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Monday, December 01, 2014


 well, its getting close to the end of my final begging for funds for the oldies..folks aren't much interest in donating this year..might be short of funds or interest..both I understand..but its hard for me not to do what I can for them..they will be in West Rest Haven next Christmas so won't be able to do this any more..as the head of WRH is not fond of me ..and will not work with me on it..I'd like to go out with a bang..so if you can help I sure would appreciate it..love ya ..jackie
Jackie Denney
701 Tokio Road#11
West, Texas 76691..


Jerri said...

Ok, Jackiesue, I have 5 g'kid's b'days between T'giving and Christmas.(yes,I have since cursed my children so all their g'kids will be born the WEEK of Christmas : ) I have been to a " mustache " party?!?!?, roller skating, I will be bowling and also attending a "Walking Dead" b'day party for a 9 yr old... granddaughter. (Which may be the only party that I will be in the appropriate attitude ; ) The 2 yr old is going to be cake...no pun intended. So I've been a little insane,I mean preoccupied, and must have missed it.
You said you would make this REALLY easy...
to me that meant you would send me a SASE! Seriously,did I miss it? Tell me how...and type slowly. Pretend you're explaining it to a great grandchild ...under age 4.
Of course I want to pitch in and help you go out with a bang. If I have plenty or any, I am happy to share... must be that danged Liberalism showing through. Thanks for all you do,YDG.

yellowdoggranny said...

for got to put the info on Jerri..glad you reminded me..thanks sweet girl.

Jerri said...

Done and done. Thanks for sharing and caring,Jackiesue. Let us know how it goes. : )

yellowdoggranny said...

I'll have plenty of pictures too..that's me in the santa suit and will be playing santa again this year/

Intense Guy said...

I wish I could send something - it's been a bad year though.