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Friday, February 28, 2014



I'm sure that any of you that have read my blog regularly know about Jackie's Kitchen for the residents for The West Rest Haven...and Joe was one of my regulars..he was always there..I don't think he ever missed one..and always made a point to thank me and tell me how much he appreciated it and when was the next one. I also am friends with one of Joe's sons, Darryl. He is a police officer here in West and one of the best men I've ever met..and the goodness that comes from him was planted by his dad and mom and step dad.When we had the explosion and I went to the Rest Haven Joe was the first person I saw..he was covered in blood and I started to freak out..but I knew if I lost it I wasn't going to be of any help. So I knew Joe's son was on vacation out of the country so I reassured him that the first thing I'd do was make sure Darryl knew he was ok.
After the explosion when I took up donations of clothes, toiletries etc for the residents from Church of Christ in West I took a bunch of stuff to Joe and we had a great talk and reminisced about Jackie's kitchen and his favorite Gumbo and Jambalaya..After our visit I hugged him good bye and said I'd see him soon..Half way down the hall I heard "I LOVE YOU.:...and I said I love you too..got some strange looks from aids and residents..but that was Joe..a good man, a good son, a good father and a good friend..I will miss him as will his family and many friends..Goddess bless you Joe, and I bet she lets you sit at her table..

some picutes of Joe at Jackie's Kitchen.

I feel like hammered shit, but here's Friday for you..