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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yup, folks...........he's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! the comedian, musician, author and the former candidate of the Independent party, old Kinky is at it again. At the South by Southwest he told a crowd that he's very serious about running for governor again. This time as a Democrat. "I can't afford to be a Republican, "he said.
He gave President Obama for 'greening the grass roots' and thinks he'd have a better chance running as a Democrat than an Independent. "There's a lot of young people, and no one I've ever met wants to grow up and be Rick Perry," he said.
When he ran for governor as an independent these were some of his policies. Like getting rid of the death penalty but giving convicted murderers a rope so they can hang themselves. And, of course, overturning smoking bans, while starting up his own brand of cigars..It didn't help his case by comparing the Dems to "a bad junior high debate team." He also got a lot of flack when he called Katrina refugees in Houston "crackheads and thugs." This pissed off a whole bunch of people..except the citizens of Houston maybe.
I will vote for him this time..even if he shows up butt nekkid wearing nothing but his black hat and circumcised dick. I can't stand "Good Hair" Perry and since ole Kay Bailey Hutchison is running against him, I figure might as well vote for Kinky..No other Dem's are running that have a snowball chance in hell of winning. This is Texas you know..We may be #2 in trees, but we're #1 in Buttroys.

Monday, March 30, 2009


I really thought when I took her to the vet today I wasn't bringing her home..All I did this morning was hold her and tell her good-bye...Take her to Dr. Tom and he does some sort of kitty massage on her spine and she stood up and took 3 steps..I looked at him and said "What are you? Oral Roberts?"....I also told him what Will said about the impacted anal canal..He took a poop scoop(technical name) and dug in there and got 3 inches of very hard packed poop out of her butt. Gave me some stuff to loosen up her bowels some and sent us home. That was a great idea Will and she is no longer full of shit.

Saturday I baked them a pecan pie and it was a hit, so that made me feel good. When we got home he said she would want to rest as she was pretty wore out..Did some walking in the grass out side while he showed me how to drain her bladder. So I took her home and Babs and I went and had Chinese food..We had 3 plates each of food...one of deserts...Granted they were small plates, but still. All I had since breakfast at 8A.M. was an apple about noon so we were hungry. All that and 2 drinks a piece and it was under $14.00...worth the trip to Wakko..We came home and we did some in town shopping..I got some puppy pads at Family Dollar..and when I walked in the door....get this..She stood up and took about 4 steps till she flopped on her butt..but she's walking..and she hasn't done that since I brought her home the first day. I couldn't stand her smell any more so I ran some warm bath water and gave her a bath..boy was she pissed..but she's so much cleaner and smells so good. After I had dried her up and I put her on her pad, she got up and walked the 3 feet to me..crawled up in my lap and nestled under my chin. I wept. I think she's going to make it folks..I have been faking it all this time. I really didn't think she was going to get better and thought I was going to have to put her down. But now? I think she's going to make it..I called the asshole vet this morning and asked him why he sent her home without telling me that she was almost paralyzed. He said she was weak but she could walk when she left here.I said yeah, but you didn't even warn me of that. Now she can't walk at all. He said 'well, you can bring her in and I'll x-ray her..I said no you won't, I don't ever want you to touch another one of my animals again..............ever...and hung up..Bastid..I knew if I went up there I was going to drag his fat no bedside manner ass out into the parking lot and kick it across the tarmac to the Auction Barn. So.....I take Annie back Wed. but he said if she acts like she's getting worse to call him. But the good news is..she's getting better. And you should see how he is with her(not just her either...all his patients) pets her, hugs her calls her Annie and talks to her. The Vet Buttroy called her ''it'' or 'kiddo'...or 'the cat'....and never petted her or touched her other than to handle her like she was dead weight..I don't know how to say this in any other way...but I'm one fucking happy old lady..Thank you all for your healing light and many prayers..I believe that you were as much a part of Annie's healing as Dr. Tom was...Goddess bless each and every one of you...jackie

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Last Updated: Saturday, March 28, 2009, 13:07
Body of Irish drug dealer found in Amsterdam canal
A dismembered body found in a suitcase in an Ams
terdam canal is that of an Irish man suspected of being a drug dealer, gardaĆ­ confirmed today.
The remains were found last month but DNA and fingerprint tests have only now identified the murder victim.
The 30-year-old man will not be named until relatives have been informed.
The victim, who was from Clondalkin, was facing drugs and gun charges in Ireland. He had skipped bail and fled to the Netherlands.
He had been previously charged after a €100,000 haul of drugs and firearms was recovered in Dublin.
The man was only identified after the authorities in Holland contacted the Garda for assistance.
Both police services are now co-operating to try and determine where the man was killed.
I have added the Irish News to my blogroll, they have some very interesting news...and some very serious ways of dealing with drug dealers..

Friday, March 27, 2009


In trees that is..The first detailed statewide tree count in Texas history is headed toward the conclusion that Texas is No. 2. (who the fuck runs around counting trees?...I want that job)The results from the Texas Forest Service's first inventory outside East Texas. The state has counted trees in the Piney Woods north of the Gulf Coast since the 1930's. But this is the first scientific statewide tally.( you know the guy that did the counting was from Oklahoma, cause if a Texas did the counting he'd lie and say we're No. 1...this I know for a fact.)
Texas has (brace yoursel
f folks) 60 million acres of forest land. That ranks second to Alaska(and let me tell you..that really ranks) and is about 23 percent of the forestation in the southern U.S.
This is my favorite part of the story on the last count that was taken. "Last one we had was some dude on a horse in like 1904, rode through there and made notes," said Burl Carraway, a forest service department head.(I think his words were.."damn, they's a lot of trees around this here place.")
The ten-year study is at the halfway point. But Tom Boggus(now there's a name you can trust), the state forester and interim director of the forest service, said he doesn't expect the number to change.The projection was made from 10,000 plots of land scattered from the heavily wooded areas of East Texas to the desert plains of West Texas.
The breakdown is :35 percent of Texas forests are mesquite woodlands, 25 percent are hardwoods and 18 percent are juniper, also known as cedar.(also know as the main reason why every one in Texas has allergies).

But the most important thing is: right now it's spring time in Texas..which means one thing...bluebonnets..and since we didn't have the rain we should have the bluebonnets aren't as plentiful as they usually are. Although we did have a few days of rain so they are starting to pop up more. In case you didn't know...I love bluebonnets..it's my favorite flower and I just wish they grew all year long.There isn't a kid in Texas that doesn't have a picture of them taken in a patch of bluebonnets..

We have had lovely weather for the past 2-3 weeks..varying from 70's to 80's..Tonight it's supposed to get down to 39 or so they say...They being weathermen...and weathermen in Texas are just guessing..

This is going to be short..Will do a West, Texas update tomorrow...We had Good Hair Perry's wife here Wed. and the 16th annual West Volunteer Fire Department Cookoff last Saturday, and my nieces daughter took 2nd place in her age group..So right now..? I'm going to go put Annie back in my lap where she can finish pooping and peeing on me.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Babs and I took her to see Dr. Tom this morning and he said he couldn't connect anything with the liver disease to the weakness in her back legs so thinks it's just from being caged up for 5 days with no food/water, only IV's...Because she is still eating like a horse..she's not up to 2 cans a day, but she's working on it..and what was so funny...I got her all bundled up in her blanket this morning and was sitting on the porch holding her waiting for Babs and she was very alert and enjoyed looking around and seeing what was going on..but her hind legs were tucked under her..When we got into Babs SUV and started out to the vets, she stood up on her hind legs and it was was meowing...It was like she was saying "Look Ma, I can stand, no need to take me to Dr. Tom's...look........I can dance."
It was pretty funny...So I'm feeling much better..and both vet offices' are on the look out and ordering the LD Feline for her. They both were calling around and no one in Waco had any..Jeez...Then we brought her home and fed her and went out to do some shopping..I had to get quarters to wash all the blankets as every thing smells like cat pee. We stopped by hardware store and got birdseed, plus Babs hadn't eaten so we went to Gerek's and got kolaches..I got a blueberry cream twist..OH MY GODDESS...they are fecking fantastic. Babs had one of the big rolls...Carmel nut/coconut. they are the size of softballs. They are so good they will make you weep. I cannot stress enough to you that if you live any where within 500-1000 miles of West, Texas you have to make the trip for the Old Czech Bakery. They can be frozen...I wonder if they let you send frozen food through the mail?....
I have to run...need to spend some huggy time with Annie, plus I'm going to start massaging and exercising her back legs. Help build up the muscles..
Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes and the donations. It gave me such a great feeling to know I could walk in there and pay for her treatment and not have to be freaked out as to where I was going to get the money. I told Dr. Tom he was a hero on the Internet and I swear he did one of those 'foot shuffle, shrug and ahh shucks' like Andy Griffin..haha
Now that I'm not freaking out over Annie I can get back to doing some regular posting..and reading of your blogs..I R happy...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


this should keep you all busy for a while. I am busy coddling the Queen..she's eating..but she's so weak...her front legs are ok, but her hind legs collapse when she walks..and all she does is sleep...she snuck out of the apt when I was bringing in books from the library and went over to the office to poop, and was laying up against the wall, just done in from trying to cover it up. I am going to send personalized Annie thank you cards for all of you..so If you want them snail mail or email, give me your addresses at:yellowdoggranny@yahoo.com..
I'm pooped..Been on the go all day, and would run an errand and come back and check on Annie, go run another errand and then come back and check on her..She thinks I'm nuts.
Oh...and one bit of funny news...guess who got a jury summons? Yup me. I think that's hysterical..You know they must be at the bottom of the pile if all they could come up with is me..I hope it's something good..

Tweety Bird turned 60 this year.