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Friday, January 31, 2020

Come on everybody

 well I'm hoping this will take..I've done this post 3 times and each time it's disappeared..fucking blogger.well it's here but can't get the first meme to start at the top..sigh*..
I'm so tired I'm left handed..watching the little prince is like trying to herd cats..thank the Goddess,Jamie ordered one of those big mother fucker baby fence/gate..to block off the kitchen..he can crawl faster than a cheetah and thinks it's really funny to have his gg chase him..he crawls off, just crowing with laughter..speaking of crowing..I have taught him to moo like a cow and bwak like a chicken..I have a couple of videos that I'd love to post here of him....he's trying to put socks on his feet..we're all amazed that he even knows that's where socks go..plus he will take the lid of a water bottle and put it back on dozens of times..Abby could do that too..when she was 14 months old..Dylan's 10 months..it scares me how smart he is..he watches everything and we have no idea the things he knows how to do and say. He will give you something and says 'here'..he told Abby to 'stop that' when she was tickling him. He knows all the basics, mama, dada, gg, abb bee..nana, yaya, hi, bye, no, yes and up...and can give me five. I'm working on teaching him ASL as I learn..going to see about going to MCC college and learn it..plus he took 2 steps today before he decided to sit down.
gotta jet..making potato soup for center tomorrow..and it's already after 1 a.m. laters gaters

 I think Trump is blackmailing these assholes to be his attorneys..they defend him or he shows all of the films of them having sex with minors...