I'm a liberal pagan living in West, Texas. Yes. That West, Texas.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Howdy sooner...so glad you are back..missed your twisted little mind...i still think you, me babs and anyone else in the texas, oklahoma area should get together labor day weekend..either in mesquite at my kinfolks reunion so we care scare the fuck out of them red necked right wing republican baptist. or just stay home here in west and we all go to the west fest..you all can drink and get crazy and ill just get crazy and drive you all over ...take you to coyote bob''s where my 2 gay friends run the place. take you to all the bakeries so you can judge for yourself which has the best kolaches..take you into all the business's so you can see all the shinny little white faces..introduce you to all my friends who can vouch for all my stories...especially "snake" and david...they were there for most of them...show you our huge swimming pool. introduce you to my granddaughters and drive my my son's and  house and wave at them as he is still pissed at me and probably won't let me in, even with guests..ha...ha..
anyhow...my little buddy..it's good to have you back...


It is really fun to work at the library. except on sat. when we open at 9am..I went to bed last night at 5:30 am right after watching stigmata, so when the alarm went off this morning to the sounds of spirit in the sky I was a tad wobbly at the knees. and by the way, I have seen stigmata 3 times and it still doesn''t make a fucking bit of sense, but will watch it once more just to see gabriel berne(spelling). man, now he I would have sex with...hot damn
I went to post office yesterday to get some stamps and while I was there I asked the guy in charge(new guy and cant remember his name0 about if I would have to move my mail box from the house in front as that is what I heard. He said he haden't heard any more about it and that had been 2 weeks ago..I told him I was pretty pissed as where they were going to move my mail box was at the end of the alley by a house full of "illegal aliens" and I don't mean martians..there are truck loads of them all the time and would mean that any of them would have direct access to my mail box and the mail inside, which made me nervous..he agreed it could be a problem..I also told him that I would have been a little less pissed off if they had at least come to me and spoke to me about it before all this behind the back shit started.and if she wanted to start out being a new neightbor as a bitch, she had come to the right place as I had nothing much to do,so would have plenty of time to spend on making her life a fucking hell.He thought that was very funny. I asked about getting a p.o. box and he said it was $34 a year. I said "what if i just kick her ass and then get a po box?" he thought that was a good idea too.what I am looking forward to is when she figures out to get to the garbage she has to go thru my yard or put it in her car and drive it around to the alley...she might want to reconsider her little mail box moving request..thinking about making a welcoming cake and ice it with exlax..ah, I love it when people fuck with me...

Thursday, July 28, 2005


i was half of a pair of people having sex. i am not sure of the exact time, but remember it was after 4th of july and before labor day weekend...I want you to know i didn't start out with not having sex again..it just sort of happened that way...firs of all i had broken up with a guy i had been going with off and on for about 3 years..he was absolutely the bigges asshole that ever came down the pike, but man was he good in the sack...and could breath thru his ears...if you get my drift...any how..i found out that he was chipping around with half the female population of west and part of waco...so i decided to dump his ass, right after one last fuck...hey i knew it would be awhile....and then right after that i had a hysterectomy and by the time i healed up i was pretty pissed off at my vagina for being such a troublesome peice of equiptment...first it betrayed me by still wanting that ass hole and then it caused me all sorts of pain and agony..so the last thing i wanted to do was to do anything that would bring it pleasure..so i cut it off...no more humpa humpa for you you...you...pussy you...so it kind of went from there...first it was 6 weeks and then it was 6 months..i had been burned so badly but that asshole that i couldnt even bring myself to be nice to a guy more less fuck one..so then before i knew it ...it was like 6 years...then i started to think...who am i willing to fuck after not having had any for 6 years...cant just fuck anyone after that long..i mean really who wants to go 6 years without sex and then fuck some fat guy who shows butt crack when he bends over...no jackiesue, you've gone this long, now you can start looking for ...mr. right...some one good looking, funny, smart, with a good heart, a cowboy fan, someone that doesnt smoke, or drink, and well, here it is 20 years later..and im still fucking looking....and now it has been so long the criteria is really up there..has to be able to afford to buy us seperate homes as im not living with no body...has to be a democrat and a pagan..no christians for me..thank you very much..look sort of like brad pitt but with wrinkles and a tiny pot belly..so to top it off i not only am waiting for an impossibility but he will have to have a dick tough enough to work his way thru 20 years worth of cobwebs....


told you we were having the barbecue cookoff and it is also going to feature a garden tractor pull-off. i swear i do not make this shit up..
they have discovered west nile virus in elm mott which is right down the road from us...that's not good.
mildred and bill dokupil went to italy and met the pope in rome...they are still excited about it..think she cried for 3 days..they got to kiss his ring and actually had a short conversation with them..so it was kinda of neat for them...i on the other hand would have had some serious questions for his holiness but they are good catholics and it really meant alot to them..
crops are doing badly in west area. milo harvest got hurt by either no rain or rain in wrong time and lots of wind blew the stalks to the ground..
purple hear day is scheduled for aug. 5th...each year there are fewer and fewer of them..so sad...our hero's are dieing out..
deiterman-berger's are having a family reunion. 2 marriages. 3 anniversaries, 3 births' and one death.
the pizza house team won district crown for midget boys baseball..
jeanette karlik's little column had a great little bit on old jewerly..dont think she has thrown anything away in her entire life and she is my age..she has all the old 40's, 50's, 60's, etc jewerly..the stretch bracelets, the add a bead ones, and the add a pearl, the charm bracelets, the dangle bracelets. i think i will call her and tell her she needs to sort thru all that stuff and sell it on ebay...she has tons of stuff from as far back as the 30's.
community grocery had blue bell on sale again and finally broke down and bought some non fat banana split yogurt...its pretty damn good.
now for the good thing...50 years ago today in west..
key word being 50 years..not as in a long time ago..but just a short 50 years ago..west schools were intergrated. and the big problem.???? they were afraid that they were going to be forced(the blacks0 into going to a white school. there were 214 enrolled at the dunbar school which was all black.its a long article but i think interesting enough to put it in...so here goes...im free hand typing this so i will screw up and misspell for sure..
West Independent School District's policy on intergration of negro and white students in public schools shaped up into something more tangible this week following a meeting of school trustees and Dunbar School patrons last week and a special speech delivered by superintendent M.F.Kruse at a Kiwanis club meeting WEd.
Mr. Kruse stressed in his talk that Dunbar patrons attending the intergrations meeting solidly endored continuance of the Dunbar school program. "Some of the Dunbar patrons at the meeting actually were more concerned than we that their children might be ''forced'' to attend white shcools," the West school leader asserted.
Voluntary Segregation Ok.
His discussion of the recent Supreme Court ruling abolishing segregation pointed out that voluntary segregation seeminly would be allowed under the decision.
In handing down the decision, Supreme Court justices lieft an opening to allow negroes to attend their own schools if they choose. Mr. kruse said. Only type of segregations was "forced" segregation.
Mr. Kruse told the Kiwanians that Dunbar schools were a fully accredited 12-grade system, a standing many white schools can''t boast, and the colored population of West are proud of their schools.
"We don't know what initiative local federal judges will take in enforcing the Supreme Court ruling, but if they say we''ll have to admit colored students in our white schools, then we'll have to let them in," said Mr. Kruse. "However, we feel that there will be only scattered instances, maybe none, whre negro parents will want to send their children to white schools."
Dunbar Already Open
The superintendent backed up his contention by citing that a full enrollment of over 214 students registered for the first 6 weeks of a split term at Dunbar shcools Monday.
Mr. Kruse also told of school board plans to continually improve the Dunbar school plant and curriculum. "Those people appreciate the fact that West provided them a high school program when they weren't forced into the step by a court ruling.They know we''re interested in helping them, and we'll continue to do so," he said.
In closing, Mr. Kruse observed that school boards all over the south are somewhat pioneers with the respoinsibility of the intergration movement thrust aquare on their shoulders. "We haven't seen intergration in our cafes, movies, swimming pools trains, and haven't heard of any of the local churches expressing definite opinions on intergration. WE're going ahead with this problem with one main point in mind, what is best for the children...both colored and white," he concluded...
now here it is 50 years later and there are no black people employed in any of the major business''s with the exception of the west rest home where they are employed in the kitchen, aids and laundry. They still live in "their own part of town"...although it is not spoken about..but a lot of people won't place ads in paper for jobs or rent houses as they don't want to have black people apply for them...as they know legally they cant not...rent to them. now the schools are as equal as anything i have seen. the west kids could give a shit what color you are as long as your cool...there are more little black/czech babies running around town than their grannies would ever believe...but the guy that owns the swimming pool is a bigot...one of the grandkids girl friend was talking to a black kid at the swimming pool and ( i swear this is true) and he called the girls mother and said there was a problem and for her to come get her daughter. when she showed up she found out that the problem was her daughter was talking to a black kid(they go to school together) and she went postal. told him her daughter could talk to who ever she wanted and if he didnt like it he could kiss her ass...he actually called her daughter a nigger lover and i thought the kids mom was going to rip his head off...i have known both the mother and the kid for years and knew she would react like that..it is just scary how their are still people with such racist viws...at the pool he has rules about swimming aparell and boys have to wear swim suits with lining and no cut offs..but you can go in there any time and see white boys with cut offs all the time..but the black kids are all in swimming trunks. he uses it as an excuse to keep them out. some day i will have to kick his ass...
so that is the haps in west..in 50 years...not much has changed...but there is hope...


so little punk kids, friends of my granddaughters came in to library to do community service and i am working today and sat. so i have my little slaves, dusting and cleaning the glass. wonder if i can get them to wash my truck? hmmm.
didn''t get to get on line yesterday. for some unknown reason, aol was not working in west...it said that there was no hook up for texas..but i think it lied to me...and for some reason working off henrietta's computer i keep getting my old aol address and cant find my new one to read my mail..think it is all forest gumps fault..
well, yesterday i met my new neighbor...hard to explain how my little house is laid out. in west back in the 40's and 50's and early 60's a lot of the houses had "slave quarters", not really. but they build small houses in the back of their yards for their "help" to live in..little one bedroom houses with yard. then when texas finally decided to free the "help" in about 1965 they were called mother-in-law houses. where you stashed the mother in law so she didnt have to live with you and she had her own little house..so that is what i have..when i moved in here 10 years ago edda and johnny owned both houses and rented out the little house..after 8 years they sold it and moved into her mother''s house when she died..and edda (who says fuck more than i do) was worried that who ever bought her house would want to buy mine too so sold me the house. but since she knew i couldnt afford to do it thru bank with interest, etc. she is selling it to me just like i was paying rent. $225 a month...I got along great with the people who bought the big house..became a "grany" to their son gatlan, who is sooo cute and i adore him. well, they moved and they rented the house to some asshole with pits..i loved the pit bull toby more than his owner...toby was my bud...then he got another pit and it jumped the fence and killed my cat chuck that i had for 16 years...broke my heart..took me a full year to get up enough nerve to tell maryjo that he was dead, and lord i hope she doesnt read this cause i told her that he died of old age...any how....he moved and house stayed vacant for almost a year and they finally sold it...which brings us to the gist of my little long winded story..went to pay water bill yesterday and caroline the city hall clerk looks at me and grins and says "have you met your new neighbors yet?" im thinking oh shit..who moved in...forest gump? and said nope, why and she said the new neighbor was up at post office and wanted my mail box moved out from the front yard as she only wanted hers up there. now since the house has been there there has been 2 boxes for mail...and the garbage comes on wed and who ever lives in big house has to either load their garbage in truck, car or what ever and drive it around or do like everyone else has and just go thru my yard..no big deal for me...usually when i do get my mail i dont go thru the yard i wait till im out in the truck and drive up to front and get it..well, guess she was afraid i was going to be wandering around in her yard or something when i checked the mail and wanted the mail box moved...so the post office is trying to figure out where to move it without being a dick to me...i for one dont give a fuck...but she might think about pissing me off when it comes time to empty her garbage as they only have cars..think using your car to haul your weekly garbage around the block for awhile could become pretty stinky..heehee..like i told caroline..she might want to rethink he attitude about being a not so nice neighbor as all it will do to me is add some spice to my dull life...fucking wiht her could realy be fun. she may have bit off more than she can chew...and i will have someone to fuck with besides forest gump.....ah..life is good..one of the guys at city hall said they were going to start a pot to see how long it took me to make her cry uncle....

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


they are bringing back the drive in movies in texas. there have been at least 5 new drive in movie theater''s built since 2003..if i had the money i would build one right here in the heart of texas. ther is one in gatesville which is about an hours drive...and i know lots of people from waco and west area that drive there all the time for the outdoor movie experience...plus hot dogs are $1.225, soda pop is less that a $l.00. you can use the old speakers if you want or you can listen to them on the radio station..according to Drive-Ins.com there are as many as 4,063 drive-ins in the nation. Texas peaked with 388 in 1955 and now has 18..doesnt say how much is cost to get in..but you have already saved big bucks by the price of the snacks alone..plus can do like we used to ..pop our own corn, bring our own sodas and just have the price of the movie...i would love it..i miss drive ins soo much..used to go as a kid and took my kids too. remember the dusk to dawn ones..where you went in at dusk and watched movies straight til dawn..for $5.00 a car...what a deal.. i would make tacos, popcorn, brownies, and take big ole containers of ice tea and koolaid...man, what a deal..wonder how much it would cost to put one in..?


wal-mart hs ditched a program that helped single shoppers find love in the discount store's aisles.
officials at wal-mart head quarters oredered their roanoke store to put an end to singles shopping, the only program of its kind at wal-mart stores. taking a cue from wal-marts in germany, the month old program encouraged customers on friday evenings to pick up a red bow they could place on their shopping cars as an invitation to other singles. flirt points were set up in various sections fof the stores.
wal-mart spokesman declined to comment of the reason behind the programs cancelation. but customer dale firebaugh, who showed up friday night hoping to meet his match said store employees told him several people had complained. im disappointed said mr. firebaugh, 63. where can someone over 40 who doesnt smoke or drink or go to bars meet someone..?...

well, come on down mr. firebaugh...here's a 61 year old lady who doesnt smoke, drink and hasent had sex in 20 years...im all yours....

yeah, right...


well, so far i have introduced 3 people to blogging. danny boy and my friend robin and now my 2nd cousin michael...he and I are the only 2 democrats in the family. at least that aren't afraid to speak up about it...dont know if michael is a pagan like me but even so im sure the other cousins are praying for him too. we big big time sinners...they really truly believe we are going straight to hell...maybe...but i doubt it..so welcome to the blogger michael...

Monday, July 25, 2005


two articles one right under the othe in sunday paper..very interesting to me..
Army may miss enlistment goal.
The Army's top personnel officer, Lt. Gen. Franklin L. Hagenbeck, acknowledged last week that the service would probably miss its recruiting goal this year, the first public admission by a senior Army offical and a stark reminder of the Iraq wat's impact on enlistments. The Army has not missed its annual enlistment quota since 1999.
then right below it...
Poll: 6 in 10 say world war is likely
Americans are far more likely than the Japanese to expect another world war in their lifetimes, according to polling 60 yers after World WarII ended. Most people in both countries believe the first use of a nuclear weapon is never justified. Six in 10 Americans said they think such a war is likely, while one one-third of the Japanese said so, according to polling done in both countries for the Associated Press and Kyodo, the Japanese news service..

well, hmmmm....no one wants to fight in Forest Gump's war while most of us believe there will be a wwIII. Started something some one else is going to finish for you,you dumb sonofabitch...


article in dallas am news sports section...should have been on the front paper, below the fold..
"Bad enough when your child commits suicide, possibly as the result of steroids withdrawal. Evne worse when two sets of California parents speak out against performance-enhancing drugs, and Arnold Schwarzenegger's press secretary says they're being used for political purposes, "probably by Democrats." A bd couple of weeks for Arnold. Afte he vetoed legislation to ban sale of some supplements to minors, out came revelations that he had an $8 million contract with a oompany that publishes muscle magazines.he canceled the deal, but now his spokesperson made matters worse. Maybe you'd belive someone could play politics with the parents of a dead child, but who says so publicly? One other thing"Both sets of parents say they're Republicans and voted for Arnold".....you asked for him...you got him....



actually i think i said this to someone while i was drunk....hard to rememeber...


"i don't want to understand why they hate us, anymore than my father's generation sought to understand Nazis or the ideological slaves of Hirochito. Like that generation, since the jihadists have declared war on us,I WANT TO KILL THEM BEFORE THEY KILL ME"Cal Thomas, july 18th


We will break the law and destroy property until we win..animal rights activist Steven Best, a University of Texas at El Paso philosophy professor, addressing English protesters..july 17...
when i first read the first line i thought it was terrorist speaking. in a way anyone who does what they do is a terrorist..i love animals and dont want to see them get hurt but the peta organization is nothing but small time terrorist.anyone who loves pit bulls hates peta..their policy is to put them down as they consider them dangerous and anyone who has ever owned a pit bull know them to be loving and gentle and protective of their family. not all pits are killers..


West, Texas
Residents of West, Texas were awaked early Monday morning to the sounds of loud banging and cursing.Police answering many disturbance of peace calls arrested 61 year old Jackiesue D_______ after she had seeming gone beserk and attacked a Dr.Pepper machine.Ms. D_____ was crying and screaming and cussing as they arrested her. "It took my money but wouldn't give me a Dr.Pepper", she screamed, "it wouldn't give me a Dr.Pepper. I haven't had one in two weeks and when I finally gave in to the voices coming from the machines..it just wouldn't give me a Dr.Pepper."
Ms.D____ is being held until Judge Payrea gets in touch with her family."So far, no one has come by to claim her", said the judge."Something about her son still being mad at her for some reason or another. With jackiesue and her family there is no telling what is going on with them.Just to make sure this doesn't happen again, all soda pop dispensers have been removed from the corners of West."

Sunday, July 24, 2005


I have been on line for 31/2 hours reading blogs and my ass hurts..so I am going to go home and fix something to eat..except that I am so sick of salad's I could cry..I did break down and fix fried chicken but no drpepper...I am suffering withdrawl... going to go to community grocery and get some fresh veggies and make my world famous gazpacho...I love it...but makes me sit in the bathrom a lot as all those raw veggies go right thru me..
I see where our texas boy (not by birth but close enough) won his 7th race..in your face france...dave letterman did a top ten list about lances tour de france...and was so funny...was so far ahead he made a detour to find some whores...cracked me up..between him and craig IMFROMSCOTLANDANDHAVEMYOWNTVSHOWYOULITTLEMONKEYYOU fergeson they whip on bush pretty good...i like the bush impersonator they have on the late night show with fergie...he is almost as dumb as bush...nah...
no one is as dumb as bush.no matter how hard they try...enjoying the break up of the romance that californians and arnold had going...kind of like the rude awaking the american people are having with imsostupidishouldbeputdown bush...
ok, off to make my gazpacho...take off all my clothes and sit in front of the a/c...cant wait til 8pm to watch pbs...the whale watcher is on and want to see it again...such a good movie..have to go...i smell pie..live in a town with 6 bakeries..i always smell either pies, kolaches,strudles, or some other wonderfully baked treat by the little ole czech ladies of west, by god texas..eat your hearts out ...


Ok, in case no one reads the funny paper but me..(do people still call it the funny paper?)..i will recap doonesbury...mike doonsbury is sitting on his chair watching tv.bush is on tv..saying"Have I made any mistakes? Yes, I started a terrible and completely unnecessary war. When we couldn't find any weapons of mass destruction, I then pretended the main mission was to spread democracy. I have not made us any safer. On the contrary, my actions have earned america the scorn of the world and created a vast new generation of terrorists.I regret putting over a million service people in harm's way, with 1,700 dead and many thousands wounded so far. And as a Christian, I greatly mourn the continuing loss of innocent Iraqi lives, the total of which is several times greater than the number lost at the world trade center. In short, I am so very, very sorry.......
then in a little brink mike''s summer daydream comes to an end..
and for something interesting from the funny paper..mallard fillmore by bruce tinsley is usually something i read and then bitch about..because i ususlly disagree with him..he is the christian rights voice...so power to the people..anyhow...this sunday he has mallard saying"this just in....The Spanish American war is over, and we lost...at least in the sense that we''re still paying 3-percent"Spanish American war tax...on our phone bills every month..congress voted to end the tax in 2000, but somebody vetoed the bill(clinton)...please write your lawmakers and tell ''em how you feel about this tax..and let 'em know the war is over and its safe to come out now..." then he says you can even use the handy e-mail form at the americans for tax reform website.atr.org....
I for one would like to see that 3-prcent tax off my phone bill...but since it comes from the right..im leery..but will check it out....
for those who are interested..rocky is back...he came home ate a can of cat food, a slice of cheese, some cooked chicken, the juice from a can of tuna, licked his balls went to sleep for about 6 hours and then left again...this is the life i would like to live...eat, fight, fuck and sleep...hell, except for the fucking part..it is my life.oh, and l dont have balls to lick..
yesterday was one of those weird texas days..was hot, hot as the flames of hell and it was thundering out...no rain..just thunder for about 2 hours...think it was the goddess playing pool..i swear i will figure out how to scan some pictures and will do it this week..my daughter sent me a recent picture of her and man, she is back to her old beautiful self..i know im a little one sided about her but i think when you see her you will agree..she is 5' 9" and weighs about 140 or less..strawberry blond hair, green eyes, her mothers honkers and a big ass grin...sooo proud of her...i swear i will put the pictures on..this week...
....do i smell pie

Friday, July 22, 2005


I want to highly recommend the blog site of hgleichenhaus..I think that is his blog name...it is "its my america too"...he writes so "good"...wrong english but I mean that what he says is Good and he writes it well...so trust me on this one and check him out.his latest blog is terrific.trust me...


Well, first of all let me say I really thought when i read my comments on shit happens that everyone would be pissed...so I must have done something wrong..cause eveyone agreed with me..hm... ok, now to the good part. My friend d.n. who I said had found me after so long. Well, he is a blogger now..his name is bookemdanno...so as he seems to be a little cagy about giving out any info about him I will leave it to him to tell you about himself..but I will say I think you will enjoy his blogs as he is very smart, very funny and weirder than shit..but our kind of weird...and can tell a story better than anyone...really does make me laugh..so check him out and tell him jackiesue sent you..
I went to local used stuff store. called caritas in texas...or at least west and waco..and got a great baylor girls bsketball tshirt brand new for a buck...cool...and got a set of twin sheets with dallas cowboys playing football on them...for a buck. so Im a happy camper...i have been all a twitter since ole jerry the asshole jones held a news conference to announce that he was inducting the triplets into the ring of honor..still have a bunch of them that need to be in from the early winning days...but I bet he puts hisownself in before he does them...
One of the pains in the ass that comes from having a phone is those fucking telephone calls..I went to bed at my normal time this am about 4:30am and at 8am the fucking phone rings and there is no one there..one of those automated phone calls and they never quite connect so after 5 seconds you here a busy signal...man was I pissed. then again at 9:30 and then again at 19:45...no one there just space and then busy signal...fuckers..going to find out where they live, go to their house and kick their ass..and now not even the dont call list shit is working..as they said we dont care if you paid money to get on a list..list..we dont need no stinking list...we call you anyhow...fuckers...I may not believe in God, Heaven or Hell...but I do know in my heart of hearts there is a place just for telemarketers when they die, and it is very very hot there...
Well, its bad enough that the dogs are gone but Rocky hasent been around in about 5 days..He does that often enough that Im not freaking out, but I figure the way my luck has been going...he is gone for good. Maybe he went on his own to crawford and is now waiting for Forest so he can jump on him and pee on his head..
Well, since I gave my scales to the libray to weigh books for shipping when we sell them on ebay I had to go to the library to see if I had lost any weight...and to the best of my knowledge...I have lost 5 lbs...fuck..after almost 2 weeks of eating salads I feel like I should look like kate moss...with tits..
So let me get this straight when i check my blogeyes the count now is tallied by new eyes and not just repeaters..? that right...Idont think that makes a lot of sense and if there is a list to put my name on to change that...let me know....kay?wait..I think I heard some one say.....pie?

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Man oh man oh man...I am reading peoples blogs and wondering what the fuck is going on...people are pissed off because of some thing someonewell said to someone else...about them..to them..for them...people are ill and depressed, have mental problems..friends are betraying them..there is so much anger, hurt and pain going on....wel, get the fuck over it...shit happens...life is to short to have hurt feelings..so someone doesnt like me...yea? well, fuck you too...who cares...kiss my ass, drop dead, bite me..hating someone is like taking poison and hoping that person will die..while you people are pouting pissing and moaning about that person, they are probably out dancing..you dont really think your anger will actually make a difference do you? judas priest..get a grip...no one and i mean no one likes to bitch more about shit than i do...but its part of the game of life..the camel shits..the caravan moves on...i have all kinds of smug little sayings like that..which basiclly means there isn't one fucking thing any of you can do if people in your life fuck up and misbehave...gas will still be to fucking high, rent needs to be paid and Jerry Jones just inducted the triplets into the ring of honor...life goes on...so bitch a little, whine a little then get back on the horse and ride off into the sunset...anyone who disagrees with me can kiss my redneck over extended ass...cause i will still be here trucking along....love and kisses from the wise ole bitch..err..witch...did someone say pie


I was watching news and reading book when the phone rings and after it rang about 6-7 times I figured out it wasent on tv and answered it. A voice from my past...my lost friend Danny who I had lost touch with and had been searching for...found me instead...was soooooo cool. you would love him..he is an actor and a playwrite...one of the funniest people I know..and boy can he talk.I was just so glad to hear from him..he and his partner pat were responsible for me getting the job with the traveling book store. My daughter worked with Pat at the San Jose store while I worked at the san Francisco store..he would regale me with gossip about hollywood and just crack me up...He is the one that informed me that even though I loved and had the hots for Randolph Scott, he batted for the other team..I have been in love with Randolph Scott since I was a little girl...loved that virgina accent..
so any how Danny is thinking about coming down to visit over labor day weekend..said yes, right away and then remembered that is also the weekend of our family reunion.i am pretty sure I am going..it is being held in mesquite my old home town..guess I could drag danny to it..dont think my kin folk have ever met any one that is gay before..so that should be good for a laugh...plus i need all the liberal democrats possible to combat my right wing republican kinfolk..so anyhow that is my good and great news...danny's found...
did i tell you that my daughter said she read some of my blogs? i asked her what she thought and there was the longest ....longest pause and then she said" well, I could tell it was written by you"...hmmmmm. well, at least she is still talking to me...ha..
Going to go to church and light a candle for my friend mary in denver..she has had some bouts with cancer and came out ok but now she had a biopsy on her nose for skin cancer..she should know something in about a week.she reads all my blogs and thinks i should combine them all and make a book..she is very prejudiced...I met her over 3 years ago when i first started fooling around with computer..met her in the pogo game room playing solitaire..we hit it off right away...i was either making peole laugh or grosssing them out.or both..she is the one I fixed up with my cousin who lives in butler.pa.like most of the males in my family he has gone from prince to turd...
It''s weird how I have met and made good friends with people I have not ever met...like you guys...feel like I have known you all forever..maybe it is because we knew each other in another life..or when i was sober..
well, i have to go to hardware store and turn in my sprayer and go to grocery store and get some...fucking fresh damn fruit..I actually bought a 1/2 lb of lean ground beef yesterday and made 3 taco''s..first meat in over a week...except for slices of ham i put in my chef''s salad...no cheese on the taco's and that was really hard too..maybe i should just buy some crack for a week..see what kind of weight loss that would bring about..but noooooo, just eat my fucking salads, drink my tea with sweet and low and snack on sugar free jello..and its not like if i lose a lot of weight i will get any sex out of this..no one wants to fuck a fat old lady but no one wants to fuck a skinny old lady that points and laughs at your dick either...


There is a picture on the front page of the paper of a simi covered wagon and a bunch of simi fat cowpokes heading off to the rodeo grounds for our rodeo...this is the 59th west championship rodeo.. what a motley crew...its officail the west fest is expanding the musical showcase..will now have the youong christian artist showcase for singers between the ages of 12 and 17. plus all us military branches will be honored with special entertainment exhibits from various military facilities in the area..
7 west boy scount's hiked 70 miles at a new mexico ranch near cimarron, new mexico..as hot as it has been i bet there were wore out...picture of them on front page too. they look pretty whuped.
now we have a goat dairy in laguna park which is about 15 minutes away from west. up by the lake..pretty cool...would like to check out their cheeses, BUT ITS NOT ON MY FUCKING DIET..
west high school class of 1980 is having a reunion...
one new born baby and 3 deaths...some birthdays were celebrated by some really cute kids.West Library is holding the 2nd annual golf classic...One of our drs. was elected acp fellow...he is from the philipines i think been here over 25 years in west ..when i would go to have an office visit i would take my daughter maryjo with me so she could translate..never could understand a word he said..the urbanovasky family had a reunion...West girls atds freshman team tok first place in district..not sure what that is but they beat the shockers and the crushers....cool...our fire alarm codes are:one ring-grass fire or car fire
2 ring-fire drill or fireman's meeting
3 rings-house fire
4 rings- jaws of life
12 rings emergency warning..and let me tell you that when we have a big storm and wind is blowing and thunder etc...cant hear them fucking bells...they also dont tell you that on occasion the bells ring for so reason what so ever...and it is a constant ring.....for up to and over an hour...50 years ago in west a guy named J.A. warned Texas Legislators there will be nobody to tax if H-bomb isnt outlawed...He says "the way I calm my nerves is to stretch out on the ground under a shade tree and watch a buzzard circle without flapping his winds, and if more people had used my method we would not have to worry over teh hydrogen bomb."....(i might start drinking again on that note)Henrietta Meurer's 2 grandsons won ribbons at houston livestock show for their bulls, goats and cows and a pig too i think..they won at waco livestock show too...kids are damn near as big as the bull..
Food Mart has drpepper on sale for .99...fuckers
we have a stanley products and fuller brush salesman here in west now..also with avon..
can buy a 3 bed, 2 bath on 2.7 acres for $96,500
chapman's county line needs a cook...Community grocery has pizza's on sale...fuckers..and jeanette karlik who writes the thanks for listening tells horrow stories about how dirty motels are and resturants...the weekly review of west is over...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


That may be the only way to keep me from eating it...I left yesterday and went to the store and bought.....more fucking lettuce..more tomatoes and since my favorite grocery store has a little meat market in the back where you can buy one pork chop, or two slices of bacon, or 1/4 lb of lunch meat..I love that store..I bought 1/2 lb of honey ham in large slices so I could put it on the salad and break up the tuna salads...I did make a gigantic pot of beans with ham hock for protien..but to compensate for the lower usage of salt I added way too much pepper. but unless its burnt you can fuck up pinto beans..last night I nuked some no butter popcorn. judas priest, tasted like cardbord..and so far I havent had a dr.pepper..and that has been soo hard..because the stores close up at 8pm there is at least 3 soda pop machines on every other corner and can get canned soda for .25 cents..so driving down the street I see machines selling dr.pepper everywhere..I swear they all know my name..as I can hear them calling me when I drive by..I can just hear me if I get stopped for speeding.."im sorry office but I was driving 85 in a 30 because I wanted to get past the soda pop machines without buying a dr.pepper."
I have been sitting around trying to figure out a way to bring in some extra money and I decided to try and invent something ....the only thing I have come up with is barb-b-q flavored douche...or one that taste like whiskey or budwiser..if I could perfect that I would be rich beyond means..mmmm pussy licking good.
I need to get a job...now if I could figure out how to do that with out standing on my feet I would be very happy. or a job where i only had to work 4 hours a day as that is about my limit..
fleas..fucking fleas...t-tiny little mother fuckers..and my sprayer broke..used the gook in in and went to unscrew the handle and plink..broke..so going to go take it to west hardware and trade up for a better one..cheap plastic fuckers..
Well, I see where the goddess beamed scotty up...he was 80 so had a great run...
i have stalled as long as I could...I have to do laundry. I am wearing a tshirt that I have thought about using for a dust rag but loved too much and a pair of shorts that fit so tight across my ass Im afraid to bend over...everything else is dirty..but I hate to do laundry...hate it hate it hate it..toady is the day the west paper comes out so if there is news worth reporting I will be back..if not see ya t'mara

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I have sprayed the yard, house and me and still fleas are about to eat me alive..I have sprayed so much that I know I glow in the dark...im so stupid..I forgot all about Rocky who is bringing the fleas in faster than I can kill them..so need to get one of those things you put on the animals back and only have to use it every 3-6 months..if I can catch the little bastard..He is out humping the neighborhood cats..Need to get him fixed. Maybe he will stay home more and not get into so many fights...gabby hayes looking cat..
I have eaten nothing but salads since wed or so of last week...I am up to the point where if someone walked by me with protien of anykind I would tackle them to the ground and grab it away from them...I think I need some meat...may go get some lean gr. beef and make some tacos..fat broads were not meant to live by leafy stuff alone..No dr.pepper...fuck, just how healthy do I really want to get..?
I had an apple for desert last night...I havent had blue bell ice cream in over a week...no drpeppr..just salad''s for over a week...no meat..popcorn with no butter...or salt.nothing fried...no kolaches.. did I mention I havent had any dr.pepper..?ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..!!!!!!!!!!!
just salads..
no bluebell
I know you are all stitting there waiting for me to run screaming down the streets to community grocery and get a drpepper followed by a scoop of blue bell..well, I am not..no, really..Im not..not going ta do it...nope, not me..no way.Im strong...I can do this..no way am I going to turn this computer off, go get in my truck and drive to community grocery and buy a 1/2 gallon of vanilla and a long neck dr.Pepper..no way...not me...hey, I quit drugs, drinking, smoking and sex...I can give up blue bell and dr.pepper...its a snap...easy as pie...did someone say pie

Monday, July 18, 2005


Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it....



Man, some of the sports on tv are really strange..was reading latest kinky friedman book and one ear and eye out for the tv when what do i hear but"she lost that race by a half a log"...excuse me??? what was that? a shitting contest? and then later on i hear"they were a half a blow of each other"...followed by"he has a hard peice of wood"... ok, what sport am i watching?.. finally figured out it was extreme out door sports..axe chopping contest, log rolling,log running and dogs jumping in air to catch something hanging down and then fall in the water...but the mental pictures i had were xrated outdoor games..enjoyed watching the dogs..but watching people run up and down logs and running on logs is almost as boring as watching golf or car racing..(sorry babs, but racing bores the fuck out of me and makes me dizzy)
switched it back and forth to watch the quarterback contest..now that is really boring...actually golf this weekend was better than ususal..was real golfers against hollywood duffers...ray romano and brad garrett were yucking it up..mainly cause they played lousy golf and my god...has anyone seen charles barkley? he looks like a tiny shamu the whale...he couldnt get his ass off the ground for a slam dunk if his life depended on it...
i am still on my salad, tuna fish, fresh fruit and veggie diet..now i need to find me a tread mill as i cant walk to lose weight as i fall down and go boom..ice tea only so no more dr.pepper...iam not sure how long i can go without dr.pepper..they may have to check me into betty ford for rehab...

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Doonsbury has really been good lately..Trudeau is on a roll...check out on comics.com and see if he is on there. but yesterday's was really good...here goes..Runnyworld, Throesvilli, Iraq. Call it waht you will, its not going away....(reporteris reporting from iraq) and to play in rummyville, every week it costs the u.s. close to $2 billion, 120 wounded and 15 dead.
How do we make sense of a sacrifice with no end? For that the nation turns to the man who understands it best! (picture of the white house0 It's hard! 9/11! It''s hard work! 9/11! Lessons of 9/11! Hard! 9/11!....That's enough for today, sir....

bang my head...someone please put me out of my misery..


Tee-ball player, 8 hit with ball in head, groin so he couldn't play.
Pittsburg...A tee-ball coach paid one of his players $25 to hurt an 8-year -old mentally disabled teammate so he wouldn''t have to put the boy in a game, police said Friday.
Mark R. Downs Jr., 27, of Dunbar is accused of offering one of his players the money to hit the boy in the head with a baseball, police said. Witnesses told police that Mr. Downs didn't want the boy to play in the game because of his disability.
Police said the boy was hit in the head and in the groin with a baseball just before a game and did not play.
"The coach was very competitive," state police Trooper Thomas B. Broadwater said. "he wanted to win."
Mr. Downs was arrested and arraigned Friday on charges including criminal solicitation to commit aggraveated assault and corruption of minors. He was realeased on an unsecured bond.
(this happened June 27th)
The boy's mother asked state police to invistigate her son's injuries because she suspected that Mr. Downs wanted to keep the boy off the field, despite a league rule that required each player to participate in three innings a game, Trooper Broadwater said. Mr. Downs had 2 daughters on the tee-ball team. If Mr. Downs is convicted of any crime, he wont be allowed to be a coach next year.

well, fucking doh....

because I am a sick bitch..part of me laughed when I read this..then I thought about that poor kid and just wanted to hunt down this Downs guy and kick his ass...
This is fucking tee-ball folks..these are 5=7 year old kids...I can think of several places I would like to stick those tee-balls..welcome to the real world little girls...your daddy is an asshole.


First there was this article about a Pittsburgh Steeler fan who when he died the family had his viewing at the funeral home and had him sitting in his recliner with a can of beer in one hand the remote in the other and the viewing room was set up with the furninture from his living room with tv running a loop of Pittsburgh highlights...and funeral wasent held til the loop ran out...they did bury him in a conventional coffin though..I cracked up ..knowing there are now thousands of football fans scrambling around to make funeral arrangements so they can out do the Steeler fan..oh man..men are so dumb...I had that put in my will years ago...except it will be mug shots of all the cowboy players...


Man, on man..what a mess. read this..
A Tecumseh man remained hospitalized in critical condition Friday after being bitten 4 times by two snakes. Officials said James Cave, 47, was at a gagage Sunday when he felt a sharp pain in his foot. When he reached down, a pygmy rattlesnake bit his hand and his other foot. He then fell over a barrell, landing on a copperhead snake that bit him on hte right foot, then in the groin, officials said..

Holy shit..and how was your day?? I want to check up on this guy...what more could go wrong in his life..hey, snooner, did you read about this?

Friday, July 15, 2005


Is Forest a dumb ass or what? He is supposed to be wooing black people to his way of thinking..so what does he do? He skips the 5th meeting of the naacp..and went to speak at the Indiana Black Expo...Black people are pissed at him cause he has been portrayed as being unsympathetic to the dragging death of a black man in texas...if black people actually think he gives a shit about them..they are as dumb as the white people that voted for him...He is the only president that has never spoke to the naacp...what an asshole...


I am sure that everyone knows that I believe in the goddess, but I do go to the catholic church and light candles and talk to J's mom a lot...So after i blogged this afternoon I went to church and lit about 12 candles and had a very vocal conversation with J's mom..let her know that I was no happy about the way things were being ran and if she had any pull in the universe to please..please let the police catch the rabid sonsabitch that killed Shawn..I really was raising hell.. you could hear rosary beads klicking all over church...little ole czech ladies were coming up to me and saying they would pray for "you cousin"...but could I keep it down some...Father Ed came out once took one look at the expression on my face and went back into rectory...he wears cowboy boots under his dress...and could hear them all the way down the hall...I would love to say that I feel much better but I dont..just feel like I have to stow the anger and pain away or I will give myself a stroke..

My rain dance is really working...it has rained every evening since my dance...days are hot and humid but about 7pm or so it clouds up , thunders alot and then rains for a few hours..smell soo wonderful...not hot and heavy rains just nice comforting rains..
My friend david's dad bought one of those recliners that has the phone in it and vibrates..and has heat unit in it also...does everything but give him oral sex..


I dont know if i had mentioned in early blogs about my cousin shawn beaty. She was my very favorite cousin and loved her like my baby sister..In the beginning of the year she died in a fire at her home..we all assumed it was an accident and her memorial funeral was absolutely the most beautiful service..there were over 200 flower arrangements..at least..they read emails and telegrams and letters from hundres of people..she was soo loved..she and her husband ran a sunshine travel agency. she and he had also worked for a magazine called dive magazine..and was known and loved by everyone in every resort in the pacific..Well, my cousin in houston just informed me that she was murdered...her dogs that always protected her were killed and she was either killed or hurt so badly that she would have died from wounds and then the fire was set to cover the crime..and then he called fire dept to report the fire...if i ever find out who did this to her there wont be enough of his hide left to wipe my ass with...iam just stunned beyond belief..this tiny wonderful lady was loved by everyone..people got up in church and told funny stories about her..I told a great story about her when she was about 4 years old..got the biggest laugh of the day...we celebrated her life as we thought her death was some tragic accident and now to find out that some low life sonofabitch killed her is just to horrible to believe..you can google Shawn Beaty and there is some info about her and the website where people left memorials to her...
I need to channel my anger and pain to another place as I cant deal with this...or some one is going to get very painfully hurt...

Thursday, July 14, 2005


For anyone who is interested in rescue animals..kinky friedman has the utopia animal rescue ranch in the hill country of texas. check out the web site..pretty cool..he and some assorted characters run it and do great work...would like to have something like that here..then wouldnt have had to give trooper and puppypuppypuppy away.damn, still miss them doggies..rocky says what dogs?


Whoooooooh...big news alert in paper..the city is considering closing down 2 railroad crossings..has to do with our jupe mill and jupe feed...they use tracks to load up cars full of feed and some of the tracks need repair and as it is so costly they are considering closing 2 crossings so they can use one for loading...which is ok with me i guess as it is good for our little mill...but fuck..its hard enough to get across the tracks sometimes when there is a train stretched clear across town...we have to drive way down to the other end of town (maybe 6 blocks) and cross over...and then go the same amount of blocks back to where all the main stores are...will scan a map for you one of these days...any how, that will be a pain in the ass, but not as bad as living in a city of 100,000 people or more...2,500 people is nice...
They are having a benefit sunday at kc grounds for my friend julio rodarte...you would love him..he is such a sweet funny guy..has great kids, nice wife and just had his color removed from cancer..and back in hospital again with infections..He is a self employed carpenter and is the one that built my huge gigantic book case for all my books...for $50...so cheap...but looks great...they are having bbq plates for $7,$5...plus an auction and drawings for prizes...anyone like to donate for my friend can mail donations to west bank and trust c/o julio rodarte..west, texas 76691...I am going to donate some money plus have some stuff that can be auctioned off. have great collection of books that should raise some cash...
big article in paper about scott podsednik who was selected american league all star...he beat out derek jeter, tory hunter carl crawford, and hideki matsui for the position...he got 3,965,473 votes.... most coming from west...ha...this is a great kid. wish the rangers could get him...he is the cousin of my 2 other granddaughters mom...nice czech boy...
4 new babies born in west...ashley lynn martin, zane anthony lenoir, paige anne linnenkugel, and chloe raelynn kaluza... one marriage.and 5 deaths..from 90 to 47 years of age...The S.P.J.S.T. Lodge nno.6 in cottonwood is having its 108th picnic...
second annual knights of columbus texas allstar bbq shootout...july 29th...and 30th...also going to have a kid''s cookoff which is really cool..one entire page of pictures of kids winning tball teams, and midget teams and regular teams..they all look soooo cute...Did i tell you that we have a blacksmith? yup..we do...
fresh fruits and local vegtebles are on sale and gong to stock up at both grocery stores..to damn hot to cook any more and getting burned out on sandwiches..so going to make salads and lots of fresh fruit..i have got to lose some weight...keep thinking im going to explode..the west rodeo is scheduling a mutton bustin registration..age 6 or younger and must weight 55 lbs or less..$20 per kid...
jenifer''s academy of dance is offering classes in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz and gymnastics.ages 3 and up...my grand daughters did that for about 2 years but thought jennifer was a mini hitler and didnt want to go any more..
not much news in west...im still working on the article for the library...if they print it i will put it in here...well, have to go to the library..read a great little book by fannie flagg...redbird christmas...was sooo sweet... small book...easy read ...and is a feel good book...check it out...also reading fanatsy for first time in years...called wizzard's first rule...going to check out the second in series...see ya'll later...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I was talking to my friend david who has parted ways with his girl friend of about 3 years...asked him what happened and he said it was putting to much strain on him to be social to her all the time just to get laid once or twice a week..He said it was just easier to be his normal asshole self than to be nice, polite, etc. to get laid once in a while..
ahh, and you wonder why he is my best friend....love that boy...


with a little liquid sunshine...yup, it raining in west, by god, texas..I stood out on the porch and watched for a few minutes and then decided to hell with it and kicked off my converse high tops and ran out in the yard to do my little thanks to the goddess for the rain dance...looks some what like a spastic hippo trying to fit into a girdle..my new neighbor drove by and took one look at me out in the yard doing my little dance. I have lots of words but cant find just the right one to describe the look on his face. something between stark terror and stunned disbelief.ahh, who cares... I pays my house payments on time and what I do in the privacy of my tiny little yard is my bidness..he's lucky I left the clothes on..cause watching me naked doing that little hip swivel might have blinded him for life.
Well, my email has been swamped with memo's from john kerry, ted kennedy, the democrat party, moving on.org and other people that know I hate forest...everyone is all up in arms about karl rove...big fucking deal..remember the story about the flood and the rabbit needed a ride across the river to dry land and he was forced to hitch a ride with the snake who promised not to eat him..and when they got to the other side the snake bit him and as the rabbit was dieing he asked him why ...? and the snake said you knew what I was when I made the offer, what made you think I would change..karl rove is and has always been a back stabbing lieing sonsabitch...so why is everyone surprised he gave up the undercover cia agent..just because he said he didnt ...pullllese...if his lips is moving..hes a lieing..same goes for george w...he does not give a shit about the american people unless they can put money is his coffers...like we say in texas and oklahoma..in the land of the blind, the one eyed jack is king...and my personal favorite...bush is an asshole...
did anyone watch pbs last night and see the pov about montana. the left against the right for conservation, jobs, freedom of speech, etc...was really interesting and just the tip of the ice berg...it is that way all over our once great country.. we have been taken over my the extreme left(me) and the extreme right...bush and his cronies..but the scarry thing is..the ones in the middle of both parties are the ones who are getting really screwed..at least we have the satisfaction of yelling screaming and name calling to keep us happy...middle of the roaders just sit and watch us tear the country apart..I would love to be more middle of the road...I will work on it...
no more politics.. for now
My daughter called the other night. she is doing so great..so proud of her..she is working the aa progam and is doing so wonderful. she is going to college and taking flower arrangement classes. has a part time job with a very nice flower shop in haight and will be working nearly full time when she can get it arranged to work around her meetings..she goes to about 3 a week, plus her couselor, her therapy(yes, it was all my fault) and her regular life. she has a new fella..he is 1/2 german and 1/2 greek..talked to him on the phone and he sounds nice...he is in rehab also...she really does love it there in san francisco..every since she was a little girl she has wanted to live there..I lived there for 7 months but was not impressed..the city is beautiful and loved china town, but the people dont cotton to cowboy fans and I wore my cowboy tshirts every day and had a texas flag on my office door...they hated me..fuck em..
plus I worked from 9am till 10pm 7 days a week for the 7months and had 5 days off. one for thanksgiving, one for christmas and 3 days when I had the flu... so when I left I was more than ready...miss the cable cars and the ocean, but that was about it...well, going to go out side and play in the rain some more....ya'll come and see me ya'hea....

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I read other blogs like, blooddreamz, sooners, babs, retired thoughts, rubyrocks, gooner, denise, liberallikejesus,obliqueone, grumpy etc..and I am amazed at the comments their posts get..I get comments from most of the people I read, but not a whole bunch compaired to gooner and obliqueone...and made me wonder?? Why dont I get more comments...then I reread some of my posts...heehee.. people are probably going away from my post with slack jaws and glassed over eyes...some of my post are pretty fucking weird...and I pull no punches...on my or anyone else...so maybe I just scare the fuck out of them...and they go away and hide out for awhile..or they just go away...I was just kidding about the curses...really...just kidding...no..really just a joke...just a fucking joke damnit...


and blooddreamz would last 15 seconds in texas. and that is at 10am...think it was 103 the other day...
well, I am now the legal and proud owner of 1996 mazda truck..got all the paper work done today...so there is some good news...now for the bad news...I had to give my dogs away...I have done everything possible to barricade the yard to keep those little fuckers in but they always found a way out..they had chewed thru the gate, top and bottom..cyclone fence gate too, not some little weak sister gate. they figured out how to go from my table that I work with my plants on and jump over the fence..they chewed thru the bungie cords I had on the gate to keep it tight so they couldnt push their way thru..no matter what I did, they got out..So the city finally got tired of catching them and bringing them home and said, next time...we keep them and you get a $300 fine per dog...so found a friend of my daughters who lives in mt. calm(yes, that mt. calm, of the branch dividians) and he said he would take them as he has lots of room for them to run loose...So Trooper and puppypuppypuppy are history...I miss them, but I dont miss the agravation of them and they were becoming more and more of a problem than they were fun to me..So it is just me and Rocky Racoon...Who doesnt miss the dogs at all.Matter of fact when he came home and saw they were gone he said"about fucking time"...Some one said I needed to get a small cute little dog.and took 3 cops and a priest to drag me off him...assholes..no more fucking dogs...I should have quit when I had to give Baby up..the great dane...but I keep rescuing these damn dogs...no more..they can have one leg and be on fire and I will walk right by...
Really I will, no really, no more dogs...Im done, really...no more dogs...Did I tell you about this cute little pit bull puppy....well, never mind..

Monday, July 11, 2005


One of the nice things about not having a phone was no phone calls.. now I have a phone again and fuck, people are calling me...so far havent had too many telemarketing calls, but everybody and their aunt sally are calling me and they call when they want to ..and doesnt matter if Im ready for the call or not...8am this morning my girlfriend calls from mosouri and says"did I wake you?"..fuck yes you woke me...i go to bed at 4am..you know I go to bed at 4am and only get up at 8am if the house is on fire..she laughed..I wasnt trying to be funny...but still glad to hear from her..she has sold the house that i live behind..so I will have new neighbors,and great news..no kids...not that I dont like kids but neighbors are like kinfolk, you dont get to pick them and the way people raise (or dont raise) their kids today, I was not crazy about having to break in new kids to the whims and ways of jackiesue...Then we talked about books that we have read...we both agreed that the secret life of bees was a humdinger..great book..and Im still reading about the yaya's...She has two kids..Gatlin who adores me and I him...and his new baby sister who is almost 7 months old..Credence Carolyn Roberts...or as we call her CCR. She is so cute..
I have to go to bank today and get money to transfer the truck into my name and get insurance in my name on it..fuck...would rather have dental surgery with no novicaine than go talk about money. Lucky for me, I have a great bank...west bank and trust...they have seen me thru lots of good and bad times..Another great thing about living in small town...any where I go I am hailed by my name..I get hi jackie''s all over the place..walmart does not know my name and could care less..Here they not only know my name, they ask about the kids the grandkids, the dogs and rocky...sympathised with me when Chuck the black cat got killed..and are happy for me when I tell them how well maryjo is doing..They ask about my back and health in general..and wonders of wonders they have hired a hispanic lady for a teller job...Remember it is still 1957 here and that is a big deal..she is sweet as all the other tellers and just had a baby...the day I walk in to one of the major business's in west and there is a black person working there is the day I will short out and croak...So many of the population is old czech''s and they still have all the old world prejudices and I would stop before I actually call them bigots but they just dont "mix". and believe it or not, there is a part of town where most of the black people live..There is one small area in town that the housing is pretty run down but they are 3rd generation czech's...The black housing area is well kept and very clean..so our tiny slum area is "white trash" as it was called in my way way younger days...West is divided by the railroad tracks.. most of the business''s are grouped around the tracks and at least once a day you have to drive out of your way to go to a different cross street as the train is stopped and blocking all the major crosses...I love listening to the train when it goes by at night..it is pretty busy most day and night..think it shoots right into dallas..so you learn to time your driving in west to make sure you are on the side of town you want to be on when the train comes thru other wise you sit in your car counting cars on the train for 15 minutes..
gas has gone up to $1.25 here and I am so pissed...another reason to accost forest at the ranch...if we are going to be over there in iraq at least we should get some cheap gas out of the deal..well,stalled long enough..off to the bank. where bernie will cut the paper work for me..then horrors of all horrors...I will have to drive to waco...would rather do just about anything than drive the 20 someodd miles to waco and futz with insurance co and drive back...only bright spot is I will stop on the way back and get a dairy queen ice cream cone...our dairy queen closed down last winter and I have been mouring every since...I never ate there but loved the ice cream..and really do miss it..maybe I will open up a book store with a ice cream parlor in it...ok, Im still stalling...gotta go...ttfn

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Was having a senior moment last night and was remembering stuff about when i was a kid..and growing up...
remember being allowed to go and do all most anything i wanted on Kelly Air Force Base as my daddy was the control tower chief and I was his only kid..I did stuff that would have turned both my parents hair gray if they knew and if I did it now would get evryone arrested...I would ride around the base in jeeps with gi's and sneak on airplanes and one time i got to ride in a helicopter around the base and heads would have been chopped if anyone found out..I was never afraid someone would hurt me..never occured to me actually. I think now about child molestors and killers and I was in places i had no business being and was always felt safe..I also learned some great swear words...I actually was 18 before I knew that cocksucker was not another word for civilian...and when I married husband number one who went into airforce too, I caused bedlam when he was getting dressed for parade duty and had to wear what i know know is called an overseas cap...they are shapped like an envelope..he went and got in truck with the rest of the gi's to go to the base and he left his hat and I ran out the door waving his little hat over my head and said"honey, you forgot your cunt cap"..gi's were falling out of the truck they were laughing so hard...#1 hubby was soo pissed. He had to exlain to me the real name, why it was called cunt cap and why It was NOT funny me calling it that...asshole, how was I to know..only thing I had ever heard it called...and all those cadence's when the soldiers marched..." I know a girl who lives on a hill, she wont do it but her sister will", or..."I know a girl from new orleans she has a mustache in her jeans"..didnt know what that meant either ..and didnt have a clue what eskimo pussy was...but I knew it was cold...and you guys wonder why I have such a tacky mouth...I knew all these dirty sayings and dirty words but didnt have a clue what they meant...I was soooo dumb...I swear to the goddess. once when I was about 11 and I had just started getting breast..were like a size c cup...and a boy walked up to me and wanted to know if I wore falsies..? I stupid child that I was..said"no, my teeth are real, I dont have false teeth."he thougth I was being funny and thought I was soooo cool...didnt have a clue..
Well, I know better now...betcha ass..

Saturday, July 09, 2005




I got to thinking that there was no happy shit in my weird shit..so here is some funny weird shit.
when i went to kindergarden i lasted 3 days before they pinned a note to my snowsuit that said"please check Jackiesue's pockets before she enters the school building"...this was after the first day of dead mouse in teachers desk, second day a mother spider and her nest of baby spiders and third day was glue spilled on her chair..
my cousins and I lived out in country around mesquite texas while our daddys were fighting the war...we each had chores..larrywayne fed chickens, micheal ray fed pigs and we all helped milk cows... so 2 of us would always gang up on the other one..one time mike didnt feed the pigs for 2-3 days and then we threw larrywayne into the pig pen..they almost ate him up...our grandfather"daddy red"..said "ya'll gonna kill that boy"..we said.."yup"...now larry wayne loved the chickens..probably because we always picked on him so much..but he was a whinny little sissy and we couldnt stand that...he tattled all the time...I still have memories of his voice crying out.."big mama, jackiesue hit me"...betcha ass i hit him. little weasel..anyhow..larrywayne had a pet chicken...he named her elizabeth and he carried her all over the damn place...she slept with him even...we hated that damn chicken..she would peck us if we got near him...soooo(you know where this is going, dont ya sooner)..one day larrywayne went to town with his mother and we took elizabeth to the lady that lived down the dirt road from us..Mrs. Hart. We said that bigmama was really busy and needed her to help kill this chicken so we could have it for sunday dinner...so she did..Then we brought back the chicken and said Mrs. Har had given us this chicken for sunday dinner...so Bigmama(our grandmother) fried up the chicken...we waited till larrywayne had eaten a leg and was starting in on a thigh when we informed him that he was eating Elizabeth...I do belive that is why larrywayne never comes to any of the family reunions if im going to be there...I went to his daddy's funeral and he woulnd come out of the bedroom til i had left...heeheee...mike and i were 5 and larrywayne was 8...he never quite got over it...we also tied him to his horse silver..who was 89 years old...and daddy red said"ya''ll gonna kill that boy"..we said "yup"...this was before tv..only game in town was fucking with larrywayne...he kind of sorta got even with me..when i was about 13 and had tits out to here..he cut a hole in the bath room and charged his friends .25 to peep thru the hole while i took a bath..took me 2 summers to whip all those boys asses...and larrywaynes...
ok, is that funny enough..or is that too mean...


Deep, deep down in the heart of Texas, under the Crawford Ranch in his secret little hidey hole, the President meets with his "special advisory" team...12 of the most evil spirits in the world.."So, do you think they are still buying the goofus dufus act I have been putting on for 5 years or do I need to drive the bike into someone again..?"..George W.slunk around the room grinning his never been seen before grin, of someone who has pulled the wool over everyones eyes..
"I can play stupid just as long as it takes for me to be able to finish my take over of the world".There is much hissing and howling from the evil 12."No Master, we thinks they are buying your little scam..they dont suspect anything..they think you are some bumbling inept cowboy who is being led by the nose by Cheney, Rice and the rest of the staff. Even Herself doesnt suspect you.It is going just as you planned." The room is filled with howling laughter and the sound of bones being snapped and blood being sucked from some once living but now dieing creature of the night."But there is still the one down the road that is gathering her followers and we dont think she is buying it at all. We think she pretends to be fooled but knew all along that you were not what you pretended to be..she knows all and now with her hoard.........she comes....What shall we do master?"
In a matter of seconds the smiling face of George W. Bush shift changes and becomes what has been under neath all along...fangs dripping, eyes full of blood, his body slowly morphing into "the great satan"...
He turns quickly and screams the scream of death...we will kill them all." to be continued..


Well, first of all I dont think any thing about me is weird except for my friends....so on that note..here goes..
I dont recognize myself when I look in the mirror as I still think Im 30 years old and skinny...I see that fat woman in the mirror and wonder"how the fuck did a fat woman get in my bathroom?"
I love all kinds of food. only food I wont eat is turnips and rutabagas..ick..
I have to have a window open in house or car..claustophobic
I like to sleep naked during the summer and wear long flannel shirt during winter..
I dont like to wear socks
I am alergic to percadan, codine, talwin, demeral, delaudid, and morphine..which means all thru my 5 operations and recovery I was in constant pain because I couldnt take pain pills..when I did find one that worked by the time it worked..I was alergic to it..found this out in the 70's when I had my hemroids removed(or fish bait as my dr. called them) and couldnt find anything to take that would stop the pain. Only thing that saved me was I had a bidet and would sit and soak my ass in it...only good thing the french ever did.
I have never lived a time in my life when I didnt have a pet..dog, cat, rabbit, birds.Had a parakeet named Pete that could say "fuck the yankees", talk in japanese, and would give ball scores or give play by play ..from sitting by the radio with my daddy when he would listen to the games..Daddy was a yankee fan, but I was a brooklyn dodger fan, so guess who taught him to say fuck the yankees...? i was 9
Almost all the friends I have I have had for over 30 years...except for my new blogger friends...
I make lists all the time...they are all over the house. on computer, by my chair where i watch tv, on refer, on bathroom mirror..I make lists..but never use them...
I keep a journal every night
I figured out that I used the same route to go any place in town and then changed my route each day in case someone tries to kidnap me...still think the x mother-in-law is out to get me.
I am a better friend than I am a parent..but I am the best grandma
I am a scorpio ..which means.I can be your best friend or your worse enemy...I am a believer in forgiving...but never forget...I love to get even...
I can be smug and a royal asshole...actually take great pride in being queen of the assholes..
I have such a screwed up nerve in my right leg that I fall all the time...Has done wonders for my sense of humor...nothing like falling on your ass 2=4 times a week to make you funny...if I fall on my face my tits break my fall...can bounce 2-3 times before I settle down..
I have all kinds of little scratches and scars from when I was a kid..I was a tomboy and was always climbing trees, falling, getting into fights...I was the best catcher on all the baseball teams but couldnt play on them as I was a girl...made me so mad, every time I got the chance I would kick one of them's ass...They were scared to death of me..Would go home and tell their parents that jackiesue beat them up. fathers would get so pissed that their sons got beat up by a girl that the finally went to my daddy and asked him to make me stop beating up their sons..My daddy laughed so hard....told them to go home and teach their sons how to fight or to learn how to get whipped without crying...Think the only reason I was such a tom boy was because I was an only child and all my cousins were boys and thought daddy wanted a son too, so did everything i could to be his son..i had hair down to my ass and cut it off so i would look like a boy and my daddy cried...said if he had wanted a son he wouldnt have had me...then we both cried..
then i went out side and kicked some boys ass...
I went to 16 different schools...
Daddy was m/sgt in airforce and we went every where..
well, Iam sure there are lots more weird things about me...but cant think of them...just my weird friends...

Friday, July 08, 2005


I was watching tv last night and for some reason I had on Leno and there was a group of women on stage doing weird acrobatic shit..one woman was singing and had a beautiful voice. while she was singing one short haired blond woman in a red bikini was slashing the air with a bull whip. one was dangling from ceiling from two silk sashes, three others were in hells and garter belts doing some kind of blue angle skit with high back chairs and some others were just bumping and grinding all over the place..was pretty intertaining..but what struck me as really funny was the first thing I thought of was..."man, sooner would love this"....
Then while I was watching tv I saw a movie advert for Willie Wonka and the chocolate Factory..now, am I the only one that thinks that Johnny Depp dressed up as his version of Willie Wonka looks a lot like Michael Jackson?..all those weird expressions, dark glasses and white make up...too fucking weird for me...plus there is only one Willie Wonka..Gene Wilder..so what a waste of money to make a remake...


Except for the sound of the secret servicemen talking quietly on their radio's, all is quiet at the Ranch.Inside the compound a group of men sit around a large round table littered with empty soda cans, cold cups of coffee and ashtrays full of assorted cigars and cigarettes. One of the men shakes his head as if he were trying to keep awake.."What is it exactly were supposed to do here to keep him safe?There is nothing in our power to keep her and her flock of left wings out of here, she and her hoard are just to strong. What the fuck are we going to do?"
A tall thin gangly man stands, stretches his back and says quietly, "I for one am going to bed, they wont be here for at least a few days and I have to get up early and go ride my bike. So good night, ya'll."...there was nothing but silence for 4-5 minutes when one of the men spoke up in a disgusted voice."its not even 9:30 and the leaded of the free world is going to bed so he can get up early and ride his bike?We are doomed, that woman and her group will eat us alive. Because we know one thing and one thing only, they're coming."....

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Things in west by god texas are the same..We are having our yearly West Rodeo...and will reinstate the parade that they quit having because the cowboys would ride thru town drunk on their horses and scare the crap out of everyone...i thought it was great fun..but now they have said if we want to continue to have the parade, that we have to have it in orderly lines and no booze..bunch of old fuddy duddies..
The grassroots Democrats are meeting 12th of July. Think I might go just to see what kind of stuff I can stir up...There are 3 engagements..one birth..and this time of the year we have lots of reunions.The Kutscherousky and Hrabal"s...No one died in West this week. cool...Community Grocery has 4 pints of Bluebell Ice Cream for sale for $5...going to get me some of that..Bellbell is a texas made ice cream...and it is sacred here..like the flower its self..also beef liver is on sale for .89lb.and have to get some of that too. For Rocky...he loves cooked liver..wont eat it raw, but loves it cooked ...with some gravy and onions..ok, that''s me that likes it with gravy and onions..
can buy a 2/1 house right down the street from me for
$35,000..You can buy a house in willie nelson's home town of Abbot for $76,000...Think he was around this past week or so ..he had the 4th of july picnic in Fortworth and was a big hit..Kinky Friedman was there humping for votes..Would love to go but just to damn hot...I love Willie and will go just about any where to see him, but not to stand out in Texas in July for 8 hours or so...nope, dont think so...but 30,000 other people were there..so dont think I was missed..such a great line up..Ray Price, Jessie Colter, Leon Russell, Ray Benson from Asleep At The Wheel, Bob Dylan, David Allen Cole, Los Lonely Boys, Billy Joe Shaver, Johnny Bush and Ray Wylie Hubbard just to name a few...back in west a Baptist rancher is advertising for a woman. No smoker and no drinker..Thinking about answering the ad just to fuck with him..I dont smoke or drink...but I worship the goddess and cuss like a sailor on leave..so that should be interesting...hmmm..I may do it yet..just to wile away the time...Article in west paper about a 5 year old golfer who placed in golf tournaments in Dallas and Richarson. He shot a 38 over nine holes..in the 7 and under group. Placed 6th out of 25 in the U.S. Kids State Championship, and shot a 42 over nine holes..
West is getting so fancy..We now have a tea room. called the Bohemian Princess... can get hot tea for $1.00, salad for $4.00 chicken sandwitches for $4.00 and desserts for $2.00.They even have a little tiny cafe table with 2 chairs on the side walk in case you want to sit out in the 103 weather and slip your hot tea and eat your pe..can...pie..cracks me up..Dont know who they are trying to fool...bunch of red neck czech's..would rather stay indoors in their underwear watching baseball and drink beer...oh well, Iam sure there are enough pretensious assholes in town that will slurp tea in the heat just to impress their neighbors...unlike me who will sit in front of tv naked drinking dublin dr.pepper...slow week in west...people are staying in doors...dont know if it is the heat or if they heard that sooner, babs, blooddrmz and the rest of the bloggers are coming to town...either way..they are hiding out...come my pretties...come..

SHE WAITS.......

She listens to the sound of the night...the screech of some nameless creature taken by a bloodsucking heartless beast, so deadly that all flee in fear from him..."Rocky, you sonuvabitch, leave the neighbors dog alone."...
She waits...waits for the gifts...she keeps her prize hidden in the safest place in her lair...right next to the cleaning supplies...no one will ever look for it there...come by precious...come my pretties...tell me your story as you cross the country to come to me...tell me what you see......


They come from the north, south, east and west..They each bring their gift for the pot. Each gift will help make the brew strong. Strong enough to bring forth the truth from the King of Lies..Liberallikejesus thrashes thru the country side with his gift for the pot clutched to his neck so he can.cherish it. This great gift, the campaign button that speaks to all..."in your heart you know it''s true"...Rubyrocks pedals his ass down the freeways of america, his gift strapped on his back..the speech given by The Great Communicator"."Go out and win this for the gipper."
Retired thoughts leaves California in the dust to travel across our great country with his gift for the pot..the grasping, breast grabbing hands of his governator..They come...they come...soon, my pretties. soon....

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Jackiesue sits in the dark room, lit only by the glow from the tv set. The only sound is the wind whistling thru the gap in Letterman''s front two teeth..She stirs a pot gently, whispering sweet things to the bubbling mass of dead things..."Ah, this will bring them...and with them they bring our strength..our wisdom, our ability to grasp the truth and jerk it out of forest gump's ass.".As she clutches the magic ingredient in her fat little hand she awaits the hoard, her little flock of left wings...come to me my pretties, come to mama.."
In Oklahoma, soonerfan78 stirs and rises from his bed of snakes, burrs and puppy urine...He brings his gift for the pot...the eye of a newt..newt grindrich.Soonerfan78 smiles his death smile...I am coming Jackiesue...I am coming...
Barbaraw47 creeps slowly from her bed and steps over the lifeless body of nascar great, matt...her gift for the pot held to the light...it is the left nut of a right wing nut...Cheney....she giggles..and heads for West, by God, Texas...
In Vermont, Blooddreamz has already left her lair of mad kin, aya...she clutches her gift for the pot to her breasts...the lifeless heart of a republican, lifeless when she plucked it from her chest...as we all know, repulicans dont have a heart...Condi wont miss it any how...and she turns to the south...we're coming Jackiesue...we're coming....


Ok, here's the idea..me, sooner, babs. blooddrmz, rt, rubyrocks, liberallikejesus, obliqueone, gooner, and anyone who wants to join.will stage a bloggers walk to crawford to confront forest gump...we will carry signs that display our displeasure,ask questions, make statements..make up your own signs. then we will march to crawford and call forest out to the gate and find out the answers to our questions..rocky is staying home to try and keep the dogs from chewing thru the fence, and record my soaps..what do you think? use this spot to let me know what you want on your signs..i know rubyrocks wants to ask about the enviroment, i want to know why he lied about the womd and the war in iraq. I will supply his answers..cause i now all his fucking lame ass reasons and lies...whatcha think? let me know..if not Im just going finish off my trek to crawford the best way i can with the 100 best movie lines...kay?

Monday, July 04, 2005


The goddess has a really weird sense of humor the bitch...so I dont have a garage sale in the months of april, may or june because it rained nearly every fucking weekend...so I check the weather and go ok, 4th of july weekend ...have the garage sale..cause there is no rain in sight ....no rain... in sight...monday..no rain..tuesday..no rain.wed. no rain. thurs no rain...friday wind picked up and blew like a sonof a bitch for about an hour...no rain..get up at 6:30am and humidity is so bad I cant breath..it is the worse I have ever seen in my life..like being in the jungle...2 hours into the garage sale, which is clicking along nicely and it starts to rain..no sweet gentle rain, but a thunderstorm of biblical proportions...fucking rained for 3 hours...normally I would be jumping for joy because of the rain...but not on the one day I have my garage sale..sonofabitch...what a fucking mess... had it under the carport but rain in texas does not come straight down...so my garage sale was a bust. made $50 and gave my granddaughter $20 of it for the help.couldnt have done it without her...so dont know if i will try it again next weekend or just take some lighter fluid and torch the shit..did sell a bunch of the girls clothes, all the yard toys for kids, the tools, i had tools out the ass...lots of books..but still have enough for another sale..didnt sell the couch and chair, and that was what I most wanted to get rid of...may just run an ad in the paper for it and give the rest to caritas...or just torch the shit..
It is soo fucking hot in texas..103 is the highest so far...I am getting the summer rash under my tits..I hate that..I put corn starch under there and then I sweat and it turns into goo...glues my tits to my rib cage and makes sucky noise when I move them..think I will just toss them over my shoulders..duct tape them to my back..man, and to think women want bigger tits..do I have news for you...its not fun...only good thing bout having big tits when i was young and skinny was that I wasent really pretty, just kinda cute..but no one ever knew cause no one ever looked at my face, they were always looking at my tits..I would have pop quiz's...what color are my eyes...? what eyes...oh, those eyes...err.. hell I dont know, but you sure got you some big ole titties..I made the comment one time that I wanted to have a breast reduction and my male friends were shocked and wanted to know why..said when I died I didnt want them to put on my head stone..here lies jackiesue denney..you know..the one with the big tits...and they said didnt matter...if I had them made smaller they would put on my head stone..here lies jackiesue denney...you know..the one with the big tits and she had them made smaller...now since I never had it done..it will be here lies jackiesue d___ and under my feet is another head stone that says and here are her tits..
still mad it rained..
rented movies and saw the aviator...man, was that good...i think leonardo is kinda ...well, strange..but by god he nailed howard hughes...it was soo good. saw the ben affleck movie paycheck and was an ok movie but ending whimped out..saw scorpion king...bunk..going to watch under the tuscan sun...well, going to read blogs and see what yall have been up to over the 4th...
oh, think my son read the blog about imacunt the daughterin law...im in big ass trouble..he said not to fucking email or call him again...hm....i knew when I wrote it, it was going to come back and bite me in the ass....but damn, it was just too funny...and im to old to pass up funny...oh well, its not like she really liked me any how...but feel bad that i upset my son..cause i do love him...but it was funny goddamnit..oh well....