I'm a liberal pagan living in West, Texas. Yes. That West, Texas.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

UNITE against the war on women.

I'd give my tattooed left tit to be able to make the Washington one, but I'm sure going to try and make the Austin, Texas one..I have a ton of friends that will let me bunk on their couch if need be. In the name of the Goddess Freya, I implore all women to make this march to their capital..let them fuckers know 'we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it any more.'...before we are delegated to 4th class citizenship. Our grandmothers and great grandmothers didn't fight for our rights just for us to let them take them away. I personally am ready for a good fight..I'd like to kick some elephant ass.



I go to Dr. Cujo's today at 10a.m. have the results back from the sleep apnea test..considering they only will have results of one night and of me saying' oh fuck no' for the second night, I would imagine it will be short. But I have lots of ideas and suggestions that I received from all of you so that will give me at least one leg to stand on..(not the one with the Frodo Foot.)..He hates it when I start out the conversation with 'well, my friends on my blog said.'..
But I also want him to change up some of my meds..see if there is something else he can suggest for my Frodo foot..cause I know it's not normal for it too look like that for so long..
I've decided that since my next Jackie's Kitchen is going to be on March 15th, I'm going to do a salute to Italy. I am making home made pizzas..pepperoni, sausage(they are Czech's) and cheese..I'm trying to figure out an easy dessert because while the pizza's aren't hard to make they are time consuming..(I think I'll be able to use the pizza's in the kitchen)..we'll also have non alcoholic beer and wine..plus soda pop..They loved the orange crush.Jamie has already been looking over the decorations with an Italian design..they actually have quite a bit of stuff. Some one suggested doing something for St. Patrick's..I said I was a pagan and hated ST.Pat's...and would do nothing to celebrate his Pagan hatin' ass.. bastid.
When I was at House of Satan to get the stuff for Mardi Gras I saw a big end cap of popcorn tins(big round ones) with NASCAR drivers on them with their numbers..I quickly ferreted out Matt Kenseth's and purchased it for Babs, knowing that racing season had started up..She said it would bring him luck..he won the race the next day..This so excited her that she had to have it either on her lap or right by her side during the Daytona 500..guess who won again?...yup..ole Matt. So now we're convinced the popcorn tin has magical powers and helped Matt win both the races..stay tuned, this could be fun.
Ok...I'm out of here..it's 11 p.m. Tuesday night..gotta go watch Letterman. Nathan Lane is on...

Monday, February 27, 2012


As you can see we all had a great time..I've decided to do a tribute to the Italians as our next Kitchen is on March 15..Ides of March..
Will fix home made pizzas, have non alcoholic beer and working on getting some non alcoholic wine too. Jamie is busy picking out the decorations for it..We usually have them toward the end of the month but this one is the 15th so will cut my resting time down. Pictures to come.
Queen Bonnie and King Eddie...you can't tell by the expressions, but they were happy to be crowned..ha

My buddy Joe..and the lady in the red sweater just got her hair done and she looked lovely.

Louis and Elanor..who really did enjoy it..we had some left overs and Louis called his son and daughter in law to come down and have some..Which I took as a great compliment. I love it when the families come down and join in with the festivities.

Family members joining in..really does put a smile on everyone's face.