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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

I'm hoooooome

 got home around 5..got greeted by Simba like long lost mama.. Rocket..not so much..had to give him snacks first. got everything unpacked but the bar stools for the ggs room..going to fold up the mamasan chairs and clean off the bar top in their side of the room and fix it up so they can have their sundaes up there and their martini's..

they both slept with me and was like a cat hair sandwich..and speaking of cat hair..judas priest..everywhere..soon as I can walk without whining I'll do a through vacuuming and dusting..right now I'm in fuckit mode..watched 6 hours of general hospital last night..trying to catch up on Lovecraft county and the 100 and fuck, all the new tv shows while I was gone..all Beadie watches is the game show channel and reruns of Murder she Wrote and Matlock..we spend all the time trying to remember what shows they were on...Happy Days...oh he was on Mash..and me going ..'he's dead, she's dead, she has dementia, he's dead, he's dead, he wishes he was dead..'

The viewing and funeral was heartbreaking..he got a 4th Knights of Columbus funeral. The deacon could hardly keep from crying when he was talking about Terry..he and his wife were very good friends..went out to dinner together a lot and he was very emotional..talked about all the good works he did for Knights and what an inspiration he was ...it was heartbreaking..I did get permission to slip a tiny Goddess in with him..Jenny and Candy came back to haul my ass back home..and they had to pry me from the arms of Terry's grandkids. they were crying I was crying. So we exchanged phone numbers so they could text me.I got 17 texts before we left the parking lot..Little Sydney was really emotional...she said aunt grandma I don't want you to go, I love you..stay here and live with us..then the Louisiana kids were no...she's got to come live with us.  All the texts home were them sending me goofy pictures and asking if I was lost yet..so we made plans for them to come to Westfest(hope we have it next year) and they are marking the days off the calendar..plus their parents said they would bring them down for visits and I can ride the bus to them..since the grands won't let me drive outside of West city limits unless it's to go to their house...sigh*..just cause it took me 8 hours to drive 3 hour trip..haha fucking gps.

It might take me a few days to get my heart and head straight before I can start collecting memes..Cats woke me up at 6:30 and it's 1 and I've already had a nap..I expect to have at least one more ..maybe two..

oh..and thank you Rocky and Rebecca for the lovely card..you rock..thank you letter to come..

laters y'all..ydg 

Saturday, September 26, 2020


                                  THIS MADE ME WEEP

                      WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK????

                          WELL? DO YOU DEBRA?