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Thursday, July 31, 2008


If I live forever(which I will) I will never understand how you can have a chance to ask a Deity questions and not come up with anything better than you have...Odin's teeth, surely next time you'll come up with a question that will make it worth hanging around this planet that is starting to resemble a trash heap. Don't you people know how to clean up after yourselves?

Robin, Robin, Robin..Here you have a chance to ask a Goddess a question and you can't come up with anything?....Thor's drawers girl.
Anne wants to know what pantheon she must join to spend eternity with George Carlin, and all I can say is... just follow the laughter...
The Michael wants to know if he can see the other tit. Men...if the Goddess could think of a way for you humans to reproduce, I'd do away with most men...If I showed you both tits Michael you'd go blind. A little Goddess goes along way.
Rox wants to know who will win big brother 10. Who cares. The Goddess doesn't watch TV, except for Dexter.
Travis wants to know why the Gods allow Jerry Jones to live. Why don't you ask the Gods Travis, the Goddess doesn't do sports.
Rebecca wants to know how to stop the kids from calling early in the morning and wanting her kids to come out and play. The Goddess doesn't do finesse...Pick up the telephone and scream into it, you better not call again before 11am or you'll rip out their tiny beating hearts and feed them to the dogs.
Billy Pilgrim wants to know if the nasty Tibetans will disturb the peaceful Chinese Olympics. The Goddess some times gets very angry at the people on this planet, but wiping out a tribe of people for no good reason, only gets the Goddess into destroy mode herself. It's not nice to mess with the Goddess.
Rainwolf wants to know who will play Dorothy in the remake of The Wizard Of Oz. The Goddess doesn't care. Movies schmovies.
Old Enough To Moan:not soon enough. War and Love is the Goddess's realm...but she wishes you peace from pain.
Joy wants to know if there is any hope for the human race or if they will just disappear from the face of the earth. Personally the Goddess is much surprised that you people on this planet haven't already disappeared. I'm not sure there is any hope for you. Greed, avarice, hunger for power...not the best of traits to have for survival. Soon only the mighty few will be in control of the weak..and there will be many of the weak. You treat your planet like a garbage heap, you kill, main, rape, destroy what you can't have and get fat off of the profits of others..Some times I wonder why the Gods and Goddess's just don't erase you and start from scratch. Maybe because they know you will do it to yourself.
Tex has a political question, and the Goddess doesn't do politics. She doesn't care. You people are fucked no mater what you do...It's to late to take back the reins from the power hunger people in charge.
Nitwit needs to know what vice he can adopt to find a new zest for life. Giving is a good vice..
Sling, the Yellow Dog says no pony...but I've seen the surprise and it's a good one.
TSDuff has a question from Garden Jack, and tell Garden Jack that he will have to grow a dick before he can find Garden love.
Unokhan:Frank Zappa.
Lily wants to cuss out people about the gas prices. Yeah, that'll help..Get a bike, walk to the store. Car Pool...Take fewer trips.
Just tell the people to quit poking holes in the planet and to use more of their own energy in place of trying to produce more. The Goddess doesn't understand you people...all of you people..your ancestors walked this world for thousands of years and it worked for them. Get up off your over fed asses and use your feet and legs to get to one place or another, before your planet is all used up.
Angel has a sex question. Finally something I'm good at. Why do you feel the need to 'ask for sex'...The Goddess made woman to take sex..not ask for it...All men want sex, you give it to him, he'll be happy ...There is nothing wrong with lots of good healthy sex..just don't have any babies..this world has enough people..
Jan, you have too much time on your hands..No one cares how long a man's hair will be if he doesn't shave, or how long a woman's hair under her arm would be if she didn't shave. One man could live to be 80 and it's going to be longer than a man who only lives to be 40...sigh*..another wasted question.
Scottish Toodler wants to know if she should use her power for good or evil. This world has enough people using power for evil with out more. Do the right thing.(the Goddess likes Spike Lee's ideas)
Mrsb wants to know if it would be wrong to curse the woman who talked during Hell Boy 2...Hell Boy 2..???? Is Loki back?..
The Goddess recommends bipping not cursing..or bipping with cursing.
On the recommendation of another Goddess I'm going to Reading Terminal Market to get some Philly Cheese Steaks for the Vikings. I hope the next time I take your questions you will have something better to ask, or I'll sic Loki on your asses..
Blessings on you my children.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today was the 60th day of Inky's no drinking..He hasn't had a drink in 60 days...(Anessa is still not smoking, unlike someone else I know who is still smoking away..Babs)I went down to Wolf's and bought him his first beer..But then I had a brilliant(ok, maybe brilliant is a stretch) idea...I would surround my self with empty beer bottles and be laying face down on the bar when he walked in..and Anessa would tell him that I decided to have a beer too and just kept drinking till I passed out...Inky walked up to me and said "somebody throw this drunk out of here."...so much for brilliant ideas..ha..I had a water, bullshat for a few minutes and then went home..to smoky, to dark, to loud, plus it smelled like stale beer and ass..The bartender reminded me that she remembered me when I drank...she said 'you are the last person I would have thought of that would have quit drinking.
I said why?...She said, you always looked in control...Thought Inky was going to cry he was laughing so hard..He said 'you must have not been in there when she kicked that Yankee in the balls with her little pointy toed cowboy boots, or pinned the guys balls to the bench with her pool cue, or hit Sharon Hardin so hard she knocked Tommy and Diane Porter off their bar stools, or ..."..I said..that's enough Inky, I'm trying to reform..
Babs and I went to Czech-American for lunch today...Chicken fried steak was one of the specials...wasn't so special...but the stewed cabbage was fucking incredible..Babs took my word for it..she's not a fan of cabbage..The only Czech food was, sausage and kraut, chicken and dumplings, stuffed cabbage rolls and ...something else..I forget..But the place hasn't changed an iota since the last time I was in there in 1984...and it was exactly the same as it was in 1954...That's where I used to go to eat during day light hours to sober up..nothing soaks up alcohol like cabbage...
I am gimping around..last night Annie stretched out her paws to kneed on the carpet and hooked my toe right in the crease by the nail on my big toe..bled like a sonofabitch and hurts just as bad...
Found some treasures at yard sale last weekend..Got 2 book cases for $2 each and an old school desk that the top opens up for $3...This gives me 7 bookcases and still need one more..
The Goddess is stocking up on kolaches, sausage and kraut to take back to Valhalla. She has to stop by Philadelphia to get some Cheese Steaks Tim Russett. It will be late tomorrow before she finishes up with all the answers.. This is your last chance till she comes back through here again in about a month...going to go take a shower and get rid of the cigarette and stale beer smell from Wolf's...Jeez, I'm glad I don't do that shit any more..I'm to old to whip any one's ass..or so I keep telling my self...although there are a few asses I'd like to try to kick..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Senator Ted Stevens, the nations longest-serving Republican
Senator was indicted Tuesday on seven felony counts of concealing more than a quarter of a million dollars in house renovations and gifts from a powerful oil contractor that lobbied him for government aid.
In the immortal words of Queen:

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Monday, July 28, 2008


I came home from work today and found this waiting for me on the porch. This is the 2nd gift from my friend Unokhan in Baton Rouge. A couple of weeks before he sent me a Caroline Herring CD titled Lantana. I had never heard of her before but she's terrific and I play it often..I'm knee deep in a good book right now, but as soon as I finish it I'm starting on People's History of the United States. It's a big one so it will take me a while, but think I'm going to really enjoy this. I love American History and this book starts in 1492 and ends up with us bent over a desk and being screwed by George W. Bush...well, maybe not exactly like that, but you get the drift..

thanks again Unokhan...you rock~

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Blessings on you my children..I'm back on your puny little planet after a drunken orgy in Valhalla, and have a ferocious hangover, so speak softly...The place hasn't been the same since George Carlin arrived..he and Hunter S. Thompson got into a pissing contest and I mean a real pissing contest..It's knee deep in urine in the great hall. George, Richard Pryor, and Lenny Bruce are teaching the old Vikings every dirty word they know..One of the old Vikings kept using Thor's name as a cuss word...George said:"Thor.....?....Thor?...I'm so thor I can't even piss."....He's a funny guy that George..

So...ask your questions..I'll be here till Wed. and then Thursday the Yellowdog will post my answers....Oh, my stars, isn't there any place a Goddess can get her hands on some Mead?

Thursday, July 24, 2008


As everyone should know by now, I'm a book lover and reading is my greatest joy. I love my family, but I realllly do love to read. James Lee Burke is my favorite author...from the first one I read right up until Swan Peak, he has never disappointed me. I enjoy the Dave Robicheaux series the best, and of course I'm madly in love with Clete, the anti-hero. If you really want to start reading him, I suggest you start at the beginning...
Will make a list from beginning to end of the Dave and Clete books, although in one of them Clete is off hiding from the mob/cops and feds and I missed him not being there.
1. The Neon Rain
2. Heaven's Prisoners(made a movie in 1996 with Alec Baldwin, Kelly Lynch, Mary Stuart Masterson and Eric Roberts.)...not too good..
3. Black Cherry Blues
4. A Morning for Flamingos
5. A Stained White Radiance
6. In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead
7. Dixie City Jam
8. Burning Angel
9. Cadillac Jukebox
10. Sunset Limited
11. Purple Cane Road
12. Jolie Blon's Bounce
13. Last Car to Elysian Fields
14. Crusader's Cross
15. Pegasus Descending
16. The Tin Roof Blowdown(about Katrina aftermath)
All of Dave's books are based in New Iberia or New Orleans, with the exception of Swan Peak and it's based in Montana.
He writes another series with Billy Bob Holland as the main subject.
1. Cimarron Rose
2. Heartwood
3. Bitterroot
4. In the Moon of Red Ponies
These all take place in Texas or Montana. I like this series too, but Dave and Clete are the best as far as I'm concerned.
Plus he has written other books that aren't about any of these characters and they are wonderful too.
1. Half of Paradise
2. To the Bright and Shinning Sun
3. Lay Down My Sword and Shield
4. Two for Texas
5. The Convict
6. The Lost Get-Back Boogie
7. White Doves at Morning
8. Jesus out to Sea.(short stories)
These are in my estimation..some of the best reading you will ever experience...You will fall in love with his characters, his prose, his love for New Iberia and New Orleans and Montana. His descriptions are so real, that I swear I can smell the salt in the air, feel the breeze and see the sunsets...Read James Lee Burke...you'll be glad you did.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


this is taken right out of James lee Burke's book Swan Peak. I am printing it so you can see why I not only love J.L.B. but why I love Clete. "Clete Purcell was the bane of his enemies and feared in New Orleans by pimps, drug dealers, cops on a pad, jackrollers, scam artists who victimized old people, and sexual predators of all stripes. Paradoxically, his closest friends included whiskey priests, strippers, stand-up cons, hookers on the spike, badass biker girls, button men, Shylocks, and mind-blown street people who claimed they had seen UFOs emerging from the waters of Lake Pontchartrain. His reputation for chaos and mayhem was legendary. In the men's room of the New Orleans bus depot, he forced a contract killer to swallow a full dispenser of liquid soap. In the casino at the bottom of Canal, he blew a degenerate into a urinal with a firehose, then escaped the building by creating a bomb scare on the casino floor. He dropped a Teamster steward off a hotel balcony into a dry swimming pool. He filled a gangster's hundred-thousand-dollar convertible with concrete. He hijacked an earth-grader from a construction site and drove it through the front of a palatial mansion owned by a member of the Giacano crime family. No, that is not an adequate description. He drove an earthmover through the entirely of the home, punching through the walls, grinding the furniture and tile and hardwood floors into rubble under the steel tracks. Not satisfied, he burst through the back of the house and destroyed the garages and parked cars and all the grounds, uprooting the hedges and trees, pushing the statuary and flagstone terrace into the swimming pool, finally exiting the property by exploding a brick wall onto the avenue. I could go on, but what's the point? For Clete, life was a carnival, a theme park of harlequins and unicorns, a reverse detox unit for people who took themselves seriously or thought too much about death. In an ambiance of palm trees and pink sunrises on live-oak trees, of rainwater ticking onto the philodendron inside a lichen-stained courtyard, inside the smell of beignets and coffee and night-blooming flowers two blocks from the Cafe du Monde, he had lived the ethos of the libertine and the happy hedonist, pumping iron to control his weight, eating amounts of cholesterol-loaded food that would clog a sewer main, convincing himself that a vodka Collins had little more influence on his hypertension than lemonade. During all of it, he had never showed his pain and had never complained. The Big Sleazy was God's gift to those who could not find peace in either the world or rejection of it. How could one refuse life inside a Petrarchan sonnet, particularly when it was offered to you without reservation or conditions by a divine hand? But the chink in Clete's armor remained right below his heart, and the same knife went through it every time. It's fair to say most of his girlfriends were nude dancers, grifters, drunks, or relatives of mobsters. Most of them wore tattoos, and some had tracks on their arms or thighs. Bu the similarity in Clete's lovers didn't lie in their occupations or addictions. Almost all of them were incurable neurotics who went through romantic relationships like boxes of Kleenex. The more outrageous their behavior, the more Clete believed he had found kindred spirits. Ironically, it wasn't the hookers and strippers and addicts who did him the most damage. It was usually a woman with a degree of normalcy and education in her background who wrapped him in knots. I suspect a psychologist would say Clete didn't believe he was worthy of being loved. As a consequence, he would allow himself to be used and wounded by people whose own lack of self-knowledge didn't allow them to see the depth of injury they inflicted upon him. Regardless, it was the quasi-normal ones who hung him out to dry." Sigh*..............James Lee Burke is the man...and Clete, if he was a real person, would own my heart.

Monday, July 21, 2008


I took my library books back to the Library and asked Nancy if we had some new 'stuff'...and she said I have some I've been holding for you....Let me tell you folks, I'm happier than a hog in shit. The new James Lee Burke book is in...Swan Peak. Then to add icing on my cake of bliss, Lee Child's Nothing To Lose and David Baldacci's The Whole Truth. I cannot tell you the joy that is in my heart..So if you don't see me around for a few days, it's because my nose is going to be buried in my new books..Plus The Closer and Saving Grace is back on and Mad Men starts Sunday. I watched the Mad Men Marathon Sunday, all 13 shows...I didn't think that I'd like it as it didn't seem like something I would like...boy was I wrong..It's terrific..it's wonderful, fantastic and just some of the best TV out there..So things will be dull here and probably won't be posting till I'm through reading my books..unless something exciting happens over my bumper sticker...or Forest Gump fucks up again ...sigh*....I love the smell of new James Lee Burke books...

Sunday, July 20, 2008


David, Mojo and Thom..David is wearing my Do it with Calco shirt that I had made for me...which went right across my tits and made the bosses at Calco very nervous, and they wouldn't let me wear it to the big convention they had for all the stores..So I wore it to the picnic we had and it caused such a riot that they made me promise not to wear it again..wussies.

Mojo is wearing her Would you like a little boy? Take my brother tshirt and her purple lounge pajamas that she wore everywhere..Her Grandma still
talks about how ugly they were and that she wanted to wear them when they went out for dinner..That's my girl. Thom's doing his I am to cute to be a bad boy look..

this is my son David and his Daddy, Asshole #1...Who was out of the Air Force for the first time in 4 years and was letting his hair grow out and didn't know what to do with it..I was about 8 months pregnant with Thom a
nd took the picture.
This uis Asshole#1 and I going to a wedding or something, I can't remember..I know that I made that shirt he is wearing..I made all of his shirts..
The other picture is of Asshole#1, me, my step sister Vickie, step brother Bubba, step mother Ruth and my Daddy. This was taken about 1962..The one of A-hole and I was taken about 1963, right before I got pregnant with David. Wow, does this bring back memories..some good...some not so good...but damn..I sure was skinny...I had a 19 inch waist...I think my measurements were about 36-19-30...I had no ass at all...sigh*..now..I have plenty of ass..I finally grew into my tits.
These pictures are presents from my x-sister-in-law Marie. She is the younger sister of A-hole #1...and feels much about him like I do..She and I were friends before I even met him and we used to have so much fun running lose in San Antonio, Texas back in 1959-1960..She's a Scorpio too and what I couldn't think up ...she could...so thanks Marie...

Friday, July 18, 2008


Look'it what Shady Lane sent me ...She said I was going to get some thing in a manila envelope and that I would just love it...and boy howdy...I sure do...These two bumper stickers which are immediately going on my little white truck, and this drawing with the profound statement on it..Is she just not the best or what?

Oh, I'm going to piss off some Holier than thou Christians and I can't fucking wait..Life is good!

Thanks Shady....you rock!
My Goddess can kick your
God's ass...

Thursday, July 17, 2008


yellowdog granny
Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Yes, it's me and boy am I pissed off...I would have been here sooner but thanks to the slow snail computers here at my little library in West, by god, Texas, it has taken me almost an hour to hook up...I lack the ability to sit in my little chair and watch the blue square get larger...it makes me pissy...and as Sooner and Babs can attest..it's not a good idea to make Jackisue pissy...although it can make me a happy camper to be pissy. I actually stay pissy most of the time. Th
is being brought on by the lack of leadership in my country..I say my country, because sometimes I don't recognize most of the citizens I hear speaking out in defense of George W. Bush or as I call him...forest gump...I used to call him King George but soon realized that Forest Gump is a more fitting name..or one of the three stooges along with Cheney and Rowe....I wanted to get off to a good start here and allow you to get to know me slowly as I really do need to grow on you..too much of me at one time can be a very scary thing..I was born without the ability to censor my self..that little switch that is supposed to click on and allow you to stop and think before you speak was burned out while I was still in the womb...If it is a thought, it is spoken...I can piss off, embarrass or anger more people in a shorter length of time than just about anyone that I know..I sometimes am filled with remorse because I have angered or hurt someones feelings..but generally I just say "oh, well, fuckit". Something else I need to warn you about...I have a nasty mouth...due to the lack of switch thing and being raised in the military..I have set the land speed record for saying "fuckyou"...I actually was presented a plaque with this on it:"to Jackie, she has the fastest fuckyou in town"...I lived in Portland, Oregon at the time, so that covered a lot of territory...I now live in Texas, and still have the fastest "fuckyou"....I rule...one of my nicknames is Tacky Jackie....I take great pride in that..Being from Texas where we take great pride in being the biggest, best, tallest, etc..we also take great pride in being the best of the worse...biggest asshole, worse bitch, tackiest old granny ...that sort of thing...we be number 1...So fair warning..do not stop and linger here if you are a small child, right wing wing nut republican Bush lover, overly sensitive, overly fond of God and his kid Jesus(as I am also a pagan and worship the Goddess), or thin skinned...as I leave no prisoners...but if you have been known to have a warped sense of humor,and have the ability to take a joke...welcome...kick off your shoes, grab a Dublin Dr Pepper and a bowl of red...your in the Jackie Zone......
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you can go here and go to the photo section and click on the pictures and the pictures will enlarge ...and gives the history of the pool...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My ass is a draggin'....Anessa who is still not smoking(and Inky's still not drinking) asked me if I wanted to go swimming with her at the pool as she has been going every evening on her 2 days off. I said sure...wait I don't even have a bathing suit anymore..But she had an extra one so I tried it on..and it doesn't look half bad..Anessa said "you have a cute little figure."...yah, right..But I do have a waist line..which is a good thing..So I grabbed a towel and off we went. The West Playdium Pool is a big deal..I don't know for sure, but someone told me it was the 2nd largest outdoor pool in Texas..well up until they starting building all those outdoor water arenas. We got to the pool about 4pm and left at 5:30..I had fun and got a lot of exercise in, but wow, my body was not used to it at all. In the water, I'm as light as a feather, well, maybe not a feather, but when I hauled my ass out of that pool onto dry land I felt like I weighed 400 lbs..It would have been a lot better if the pool hadn't been full of flying ants..Seems when we had all the rain the past 2 days it drove all the flying ants into the pool, where most of the drown, but some were still alive and would crawl in your hair and on your body..Not a great feeling, especially when they stung you..but the life guards were sweeping them up in pool nets and then Anessa's son Devin and his 2 buddies were doing it too, and they got almost all of them out..Anessa was put off by the life guards who were wearing speedo's...When I looked up and saw those cute little Czech boys waltzing by with their little speedo's I said "Look....dicks on parade."...Anessa hid in the water..As soon as she came up I said "you can see their mushroom caps on the end of their dicks."...she went back under again..I figured I could keep it up until she drown..ha..I'm going to call the owner of the pool 'Jimbo' tomorrow and see if he won't make me a rate for one hour of swimming 5 days a week. They close at pm, figure by the time I get through eating it's close to 7PM and I could just go to the pool, do some laps, float, paddle my ass around the pool for an hour and work off my dinner ..It's great exercise and I get to see mushroom capped dicks on parade 5 days a week, what more could a old lady ask for..
I asked Babs if she wanted to go to and she's thinking about it..I forgot to mention the mushroom capped dicks on parade...that might sway her..
I got sunburned on my face...not bad as the sun was already starting to set.But the clouds..oh my Goddess, the clouds..big ole fat fluffy beauts..little gray at the bottom so I thought we might get some more rain..and by 7:30 it was starting to rain again. My poor veggies are going to be washed away..I got another Japanese Eggplant from one of my plants..they are soo great..Not big but they're tasty..
I also went on line and lo and behold, the pool has a website..so I am posting some old pictures and some new pictures..
It was weird going to the pool, this was the first time I had ever been to the pool without either my kids or my grandkids..Anessa said 'My kids here, that's almost the same.'
anyhow...I had fun, and will take some pictures of the dicks on parade for you...