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Monday, September 21, 2020

yellowdoggranny from trump country..fuckmesideways



Debra She Who Seeks said...

"America took the psychopath" alright.

Maynard, the AZ Guy said...

8 years of Obama. . aka the good ol days

Thanks for this offering to the masses !

Jerri said...

Did you pack your floaties? I know you packed your sense of humor...you may need it. ONE weather model had Beta hitting the US...one, JackieSue.
To be honest, I find myself in a very emotionally fragile place, ( like 20 million others). Herd mentality indeed. Been watching tennis and cleaning gutters. How many days until I can breathe again?
" Ruth sent us" Out-fucking-standing.
So is Sam ❤️ "Chislers" Perfect word for the whole slimey lot. So is psychopath!
"Hateful Christians" Those words SHOULD be mutually exclusive... they're not.
My fav..."..Autumn, not the collapse of civilization ." There I am.
Thanks for the surprise smiles✌️😎 Safe travels.
Grandmasaurus signing off 😉


isn't that the truth Debra? fucking scary.
Maynard..I had time before I went to bed to find some memes and get them into a post..Im happy cause the cowboys pulled it out of their ass and won sunday ...
Jerri, between everyone fucking dying on me and the state of the union, Im borderline psycho myownself.fuckme.
Funeral isn't till monday next so hopefully the weather will be safe to travel. hoping that one of the grands will be able to drive me back. wanted to stay longer to be with beadie but I just dread
driving home by myself. I have to leave soon, they are bringing over the most fantastic baskets of food..I have never eaten this much food in my life..chicken, ribs, crab salad, chicken salad, spinach stuffed pastry,desserts..oh my goddess...and who knew people still ate croissants...there must be 20 of them in kitchen,plus lunch meat, bread,cheese, fruit trays, veggie trays with salami and ham and oh man..too much to mention..I look like a blimp.everytime I get up I fart..sigh*..

later gaters

Vivian Swift said...

Oh god, this was great. We needed this today. Thank you.

Good luck with your travel plans. And you can buy croissants by the dozen at Costco, and they're actually good. Want me to send you some? Seriously. I could over-night them.


vivian, never want to look at another croissant.