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Sunday, December 28, 2014


Christmas and gg's

 At Thom's ..they were getting tired of smiling..
 Abby got 2 kitchens..one at her dad's and one at her mom's..
 Abby's dad

 little phony..when my sons were young my daddy would always come get them and take them fishing..I'm not sure if they ever caught any fish, but Daddy loved spending time with them..so I thought that Thom might enjoy taking his granddaughters fishing so got all 3 of them fishing poles..the funny part is without knowing that I was getting them poles(rod and reel) Thom had mentioned to them that he would take them fishing..some how Olivia got it in her head he was going to pick her up from day care and take her fishing ..and when he didn't show up she cried and didn't want to go with Jenny cause grandpa was going to take her fishing..So I don't know about any of this..and thinking their 2 1/2 and almost 3, they are not going to give a crap about poles and fishing..when I told them I got them fishing poles oh my gosh, you wouldn't believe how happy they were..I can't wait for Thom to take them fishing..
 Jamie said she was in line and crying to get to Santa and then when she got up there she started crying again..so Jamie took her and she quit crying and said I want a dinosaur..thank you.. 

 Olivia is so serious ..she makes me laugh