the bunch...I am seriously thinking of going to the bank and getting the money and buying them all...I bought 15 of them..this is what I got..
1. Tea For The Tillerman by Cat Stevens
2. England Dan and John Ford Coley ..Nights are Forever..
3. Question of Balance by Moody Blues
4. Madman Across The Water by Elton John
5. Johnny's Greatest Hits by Johnny Mathis(o.k.so sue me..I like Johnny Mathis)
6. Bette Midler Rush...Broken Blossom
7. Lily Tomlin..And That's the Truth
8. Heavy Sounds with Big Brother and the Holding Co., Blood, Sweat and Tears,Laura Nyro, Taj Mahal, Mike Bloodfield and Al Kooper, Johnny Winter,The Byrds,Chicago and Mongo Santamaria.
9.Delbert McClinton ...The Jealous Kind
10. Soundtrack from the Rose...by Bette Midler
11. Dr. Hook ..A Little Bit More..
12. Crosby, Stills,Nash and Young..So Far..
13. Double Album Queen Live Killers
14. To Lefty From Willie...Willie Nelson
15.The Plastic Ono Band-Live Peace-In Toronto 1969
Damn, I just noticed the Moody Blues Album is empty..will take it back and get something else.
I would have stayed longer and bought more, but the ac was broke and it was 120 in there and was about to pass out from the heat..I asked her if the ac was broken and she said "No, it's on but it's not blowing cold air."..I looked at her and said..."That means it's broken.."
Inky came by yesterday with Devon and I said "oh goody, I'm glad to see you..as your on the tippy top of my shit list."..So I went over all the reasons his ass was in trouble..and told him he lost access to the computer..asked him if he had downloaded anything else besides the im thingy and he swore up and down he didn't..but then last night I was looking through my documents and found two new files that he had downloaded..Don't know if he forgot or was just lying to cover his ass..but I deleted them anyhow..Computer is still running slow..but found a guy in town who will get rid of any virus or zombie and upgrade it for me for around $50.Think I will have him fix all 3 of them and give one each to the girls..Henrietta called today and wants me to work at the library for her tomorrow..woopee..
I have been having so much fun exploring all the new shows on cable..So far I love Rescue Me with Dennis Leary, The Riches,Gene Simmons show(he is a gigantic asshole and not the good kind either),Kyle XY,The Closer,and looking forward to several that are coming up this week..TV are fun...Plus I am mad about the home improvement channel and the cooking channel..and discovery channel is terrific and the history channel..Sigh*..I have to be hauled out by my "whatthefuckred" head to get me from in front
of the tv..
Asshole has discovered my shoulders..when I sit at the computer, he crawls up the chair on to the back and then gets on my shoulder, bites my ears, pulls at my glasses,and attacks my fingers when I type on the keyboard..he is SUCH a pain in the ass..he bites like a dog..and every time someone comes over he attacks them..bites and scratches..little fucker..

Sad news...Mr. Wizard died..he was 89 years old.

Wow..For all you youngin's who don't know who he is..he had a science show on TV back in the 50's..Think he had several but the one I remember is WATCH MR. WIZARD...His real name is Don Herbert.He would do all sorts of neat stuff and most of it was stuff you would have in your own home..it was a great show and all the tv shows that show you hows and whys of science owe their jobs to Mr. Wizard..

Texas is celebrating 2 anniversaries this year
Blue Bell is 100 years old..and so is The Frito Corn Chip and Frito Pies...C.E. "Elmer" Doolin paid $100 for the Frito recipe and the right to market it.His Mama Daisy Dean Doolin is the one that came up with the Frito Pie idea..Goddess bless them both..When I was a kid my lunch every day was the same while I was in school..Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, moon pie,Dr.Pepper, apple, and a bag of Frito's..It's still my favorite lunch..but since I can't eat any of them anymore, I have made a pact with myself..If I learn I am terminal..I will eat that for lunch every day till I croak..
For all you Yankee's who may not know what a Frito Pie is..it's a bowl filled with chili topped with Frito's, grated cheese and onions.
Best way to eat it is to buy one of the small lunch bag size bags of Frito's open it up and scoop chili into the bag and then top with onions and cheese..it goes good with baseball.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

.......WATCHING PORN.......

Knock if your horny....

I think that is what I'm going to put on the sign for my door...that should do it..

Ok...now for what it really important...fucking blogspot...it sucks bites and blows...
I have had such a problem with the new instant save fucker..Plus for the past 2-3 nights I have been unable to post comments or even read some of my favorite peoples...finally today I was able to catch up...what is up with this place?
I used to love it..it was such a great improvement over the other not to be named place, which by the way I heard has been bought by new owners and is a better place now..But I babble..Here is where I is now and here is where they are being a pain in my rosy redneck ass..
Is it just me?...When I post it saves every time you pause..which will end up being a space on the printed post..I hate that..It freezes up while it is saving..and it is harder now to post pictures then it was before..the only good thing is that it prints faster when you are done..
sigh*..I'm getting to be such a crotchity old bitch...(surprise..surprise..surprise)To top it off..the Asshole is about to drive me to drink, smoke crack and break about 39 different peta laws on his ass...He and Annie now stage wrestling matches every night till 4am...He chews on my feet while I am on the computer..gets tangled up in the wire to the phone and mouse and jerks them into the floor at lest 6 times a day..little fucker..He knocks all the articles I tear out of the paper to post about and chews them up..So if some of the data is a little skewed it's because he ate half the article..
I have been trying to get in touch with Anessa and Devon so I can state my case about the whys of Devon's not being allowed to use my computer anymore..but they are out of pocket..maybe they read my blog...
This is going to be a short post..just an outlet to bitch..going to go make my sign..trying to decide if I should put 'porn' or if I should specify the type of porn I'm watching..hmmm, decisions decisions decisions...
fuckme till I make movies..

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I dyed my hair red..Why is it, that my hair color never comes out looking like the lady on the box?...She has this lovely strawberry blond Doris Day hair cut...I dyed my hair last night and it is the same color as....well, I don't think there is actually a color of red as the red on my head...I forgot about dying it this morning and when I went to brush my teeth I nearly had a heart attack..I thought my head was bleeding..It's not that maroon red that Shady Lane refers to as "motherfucker red"...it's more of a ....I swear to the Goddess I can't come up with a red that color..I may have invented a new color..it's more of a "what the fuck? red"...yup..that's what it should say instead of Auburn..it should say "WHAT THE FUCK RED"..can't wait to show your neighbors your new hair color so they can say "what the fuck?"...as if my life isn't interesting enough..now I have hair that will stop traffic and scare small children..
Every time I look in the mirrow I think..."With the coupon it only cost $1.98..."...
Yesterday as I was 'fixin' to close the library down Anessa came by with Devon(the ball playing kid)...and said.."I'm on my way to work and Devon want's to go to your house, is that ok?"..
duh?...and since I'm not a fast liar..I said.."Uh, ok...sure"...thinking to myself(motherfucking shit)..So I take Devon who is a great kid..don't get me wrong..but I have raised my kids and the grandkids are grown now too..I don't want to hang out with a 13 year old..and Devon says 8 words a day...good morning and good night being 2 of them(eat, drink, where's the bathroom and thanks being the others)...anyhow..it's Sat. I like to go garage sale hunting..so I do..Devon sits in truck reading his book..which is fine with me..I bought a pink cushion seat($3) for little girls with Princess on it for Annie..(who wouldn't sit on it if the rest of the house was on fire)a box full of picture frames..all really really nice...for $2..and a glass vanity tray with pewter handles on it for .30cents..It's beautiful..and so not me...but it's purty..and will probably end up giving it to one of the granddaughters..Come back to the house..where Devon's true reason for coming becomes apparent."Can I use your computer?"....so I explain everything to him and then I go do what I would go anyhow..read, watch tv...I had to eat so had to feed him too...Several times I asked him if he was ready to go home..hint fucking hint(reminder to self..kids don't take hints)...nope..he's happy as a clam..so finally when it is time for me to eat dinner and I'm not feeding him again..I say.."It's time for you to go home"...and I take him home..now to the reason for this semi-bitch...I eat, get on computer..up pops im's from about 6 kids..what the fuck?..I don't have im..it bogs down my computer...well, I do now..Devon has taken it upon himself to download the im dealyflopthingy to get im's...My ass hit the ceiling about 2 seconds after my head did..Who the fuck does this kid think he is..and didn't he ever listen to his Daddy when he was telling him about the asses I used to kick?..Does he think 'cause I'm an old lady my ass kicking abilities have weaken and left him immune to my converse....I think not...so me and Devon are going to have a little heart to heart...where he is going to learn a life lesson....don't fuck with little old lady's ..no matter now nice they may seem...

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Life as I once knew it is just a passing memory.
Where do I start?..With the painters..They came yesterday morning and said:"we're going to paint today..so take everything off your porch and move your truck so it doesn't get paint spray on it". So at 9am I bring in all my plants except for the ones on the walkway...all the chimes,the 2 little rattan tables, the indian basket,the 2 bags of birdseed,the 2 rugs,the little catch all chatchas, the broom, my clippers and assorted yard tools,etc etc etc..
Move the truck all the way to the other end of apartments and walk back..5pm..they leave..never having painted my apartment the fuckers..
I move the truck back and go watch my friend Inky and Anessa's son Devon play baseball. They win...15-5..it was cool..This morning, they come back to the apartment and tell me to move the truck again..I remind them that's what they said yesterday..she shrugs her shoulders..not realizing that I am an old lady who had little sleep the night before as 'little asshole' has(well maybe not, but he acted like it) found my old stash of meth and decided he wants to spend the entire night attacking my head, hands, feet and my eyelids during rem sleep..I must have tossed him out of the bed 8-10 times renaming him each time..from 'you little asshole, sonofabitch,little fucker, bastard, and you dirty

all to Annie's amusement..she thinks it's
funny that the new arrival is not finding
his way into my heart..she still rules supreme..and to add
insult to injury..I am now popular...like I need that shit..(where the fuck where you during high
school?)Margaret and Mary come by and visit 3-4 times a day..Seems I am good entertainment for them..They could care less that I don't particularly like people and prefer my own company, besides the fact they seem to find the perfect time to visit during my soap operas..
...Babs and I have talked about this and we think the thing to do is make a sign that says:"watching Soap Operas..knock at your own risk."and hang it on my door..that's the nice version..my personal favorite is "don't fuck with me from 11pm-3pm"
Now don't get me wrong..I like Margaret and Mary
but I like them on my terms..actually that's how I feel about people in general..I sorta like people...if I go shopping..I will say howdy, smile and ask how your doing..I don't really give a shit and expect a 'fine..how about you'..answer..if you start telling me about your hemorrhoids, my eyes will glaze over and I will point to my cart which has a few cans of cat food, mutter, have to go..it's melting..and scoot off..But if I'm in the mood I will listen while you ramble on about the latest achievements of your grand kid(who I know just got out of Highway 6 jail)..smile and say "Bless his heart"..all the clerks in the stores like me cause I come in smiling and making jokes.When they ask me 'how's it going?'..I usually say:"body count is low"....or "for a little ole fat lady, I don't sweat much"...I like making people laugh..but don't want them coming to the house for 'comedy hour'...They don't realize the reason why I'm so happy is they amuse me..but not in my little abode..leave me the fuck alone.
is that wrong?..As if that mattered...I am like Popeye...I yam what I yam...
To top off my day..I wake up to find out they have released Paris(I've been down on everything but the Titanic)Hilton out of jail..is there no justice?...what a silly question...They should make her do 1,000 hours of community service at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen..or send her to my place for a life lesson she will never forget...PLUS:I am so sick and tired of eating tuna fish salads,ground turkey, fish, and chicken ...I find no humor in eating celery sticks,diet, bland, no taste fucking cookies..who's idea was that?...Judas Priest..
I eat oatmeal for breakfast..no more bacon and eggs...no sandwiches,no bread, no potatoes, no rice, pasta...no Dr.Pepper, no Blue Bell Ice cream(which is celebrating there 100th birthday and are having sales all over the place.)and no chips...no kolaches(living in a town with 5 bakeries and the smell of kolaches baking every morning is pure torture..)'nuttin'good...
The way I look at it...if one more person knocks on my door, or the Chinese poison one more food source, or Bush fucks up one more time....I can
not be held responsible for my actions..I have been known to listen to the voices...
fuckme I'll never smile again...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


"The older I get, the more I admire and crave competence, just simple competence, in any field
from adultry to zoology."....H.L.Mencken..
Ain't that the truth...

General discharge urged for protesting Marine vet.

A Marine Corps panel recommended a general discharge Monday for Cpl.Adam Kokesh, the Iraq war veteran who wore his uniform to a protest rally against the war...Cpl. Kokesh would not lose any military benefits if the
recommendation is approved by Brig. Gen.
Darrell Moore, one of two officers who
received his obscene e-mail
I am going to find out how to email Brig. Gen. Moore my ownself..have I got an obscene e-mail for him....them fuckers...I wish everyone would send him an obscene e-mail...like 'get the fuck out of Iraq'....huggs...

Ah...Texas is yet again..number one..

In states with the highest total carbon
dioxide emissions
in million metric tons in 2003. Each
metric ton is 2,204.6 pounds
271 ...Pennsylvania

As each and everyone of you know...I have a sick twisted sense of justice..of right and wrong..and the punishment for the crime...these
2 articles cracked me up..because I think the punishment for the first article should be the same punishment of the second one...

Officials in Nigeria have brought criminal charges againsst pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc.for the company's alleged role in the deaths of children who received an unapproved drug during a meningitis epidemic.
The government alleges that Pfizer researchers selected 200 children and infants from crowds at a makeshift epidemic camp in Kano and gave about
half of the group an untested antibiotic called Trovan. Researchers gave the other children what the lawsuit describes as a dangerously low dose of a comparison drug made by Hoffman-Laroche.
In a written statement, Pzizer said the company believes it did nothing wrong and emphasized that children with meningitis have a high fatality rate.
Nigerian officials say Pfizer's actions resulted in the deaths of an unspecified number of children and left others deaf, paralyzed, blind or brain damaged...
article 2...
Former head of food, drug agency admitted he
received bribes and was sentenced to death Tuesday after pleading guilty to corruption and accepting bribes, according to the state-controlled news media..
You know ...it's not important what the rest of the article says...hahahahahahah...But too bad they can't put to death the Pfizer officials that were responsible for the deaths of those
children..Just saying...
Gotta say one thing for the Chinese...they don't play around when you screw up...and that was just about money...of course it was THEIR money not ours.
We need a little Chinese punishment for the Bush Administration....yeah buddy..
fuckme till I'm Chinese..

Sunday, June 03, 2007

.......BUSH'S WAR.......


Staff Sgt. David Sastrom of the 82nd Air-borne

Division, upon discovering a captured roadside bomber was an Iraqi army officer..(New York Times, Monday.)

on another note:

Washington.The Nation's largest combat veterans group on Friday urged the military to "exercise a little common sense" and call off its investigation of a group of Iraq war veterans who wore their uniforms during anti-war protests
"Trying to hush up and punish fellow Americans for exercising the same democratic right we're
trying to instill in Iraq is not what we're about," said Gary Kurpius, national commander
of the 2.4 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars.
Marine Cpl.Adam Kokesh had alread received an honorable discharge from active duty before
he was photographed in April wearing fatigues--with military insignia removed--during a mock patrol with other veterans protesting the Iraq war.
A military panel in Kansas City, Mo.,will hold a hearing Monday to decide whether he should be discharged from service and,if so, with what type of discharge.
Col. Dave Lapan, a Marine Corps spokesman, said Cpl.Kokesh is under administrative review because he wore his uniform at a political event, which is prohibited. And,Col.Lapan said,
when a senior officer told Cpl. Kokesh that he violated military regulations, Cpl.used an obscenity and indicated he would not comply with the rules.(hmmm, is that Bullshit I hear, echoing throught the airways of America?)
"It'sthe political activity that is prohibited, not the type of event it was,"Col.Lapan said."If it had been a pro-war rally, it would still have been a violation."(yeah, I bet no one would even have heard about it if it was for the war..them bastids.)
The panel could recommend an honorable discharge, a general discharge or any other than honorable discharge.Cpl. Kokesh could not be given a dishonorable discharge, which generally
results from a court-martial. The final decision would be made by the commanding general..

fuckme till the wars over....

Saturday, June 02, 2007


California has begun allowing overnight visits for gay and lesbian partners of prison inmates to conform to the state's domestic-partnership law...Damn...the gay prisoners in California have better rights then most of the other states do in general..

Remember my rant on the Chinese? More good news.


FDA:Products risky for children, people with kidney or liver disease.(or for anyone else who wants to live a full and long life).

Consumers were advised Friday to discard all toothpaste made in China after federal health officials said they found Chinese-made toothpaste containing a poison related to a chemical used in anti-freeze in three locations:Miami,the Port of Los Angeles and Puerto Rico.

The U.S. is the seventh country to find tainted Chinese toothpaste within it's borders in recent weeks.

Agency officials said they found toothpaste containing a small amount of diethylene glcol, a sweet, syrupy poison, at a Dollar Plus retail store in Miami, sold under the brand name ShiR Fresh Mint Fluoride Paste.The FDA also identified nine other brands of toothpaste that contain diethylene glycol, some with concentrations of 3 to 4 percent.

Diethylene glycol was not listed on the label of the toothpaste, and was only detected because the FDA had began testing Chinese toothpaste last month.

The brand names are:

Cooldent Fluoride

Cooldent Spearmint

Cooldent ICE

Dr. Cool


Clean Rite

Oralmax Extreme

Oral Bright

Bright Max

ShiR Fresh Mint..

I check every jar, can container,etc..that I eat..if it is made in China..it goes in the trash..Them fuckers are trying to croak us..

I have more rants but I am saving it till Monday..I have to tell you about my new love and my garage sale finds...My new love is my cable TV hookup...sonofabitch...I am mesmerized...HGTV, Food, Sci-Fi, Animal Planet,History, Discovery, USA,TNT,Ma, and Starz

along with both the ESPN's channels...holy shit.

I had forgotten how little I got done when I had cable...and porn..holy shit..there's porn..Well, maybe not insertion of viable penis but all the other stuff..I had been watching something on TV and came into the computer room and can't see TV from here but all of a sudden I hear this woman moaning and a groaning and that oh so familiar slap slap of flesh on flesh sound...I thought, What the fuck?..stood up and looked over the half wall that separates this area from the living room and there were 2 people going at it..and then 2 women going at it...freaked me out..Had to turn the channel before Annie and the Little Asshole got any ideas...I asked Babs, do you think Sooner and Tex know about this..?

She assured me they knew...MERCY!If this keeps up I'm going to have to get a battery charger for my little friend.

OK...enough on porn...have to tell you about my garage sales...At least this time I didn't have to tell the people to go fuck themselves..but I found and bought a really strange doll..It was I thought a black rag doll...had a plantation type dress and a rag on her head...for a $1...thought

it was really neat..so paid for it..and as I was walking off the lady said.."You do know there's another head under the dress,don't you?"...I looked down and said "That's interesting and looked under the skirt and by Goddess, there was a white head in a bonnet under the skirt...I said:"Well, that's about as politically correct as you can get."...If you turn it inside out..the doll is a white doll, and the Black doll is under the skirt..so you have....2 dolls in one..sorta..or as Babs said..."two heads and no ass."...The woman offered to buy it back..but I wanted the doll..."I told her,"I know there's a lesbian joke in here someplace, or a Rosie O'Donnell joke..."..They were still laughing as I walked to the Truck..(which runs fantastically, by the way)So now I am the proud owner of a half and half doll...Wonder what possesed someone to do that? Sigh*...

Bad news..The West Lady Trojans lost first round..but we'll be back next year..

Also the Baylor girls softball team lost first round too, but they still get a shot..First time they had made it this far and played the team that won it all last year...so they are at least still in it, they play in the losers bracket..

Sic 'em bears...

Have to go...Iron Chef is coming on...hot dang!