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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Mojo called from the city by the bay and she is doing so much better. Once you find out you're not losing your mind things start to fall into place. So thanks again Babs. Mo is all a flutter over her new baby. Bailey the cat. He has been in shelter since he was just a kitten and is now 8 months old and is getting more than his share of love and attention from Maryjo and Rolf. He will always have upper respiratory infections and will be what the vet calls "snuffily"....not sickly..I like that...'snuffily'..
We had a great talk about everything, like what a dick head forest gump is, lunar new year, people that like forest gump are stupid, her inability to loosen her grip on anything..she has control issues, which I am sorry to say she gets from her ole ma. She took a 1/2 day off from work to take the new kitty to the vet as she didnt' trust Rolf to do it alone. Told her, Mojo, if he was so stupid you couldn't trust him with the cat, you wouldn't be with him...she agreed..She is having a meeting with her psychotherapist, and her therapist. The therapist is the one that fucked up with the drug effexor and the psy.dr. is going with her to confront the therapist with her "fuck up"...Mojo doesn't like confrontations and is dragging her heels. Told her she needs to learn to do that and not be afraid to make waves.Now if she was drinking, she would crash into that office, rip the womans head off and shit down her throat. But she is sober and doesn't like to take a stand and make someone mad.Told her ...you do it once and it will feel so good, you will be able to do it alone the next time..But glad her psyc. dr. is going with her as she told Mo, 'I have your back'......
I played 'Harlem Nocturne' for her..She had never heard of it and enjoyed hearing her mom's favorite song...She thinks it was in some movie too, but we can't remember which one it was..Anyone remember?
She has also decided not to go back to school just now..to much on her plate. She doesn't need anything to stress her out any more than she already is. Im so glad. I always try to encourage her, but didn't want to urge her to go when I didn't think she was ready.

Holy shit there's a opposum on the porch. I forgot that Rocky is in and I heard something on the porch and thought it was him wanting in and opened up the door and there eating out of the bowls I had put out for stray cats was...a big ole fucking opposum...He looked at me and went right back to eating ......didn't scare him at all...I told Rocky,there's a 'possum on the porch .......nothing...he could care less.....but now Im worried that maybe that wasen't a good sign that the 'possum wasen't afraid of me...maybe he has rabbies.????fuck...opened the door again..and all the food was gone and so was my furry little friend...damn...may have to stop feeding the cats if it is going to bring out the wild life...I had forgotten that I have found various animals on the porch over the years, one time it was baby skunks, once it was an armadillo and a chicken snake over 6 feet long, and another opposum...judas priest..I live in the city....which reminds me..Jamie has two other dogs besides her white pits...and one is a runt pit named Paris, and Paris chased down and killed a coyote....Jamie watched her do it out her bed room window. They live out in the country and bothered by coyote's all the time. Not any more..Paris kicks ass..
I got some bad news yesterday..A girl I used to run with when I drank and did drugs with,died of cancer..She was 46 years old..She was always the youngest one but had been a hell raiser, drinker many years before I ever met her..I always tried to keep her out of trouble and even tried to help her off drugs, booze, got her a job, etc. She had problems with everything and fucking over her 'friends' was something she was most excellent at, so I was forced to drop her as a friend or do her bodily harm...actually kicked her ass once...forgot about that...I have always been the 'best friend or worse enemy' kind of person..and once you screw me over....there is no going back...but over the past 11 years I had seen her about 3 times and decided to let it go( so maybe Im mellowing) and even though we were not friends..I didn't wish her harm.....So I was really shocked and saddened that she died so young. She has a grown daughter that is a asst. coach for the Baylor Bears girls basketball team and a son about 13-14..The oldest daughter adopted him and is raising him..which is good to know...Tomorrow is the memorial service, and I am not sure if I will go or not. I hate those kind of things, but feel I need to go for her kids and her parents..plus Im not sure how many people will show as she really did fuck over alot of people..So maybe I should go just because of that...damn...46.....

Monday, January 30, 2006


There were two articles in the Dallas am news today that pissed me off so bad I did't know whether to spit or go blind. The first was a great article by aTim Giago, an Oglala Lakota, and is the president of the Native American Journalists Foundation Inc.....the title of the article is WHEN DID RELIGION GET TIED UP WITH POLITICS?
It is pretty lengthly so I will do a rough recap..He talks about the fact that the suicide bombers kill and maim in the name of Allah, but their war is in firmly rooted in politics.And ironically, in America, we now are faced with a leadership that leans heavily on religious convictions when making political decisions.President Bush flaunts his deep religious feelings, perhaps assuming that all Americans believe exactly as he. Should our laws be based on the Bible, just as the lasw of Islam are based on the Quran?
History tells us that the Indian people of the Southwest, the Pueblo, were deeply religious, but it was the wrong kind of religiousity. It wasen't Christian enough. The Spanish conquistadors murdered, maimed and indoctrinated those who did not embrace Catholicism.
The Pueblo men and women were reduced to slavery, while their children were forced into schools where language and customs were beaten out of them, or so the conquerors believed. But some religious beliefs die hard, and the Pueblo people kept their spiritual beliefs underground until it was safe to bring them into the light.
What happened to the indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere should be used as a lesson to the rest of America.The new religious leaders scoffed at their spiritual beliefs, and forced conversion became the law of the land.

So when right after I read this article what do I find but THIS article..
President Bush's $15 billion effort to fight AIDS has handed out nerly 1/4 of its grants to religious groups, and officials are aggresssively pursuring new church partners that often emphasize disease prevention through abstinence and fidelity over condom use.
Conservative Christian allies of the president are pressing the U.S. foreign aid agency to give fewer dollars to groups that distribute condoms or work with prostitutes.The Bush administration provided more than 560 million in 2001. Secular organizations in Africa are raising concerns that new money to groups with AIDS experience may dilute the impact of the three-year old program.
So what they will do is weed out the programs that give out condoms to prostitutes or iv drug users. Which means your're going to die...but that is ok...you'll die in the name of Jesus...
Please Goddess....it's time....take him home now......we've endured enough...smite his ass ....smite him back to a brand new life....make his karma life start at the beginning as he has fucked this one good..he needs to start all over again ...as a cockroach.......yeah, a cockroach....one of Babs cockroaches......she will see he learns his lesson as a reincarnated roach...
fuck me till I beg for mercy.....


Written by Elisabeth Robinson....I had emailed Babs earlier and old her that she had to read this book, but by the time I had finished it I knew I had to tell everyone to read it.Well, not everyone because as there are 'chick flicks', this is a 'chic book'....Although guys could learn a lot by reading it too...
I don't want to say anything that would give away the heart of the book. What I will say is it is a book done in letter form..they are mostly letters from Olivia to her sister Maddie. There are other letters to her friend Tina, to Olivia's mom, dad and brother, to her x-boyfriend and to various people she has in her life.It is such a wonderful, touching, funny book...Olivia sort of reminds me of Babs, but not..sorta kinda...in a great and wonderful way..but there is one part that I really loved and it is when Olivia and Maddie are on a road trip and they find a town in New Mexico called Pie Town, home of the Pie-0-neer Cafe. Which dates back to 1922 and who's motto is "Life goes on and days go by. That's why you should stop for pie."..........I want to believe that this town exists all most as much as I want to belive in heaven...
I urge all you women who are big readers and even those of you who aren't to either buy this book(it is a quality paper book, not hard back) or check it out at your library.If you buy it..read it and pass it along...You won't be sorry...I promise....

Sunday, January 29, 2006




In case you haven't been down to feed Soonerboy the spider you probably missed my "shittin' rhino".....I saw it on dom's blog about the selling of zoo poo and it showed a picture of the shittin' rhino and I had to have it...was going to put it as my picture but I like the snazzy lighting bolt sooner put there. so i had mentioned that I loved the picture and said maybe I could get Babs to put it on my site...and she did...I love that 'shittin' rhino'...I am one sick puppy.....so thanks to Babs and Dom....ya'll are plum peaches...

TEXAS GOLD....................SUNSHINE............

Ahhhh, sunshine...I love that sunshine...weatherman says we will have sun for a few days and then maybe another day or two of rain..We need the rain more than the sunshine and I love love them thunderstorms.Although Babs got the thunderstorms this time, we just got soaker rain...starting to worry about Rocky, he hasn't been home since he pranced off with his tail in the air. Which means he was out in all the rain, but even then he would normally come home for chow.So someone is either feeding him or he is still humping the ole mama cat that is the neighborhood chippy.The other reason is the one I don't want to think about....come on home Rocky, I promise to warm the canned milk for you.
There was an article in Dallas am news about how the Chinese-americans feel shorted cause their Lunar New Year is not a national holiday. That the Italian-Americans have Columbus Day, the Irish-Americans have St. Patrick's Day and African-Americans have Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and the Chinese don't have any day. The Lunar New Year is celebrated by more than a billion Asians around the world and for the 12 million Asian-Americans in the U.S. they feel slighted. San Francisco already closes its school for Lunar New Year. I can see her point, but only Martin Luther KIng Jr. and Columbus Day St. are federal holidays. Columbus Day is really to celebrate the discovery of America not just for Italians, although they have taken it as there day. By the way...today is Lunar New Year...happy new year ya'll....Plus there are more Irish in America than Asians, and they would throw a shit fit if Lunar New Year became a federal holiday and St. Patrick's day didn't. So maybe we should have both as a federal holiday..and then because the American Indians who have been royally fucked by the invaders, should get them ownselves a holiday..we should have Crazy Horse Day.The Mexican-Americans have Cinco de Mayo Day, so we need to give Porta Ricans a day, and Dominicans a day,and all them Canadians that flock to Hollywood, we can give them a day, and how about them Czech's, and Germans, and Poles, and Swedes, and Iraqui's, and Saudi's, and the French,(nah fuck the French), the Spanish, the Australians, the Russians, the Serbians, fuck...lets just let every race of people that live in the United States have their own fucking Holiday and then no one will ever fucking work here again...every fucking day will be a holiday...then because individuals will be slighted because we don't have Irish, Scots day...and German,Polish day....and damn, lets not forget handicapped people, we can have a handicap day, a depression day, a polio day, a fucking I have monthly cramps, give me a gun before I shoot some one day........
Ok, I feel much better now.....
fuckme till I have a jackiesue day

Saturday, January 28, 2006


This is a book review of one of the best books I have read since the last James Lee Burke book..This book gets 5 star's out of 5...It is smart, witty, suspenseful, has great characters, terrific story and written better than anyone else could have..I fucking loved it.Want to see Michael Connelly do a series on this group of people. The good guys are good, with a touch of sneakiness, and the bad guys are really assholes. This book is the reason why I didn't go to sleep until 9am. I could not put it down till I finished it. Thinking about how I can tell you what it is about without blowing away the story. A defense lawyer who works out of his Lincoln..in southern Calif. married and divoriced from a prosecutor with an 8 year old daughter, who although is spoke about and he spends time with is never a part of the story...it is all about the case..the case of a Beverly Hills playboy who is arrested for attacking a woman he picked up in a bar and an old case the lawyer lost....if you don't read another book the rest of the year..you have to read this one...this my friends is a YAFTA...you have to read it....


I am sure that I have told the story about how I came to quit smoking, but in case you guys missed it it seems to be worth the retelling. I worked as a waitress, bartender at several bars in Portland,Oregon when the boys were young(before Maryjo was born) and their Dad was not around much at all, so basically it was me and my two sons.Back then cigerettes were .35 cents a pack....heehee..anyhow...I smoked 4 packs of camels, non filter every day..During this time there was a big story in the news about this man who had been married and had a son and gotten a divorce and was a really great father while the mother was pretty much a drunk and left the kid alone alot. In the meantime the father had come out as being gay and had a partner. Because of the mother's lack of care and the fact that the father was a much better parent he sued for full custody of his son and his partner was was willing to adopt him so he would have 2 parents.Today it is not that big of a deal, but back then..it was a really big deal. So I lit up a cigarette one day and Thom threw his self in my lap and started crying...just sobbing and weeping. I freaked out and wanted to know what was wrong. Thom finally quit crying long enough to sob out that if I kept smoking I was going to die of cancer, he was going to be an orphan and a homosexual couple was going to adopt him.I laughed my ass off. But little t-Tom was dead ass serious and would follow me all thru the house weeping this lament every time I lit up.i would hide in the bathroom to smoke and you could see his little fingers wiggling under the door and hear "mommie, mommie,don't die, the homosexuals will adopt me"...he would follow me to the car when I would sneak out and he was so short I couldn't see his head but there were those 2 little arms and hands wiggling back and forth...and "mommie, mommie.....what is a homosexual and why do they want to adopt me?....."...well, adventually he wore me down..it was easier to quit a 4-pack-a-day habit than to listen to that kid cry every time i snuck a cigarette...and other than weed, he doesn't smoke either.
Now if you're really having trouble and want to stop smoking..I can send Thom to your house as he is still as obnoxious now as he was then.....
And fyi, the guy got custody of his son and lived hapily ever after.


Hot damn...it is raining....and what is weird is the birds are making the damdest racket I have ever heard...The trees are full of those ugly black birds, not grackels but the black birds with shiny blue on their wings and they are raising 3 kinds of hell.Freaky.Fuck the birds, it's raining...If it rains long enough and steady enough it will help the farmers and we will be able to have the cookoff.
I haven't been to sleep yet. When I get into a good book, it is hard toput down.Plus I plugged away at poppit for a few hours too. When I went outside a few hours ago to get the paper, the yard was flooded..soaked my houseshoes and socks, but didn't even care...It's raining ....
There were two articles in the Dallas Morning News. One that truly pissed me off and made me laugh, plus one that made me sad..The one that pissed me off is the one about marlboro cigarettes. Seems last week the Socialist government of Spain raised the taxes on cigarette manufacturers in response to what it called a flood of cut-rate brands targeting younger smokers. Spain's top manufacturer, Altadis, responded by raising their prices. But American gint Philip Morris shocked everyone by lowering prices for Marlboro by around 15 % and making similar cuts for two other brands in Spain, infuriating consumer groups, doctors and even cigarette vendors fretting over lower revenue. The good part of this story is that the people went on strike by refusing to sell Phillip Morris products in Spain.
good for them...
What shocked the shit out of me was....the prices of cigarettes.Now that is funny. I haven't smoked in over 30 years so don't pay attention to what the prices are other than I knew they were high...A pack of Marlboro goe for $4.63 in Italy, $6 in France, and $9 in Britain. In the U. S., in mid-Manhattan, a pack of Marlboros range from $6.80 to $7.40 depending on the type.fuckme till I smoke smoke smoke that cigarette..(old cigarette commercial...most of you are too young to remember.)
I laughed till I blew snot. ....any one who still smokes and pays that much for their cigarettes...deserves to get lung cancer. Well, no one deserves lung cancer, but still...judas priest...Puleeeeeese.....give me a fucking break....anyone that still smokes(I know there are plenty of you still out there) and spends that much money for something that is fucking going to kill you...well...the goddess has a special bip saved just for you..hooboy, I know I am going to piss people off with that one...and I know what your thinking...I will probably drop dead because my arteries will be clogged up with blue bell ice cream and dr.pepper..But it didn't cost me $70 for a 1/2 gallon or $7 for a dr.pepper....I bet every time an American Indian sees a white person light up a cigarette they burst out laughing.Redman's revenge..hoooboy...what a bunch of schmucks...

oh, hell, that makes me laugh so much..I don't even want to get to the sad part...hard to feel sad when I have a mental picture of you smokers paying $7 for a pack of cigarettes......hoooooooooboy....hahahahahaaaa

Friday, January 27, 2006


Because of the lack of rain, the unthinkable may happen..they may have to cancel the annual cookoff.It's planned for March 18th but if we don't get some serious rain between now and then, they will have to cancel..The state burn ban has already been the cause of seveal cookoff cancelations.
One of the young ladies that works at community has won Czech Queen. Last year we had a Miss Westfest.Which means we have some pretty ladies working at our little store.
St. Mary's is celebrating Catholic Schools week...All kinds of activities are being held, plus an open house.
We have had a slow baby week, only one birth, 3 birthdays and 6 deaths.
The West High School girls and boys split their basketball games in
District, which means they are still playing.
Another business has shut down in West.There are about 6 business's that have closed and it is sad to drive down the street and see all the bare windows and for sale signs on the door.I did talk to Robert who is manager of the $1 General Store and he said they are going to build a new store and it will be huge...That is the main reason why the little shops are closing. They can't compete with the $1 store here in town and Wal-mart 15 minutes away.The thriving business's are resturants, the Hardware and the Lumber Co. There are about 6 little curio, antique, etc. shop's but doublt if all of them will be open this time next year.We have several beauty shops, flower shops, Dentist, Drs.,one cleaners, 2 dance studios,one video store, 3 car lots, (Ford, Chevy and used)a furniture store, 2 liquor stores, 2 Drug Stores, 1 barber shop,2 grocery stores, 1 meat market,1 auto-parts, 4 bars, (the one that I feel like I closed as it was 'my bar' and their business took a dive when I quit drinking and never recovered, has shut down) and other little stores.I also notice more signs for houses for sale then I have ever seen in West before.Noticed too that all the houses for sale have been seriously marked down.One that is such a great deal is a 4 bed-room/3 bath brick home on 1.5 acres,and has gameroom is on sale now for $179,900. Such a deal.
Some one has a 4 month old, black and tan Shihtzu to give away.I thought about calling about it for...6 seconds...then decided I had my hands full with Rocky, that cheating little bastard.
Oh, I just noticed in the business section that we have 2 vets, several insurance companies, a dozer service, septic service, Carpet Sales, Trophy shop,lawnmower service,and tada......a blacksmith...I always forget about our blacksmith.We also have a tin shop...
I always wanted to open a used book store that specialized in mystery, romance and children.Which are the three biggest interest at the library.
Nothing exciting going on. I happen to talk to the Police Chief the other day and he said crime was at it's lowest..Which is great news.So unless we get rain, the biggest news is the chance that we might not have a cookoff this year....
fuckme till I self-baste


This is a thank you to Babs...Barbara my friend.If I had not made it a practice to read her post every day no matter what ....I would not have learned about the effects of withdraw from effexor. If Barbara had not given a fuck what people thought of her blog she wouldn't have posted about the side effects from coming off of effexor and I would not have recognized the symptoms Maryjo was discribing as the same ones Barbara had discussed.Maryjo was convinced that she was just losing her mind and was thinking seriously about suicide. She didn't know if she was having some sort of medical problem(re the flashing in the right side of her eye)and was going to die from it or she was just going insane and wouldn't survive it..When she called me crying and telling me what she was going through I knew to tell her"you're not going crazy MOJO, your going through withdraw from the drug..it's not you honey..it is the drug."Which led me to go to the drug store and get all the info that she could read for herself and know that she may be crazy..but it had nothing to do with what she was going through.Mojo called today and said she had spoke to her therapist about what her psychcologist had done, she reasssured Mojo that the psychologist had dropped the ball and had (her words) fucked up...and that she had her back and knew it wasn't her...So thanks Barbara..I will be forever grateful to you for....just being you..
because if you hadn't I would not have known what she was going through...You're in the will.....in pen...


Yesterday was the 4th Wed. of the month when I get my social security check..so did most of my running around today.Paid house payment, water bill, went to the grocery store and then to the library. I made out like a second story man...I picked up Michael Connelly's The Lincoln Lawyer, which I am really enjoying.I like his books very very much...Then I got a first time author Elisabeth Robinson's book The Hunt Sisters. It sounds like those books that you consider a gift and looking forward to reading it.Then I thought I would try a mystery writer that I have never read before Tom Corcoran and the title is Air Dance Iguana.The cover was a pretty green and the font looked good ...ha...so thought, what the hell..Actually the other two books are by author's I have never tried before, Patricia Henley's In The River Sweet and The Memory of Running by Ron Mclarty...Plus I have to pick up 3 more that Henrietta culled for me from the Waco Library.They used to come twice a week for deliveries and pickups, but with the gas being so high, they cut it back to once a week..So I am all excited..new books, and the Lincoln Lawyer smells so good...I don't know if someone had it and sprayed it with perfume or what the deal is, but I put my nose in the book and smelled really good..I just reread that and yes I often put my nose in my books and smell them..I love the smell of print on paper in books..and if it has leather binding, Im damn near in hog heaven..Ahhhhh, life is good.Have my pot of tea steeping, eating christmas candy I got for 70% off at the $store, the house is nice and snuggly warm and Im listening to Harlem Nocturne....fuckme till I purr

Thursday, January 26, 2006


I am sure that eveyone has what is commonly called a "Shit List".Sometimes my "Shit List" resembles my will.Which is why I have two forms of keeping tabs on who is on which list.I have pen and pencil. The pen is for people who once they get on either the "Shit List" or the will are there to stay.The pencil is for people who get on the "Shit List" and in my will but by either bad deed or good get erased. Up until now Rocky has been in the will....but after his stunt this afternoon he went from will........to "Shit List"....and the story goes like this:Rocky left last night about 3am or so for his nightly grab ass with the female that is in heat and to take a dump. He usually is gone about 2 hours.He didn't come home till this afternoon at about 5pm..I opened up the door, held the screen open for him and said"come on in rock, your dinner is waiting."...where upon...Rocky stretched......yawned...licked his balls and stolled off the porch and out of the yard.Who the fuck does that little fucker think he is? It's hard enough to go through life and have to put up with shit from people on a day to day basis..but damn'd if I will take it from a stupid cat.So he is now residing at number one on my "Shit List"...Someone who is in the will and is in pen.?Dom...he is the one that when he read my list of 3 favorite songs down loaded Harlem Nocturne by the Viscounts and sent it to me...I have not heard that song in over 40 years and now I get to listen to it every day and every night...when ever and how many times I want to...So, Dom is in the will....in pen. Damn I love that song.....thanks again, Dom...


Fuckers are beginning to chap my ass big time..Despite 2 studies that warn the war recruiting shortfalls put the forces at a breaking point, and one that was ordered by Rumsfeld's office..he rejected the reports...
In an "interim asessment" of the Iraq war commissioned by the Office of the Secretary Defense, former Army officer Andrew Krepinevich said the strain of keeping large numbers of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan has reduced the Army to a "thin green line." Recruiting shortfalls the Army suffered last year and potential problems in getting soldiers with families to re-enlist because of repeat rotations to Iraq put the Army"in a race against time" to bring troops home"or risk'breaking'the force," Mr. Krepinevich wrote.
Mr. Rumsfeld said he hadn't read the 136-page report but "it's clear that those comments do not reflect the current situation.They are either out-of-date or just misdirected." Another report released by congressional Democrats accused the Bush administration of failing to plan the Iraq war properly, send enough forces to pacify the country and adequately equipt troops.
(among the authors of the report are former Defense Secretary William Perry and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.)
Mr. Rumsfeld rejected their conclusions, saing the Army had met its goals for recruiting in each of the last seven months even though goals were raised as part of a plan to boost the force by 30,000.
In reality...the Army fell6,667 troops short of its fiscal 2005 recruiting goal of 80,000, and the Army Reserve missed its goal by 4,626.
so here's the deal..Mr. Krepinevich was paid by the government to do this report because as Mr. Rumsfeld says,"Well, because the way you get the best knowledge and the best perspective is to listen to people with different views."(he was paid $137,000 over a year for this report)
So what does he do? Says their wrong....just because we hired them, paid them a huge amount of money, and they are supposed to be on our side.....their wrong ..wrong..(deny...deny....deny...stick to it..)fuckity fuck fuck fuck...
Please Goddess it is such a small thing...can't you smite them...??? sort of like a version of the Goddess Bip...? please..

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I actually felt like I was chipping on my boyfriend by watching Leno tonight and not Letterman. Although I did watch the beginng of Letterman till Kinky came on Leno. It is soo hard for me to watch Leno no matter who his guest is. He just makes my ass hurt.I don't know what it is about him, but he creeps me out.It might have been because I heard that he is into leather and whips.That is just too disturbing to even think about..icky poo..
So what did you think of Kinky on Leno?( I know there is a joke in there someplace)He says all the right things, and is very funny, but every time he says something like the 5 Mexican generals having their own territory and giving them a million dollars and every time some one crosses the border we take $5,000 from his account.Well, I can think of about 80,000 Mexicans that are not going to see any humor in that at all, and lots of them ARE citizens and they vote.Or at least some of them do.But as funny as it is, it is no answer to the question.How are you going to close the border? How are you going to make us number one in something besides executions? ANSWERS, MOTHER FUCKER...I WANT ANSWERS..There are enough jokers in the Texas capital without us electing another one..(why did the type set change???)
Did you see where he used my damn joke about Mississippi saying thank god for Texas? mutter mutter...
Any how........settle down Jackiesue...what did you all think?..
fuckme till I smoke illegal cigars


When I was in the library Tuesday to check out some new books the UPS driver was in there..I told him that I had received a package for Christmas and by the time the neighbors and the stupid driver fucked it up I had to wait almost a week for the package..Told him I called my girlfriend who sent the package to not send me packages unless it was through UPS as the driver knew me and where I lived.Now I have not seen the driver in probably a year and he looked at me for a minute and said...Nate...you had the big pit bull dog Nate. I love little towns..Nate scared the crap out of almost everyone but he made friends with the UPS driver right off the bat..would get all excited when he saw the truck in town..he always brought Nate a treat and the way to Nate was through his stomach.He weighed 110 lbs..Nate's best trick was the pit bull dog mating act. Which was Nate laying on his back and wiggling back and forth making aroullll type noises for about 15 minutes..It was a way to scratch his back Im sure, but he did it better, longer and for greater distances than any dog I have ever seen..He would start at one end of the yard and by the time he got through wiggling and squirming back and forth it would be about 15 minutes and he was at the other end of the yard...but the noises he made were hysterical..translated the noises would be in english.."oh god, that feels good, oh ohooooohooohooo yes, oh man..a little over here where the rocks are...oh yes..ohoohohhhhh, now over where the soft grass is, ahh ok, that's it. yes, oh baby...well, you get the idea..
fuckme till I hollar oh baby..


I had forgotten how much fun playing games in pogo was. That is where I met alot of the people I still email.I met Mary who is like one of my kids or maybe a sister, and introduced her to my cousin who lives in Butler, Pa. they have met 2-3 times ...he flys in from butler to Denver and they go dancing and go to the casinos...I met dizzyb, grumpybear, erica, and goudafather.I know their real names now...been over 3 years..Pogo used to be all free games, now they just have an assorted group of games that are free.then I couldn't afford internet service and just kept up with people at the library.So decided tonight to check out the game room and have been playing sweet tooth and popit...Now I remember the other reason I quit playing was I would start playing and would play for hours..It's almost 4:30am and have been playing since 2am..My back is killing me..But i get caught up in the game and bam, Im gone..
I think I might be coming down with something, something sickly ...feel like hammered shit..stomache is flipping around, feel headachey and just general malaise.Think I will go eat a bowl of blue bell blueberry cheese cake...it is really good, got it, homemade vanilla, and caramel turtle fudge, which is kick ass..and to those who try and besmearch bluebell and say that Texan's stretch the truth....always remember..we not only stretch the truth..we are also packing...Blue Bell is the best, and if it wasen't the best in nc...it was because your taste buds are all screwed up from eating bbq sauce with vinegar in it...ha...so take that...They probably made it in nc and didnt use contented Texas cows...
well, I am going to try and catch some sleep..my hours are all fucked up again..Damn..I hate that...
fuckme till I mooooooo


This is enough to make you go to Washington D.C. and kick some serious ass.
Yesterdays's ediorial,"We're All For Reform"-But new rules won't change Capitol culture," is right on. It did, however, miss the most glaring, recent example of legal corruption.
Billy Tauzin, a former Republican congressman from Louisina,wrote the medicare prescription drug legislation tht forbids the government from negotiating drug prices.He then retired from Congress and was hired to head Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America for $2 a year.
PHARMA is the drug industry's lobby. That is the culture of corruption...Joseph J. Hazewski, Kerens
fuckme till Im elected to Congress.

and while I am giving out all this medical news...UT researchers find that exercising boosts mood for clinically ill.One hour of walking on the treadmil for 30 minutes will insure you of at least an hours worth of feeling better. So get up and go walk for an hour and that's almost 2 hours of happiness..see where this is going...keep walking and all your cares will be walked away...uh huh....Maryjo lives in San Francisco and walks every where and I don't think she feels any better...fuckity fuck fuck fuck

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


One of the great things about living in a small town like West is my local pharmacist at one of the two drug stores in town.My drug store is OLD CORNER DRUG STORE on the corner of Oak and Main Street.Today they earned my respect and love.
I had been so upset about the dire withdraw symptoms that Maryjo and Babs are experiencing from getting off effexor that I decided to go see the experts.I have weaned myself off all the drugs I had been on for the past 10 years, so Im not a regular customer like I was so I felt a little guilty asking the pharmacist to help me find the information I was looking for, but I should have known better. I explained that my daughter was going through horrible withdraw from being taken off effexor.He printed out some information and then he took the thing that comes attached to your bottle of effexor(you know how tiny the print is on that damn thing) and read the entire instructions to find what I needed to know.Circled the two places where it told what to expect and how to wean yourself off of the drug..All and all, it took almost 30 minutes and he never acted put out or that I was asking the impossible.This wasn't kurt the owner of the drug store but his new partner who has a cute little Santa beard, more gray that white and has this spiffy little handle bar mustache.
(earlier when I typed this out I also typed out the entire 2 sections that he had circled for me...right after I typed it up and was going to change the color to yellow...the fucking electricity went out and I lost the entire post..fuckity fuck fuck fuck..so if they electricity goes out again...well, fuck you guys..go to your drug store and have him do it for you...yeah, right..I bet your local walgreens won't do that for you...ok, here goes afuckinggain)

Patients should be monitored for these symptoms when discontinuing treatment.A gradual reduction in the dose rather than abrupt cessation is recommended whenever possible. If intolerable symptoms occur following a decrease in the dose or upon discontinuation of treatment, then resuming the previously prescribed dose may be considered.Subsequently, the physician may continue decreasing the dose but at a more gradual rate. In clinical trials with Effexor XR, tapering was achieved by reducing the daily dose by 75mg at 1 week intervals.Individualization of tapering may be necessary.
Abrupt discontinuation or dose reduction of the drug at various doses has been found to be associated with the appearannce of new symptoms,the frequency of which increased with increased dose level and with longer duration of treatment. Reported symptoms include agitation, anorexia, anxiety, confusion, coordination impaired,diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, dysphoric mood, fasciculation, fatigue, headaches, hypomania, insomnia, nausea, nervousness,nightmares,sensory disturbances(including shock-like electrical sensations), somnolence, sweating, tremor,vertigo, and vomiting.There have been spontaneous reports of adverse advents occuring upon discontinuation of effexor, particularyly when abrupt, including the following: dysphoric mood, irratability, agitation,confusion, headache,lethargy, emotional lability, hypomania, tinnitus, and seizures.
Ok, Im blind now...
One of the main things my pharmacist said was that Drs. should not abruptly cease effexor unless they switch the patient to a drug in the same family, which Maryjo's Dr. did not do...she had her stop taking effexor and switched her to a completely different type of drug in a different family...and should have had her decrease her dosage not stop completely...
I hope that this information helps all of you that are coming off of effexor..may the goddess bless and keep you safe from effexor..
fuckme till I have emotional lability...




I always watch Letterman...Letterman Letterman..he's my Letterman...ok...enough...settle down...I can't stand Jay Leno..he actually makes my ass hurt...really...I watch him and I swear to the Goddess, my ass starts to hurt...but ass pain or no..this Wed. I will be watching Leno and not Letterman(pst..don't tell him)as Kinky is going to be on...He was on 60 minutes and I wanted to slap a bip on him soo bad...ok, Kinky we get it..your funny...you look cute in your hat, but stop the vaudville act and be serious long enough for us to take you serious..Like I said, it doesn't matter if your heart is in the right place if your head is up your ass.If the only thing I knew about Kinky was what he showed on 60 minutes last night..I would run screaming out of the room and cast my vote for good hair Perry..comparing yourself to Jesus isn't going to drum up alot of votes, nor is telling people to not circumcize me no more..especially when you are running for office in one of the most right wing christian states out there..and they really do think your folks killed Jesus..I'm not holding my breath about him even getting on the ballot...if he gets on the ballot I will kiss his ass in the middle of Oak and Reagan St. right here in West by God Texas, and you heard it here first folks.
fuckme till I wear black hats and smoke cigars..

Monday, January 23, 2006


My daughter Maryjo, who lives in San Francisco is being taken off of effexor and is now taking depakote(spelling?)..but in the mean time she is bouncing off the walls.....when she called me today and was crying and describing what she was going through I freaked, I said it was almost word for word what some of you have been discribing on your blogs. That she wasen't loosing her mind, that it was the drug...She would tell her boyfriend what was going on and he was not sympathic and just doesn't understand that it is not a choice...she can't just 'cheer up' or 'get over it'....I wanted to fly to s.f. and kick his ass...Good thing I am too poor to fly up there or he would be removing a size 7 converse out of his ass right about now..dipshit..and although I don't like discussing Mojo's problems I have to say this or I will go nuts..She is sober 19 months....fragile like a peice of china...hanging on by a thread...her boyfriend has been with her for about8-9 months(not sure )...so he knows...he fucking does know...his mother is in hospital for alcohol problems .very bad..dts,tremmors, etc..so Mojo is trying to be helpful with them(family ) with what they need to know, what to do, not do, etc...so asshole calls her up and says to meet him at house they are going to box up her liquor and take it away from the house..plus 2 days before she explained to him she felt like she was 2 days from drinking...was in a very fragile place...and he has her go to his mothers house and pack up bottles of whiskey, vodka, etc...bottles and bottles and bottles of them..hid all over the house...etc...and he didn't understand why she was upset with him and why it should be a problem...JUDAS FUCKING PRIEST. I swear to the goddess it is taking all I have to keep from just not paying the rent this month and fly to San Francisco and ripping his fucking head off and shitting down his neck.....bang my head......................................
Wow...do I feel better or what...?????? well, not really, but it did help.
I emailed babs and asked her to write to Mo as I know it will help her to talk to someone that is going thru what she is going thru and not feel like it is just her and she is going insane....I am also going to send her to babs sleep/meds blogsite too...if anyone of you are going thru the effexor withdrawls like she is...please email her care of me as I am sure it will help..
and to show you what knee jerk reaction I had to her phone call..I immediately when to the store and bought 3 1/2 gallons of Blue Bell....wish I could send some to her...
fuckme till I churn out rocky road...

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Thank you missy babs..(or your third name)hehe

3 Names I answer to:

3 parts of your heritage

3 things that scare me
George W. Bush
people finding our I can be scared

3 of your everyday essentials
my dallas am newspaper
my crosswords in the dallas am newspaper

3 things you are wearing right now
night shirt
house shoes/socks

3 of your favorite songs
midnight at the oasis
walking after midnight
harlem nocturn

3 things you want in a relationship(other than real love)(that's a joke right?)
someone who has same political beliefs
a dallas cowboy fan
non smoker/drinker(figure if I have those three I can whip him into shape)

2 truths and 1 lie(in any order)
I love george w bush and think he is the greatest president ever
I have a stange but compelling sense of humor
I am a better friend that I am a parent

3 things about the opposite sex that appeal to your
they have dicks
sometimes they smell so good you want to sit on their face
did I mention the dicks?

3 of your favorite hobbies
crossword puzzles

3 places you want to go
south pole

3 things you want to do before you die
die? Im going to die? fuck no one said anything about dieing...
have sex with brad pitt
have sex with craig bierko
have a three way with brad and craig

ways you are stereotypically male/female
you have got to be kidding right...
I have a vagina
I have tits
I have to sit when I pee

fuckme till I have a 3-way


voted for Bush? Cause if they did..I bet right about now they are wishing they had voted for Kerry...because one of the first things Bush did when he became president was to stop the review of equiptment for the mines ...a program begun by Clinton...will quote from paper now:"In withdrawing the items during its first term, the Bush administration cited changing priorities and resource concerns.miner's advocaates said the action scrapped potentially important safety rules...Another issue the Clinton administration was reviewing but which was withdrawn during Bush's first term involved the deployment of mine rescue teams.".Look's like ole forest gump did it again...he who thinks ( I am embarassed to use that word in conjunction with Forest) he knows all...shows that he don't know shit...Every time I think of the people that voted for bush I remember the old Toyoto commercial..."you asked for it, you got it....Toyoto..."...well, you dipshit republican's.."you asked for it..you got it....Bush."
fuckme till I ride a bike


It has been so long since we had rain, I had forgotten what it was..wonderful wonderful rain...and something else I had forgotten that goes with rain in the town of West......fucked up telephone lines...when it rains in West several things happen:the electricity goes out and the phone lines fuck up...as the wiring in town hasn't been redone since....well, ever..I had forgotten that when it rains, I always have trouble with my telephone line..that is why my computer kept screwing up last night...the line kept going in and out and I kept losing power to the internet..so my mea culpa's to who ever was on watch last night at blogspot...it wasn't your fault..I sorry......When I got up this afternoon(didn't go to sleep till 7am...damn cramps)..I tried to get on line and no dial tone..had to jiggle wires, cuss, hold my mouth just right and turn the heat on which dried up the wires...what a mess...oh well, you gots to suffer to sing the blues...
In the mean time...it's raining...lovely wet rain...love the sound of the cars driving on the wet streets, and the sound of the rain dripping on my porch...Rocky on the other hand is sorely pissed about the rain...he won't use a liter box, will go out side only...watching him pee in the rain is pretty funny...he scrunches up his face and his eyes almost disappear...then bam he's back on the porch...and why is it the only time he want's to get in my lap is when he is soaking wet.?'lil fucker..
Want to thank everyone for their kindness on my post about my leg cramps...sorry to say they are still cramping..but I have been working on the noises I make when they get real bad..."oh.oh..ohhhohhhoshit..fuck..oh..oh...sonofabitch..
kind of funny after awhile..
fuckme till I hobble


I have been sitting in my chair trying to read and my legs and feet are reminding me that I should not have stood on my feet for 2 1/2 hours...the nerves in my right leg were badly damaged from 6 years of being pinched by my spine and if and when I forget and think I can do what I have always been able to do..stand on my feet for any length of time..they remind me in very unpleasant ways that I can't. I have been trying to work the cramps and pains out of my legs since I got home at a little after 10pm..it isn't working..I can't even begin to tell you how much pain I am in..my feet cramp so bad that my toes curl into the bottom of my feet..and I have one pain pill that I am saving for when I kick forest gump's ass so don't want to take it..It hurts so bad I actually took 3 asprins..and I never take more than 2 asprins..(shoot morphine maybe ..but never take more than 2 aspirins..that shit can kill ya)
don't know why I decided to whine about this shit..not like it is going to make it go away..but helps keep my mind off the fact that my right leg is trying to touch the back of my head...ha...and that wet shit is still falling out of the sky...what IS the deal?
Fuck me tiil I see rainbows..

Saturday, January 21, 2006


I am about to kick somebody's ass..I keep getting tossed off of blogspot, it double posted, took forfucking ever to delete one of them.Tried to edit it and ate the post.So...fuck you who ever is in charge tonight..
I tried to edit my Kinky post 'cause I forgot to add a very important part..about my impression of him. Even though I started out a little pissy, he looked me right in the eye when he answered my questions, and later when someone skirted something that I had said about needing answers, he leaned across the table and looked me right in the eye and said "we do have answers to your questions and will have them in the media soon."..I watched him when he was giving autographs and talking to people and he comes across as a straight shooter and I have a built in bullshit detector and never got the feeeling he was pulling a fast one on anyone. I think he is sincere and genuine about needing to fix the fuck up that Texas is in.I know he loves Texas and is tired of all the political bullshit that goes on..but..I will say when he talked about good hair perry using the gay marriage thing to cover up the fact that nothing else was being done..he said something to the effect of it coming straight from the capital of texas...and I said "and the white house"...he ducked his head and said "now that is a hourse of a different color." and I wanted to say "yes, but that horse shits in Texas."...but the moment passed before i could get it in...he really doesn't want to say anything about forest gump...that still worries me...that will be the first question I will ask if I see him again..I really wanted to ask more questions but I didn't want to piss anyone off bad enought that I wouldn't be able to get close enough to ask them at a later date...plus he remembered my name and didn't want to get on a keep her out of the fucking room list..all in all..I had a good time...got some answers and got to tell people to save themselves for kinky..can't beat that with a stick...oh, the funniest part of the whole evening was I turned around and ran smack dab into a friend I have known for about 25 years and he cracked up laughing...he said he should have known that I would be hanging out with a guy named Kinky and it was after 10pm and did my kids know where I was...now that was funny...
by the way....there is still water falling from the sky...any one know what that could be?????
fuckme till I cotton eyed joe..


Where do I start...hmmmm. First of all on the way home there was water falling out of the sky and I am sure that is a sign of them 4 guys on horseback coming...THE SKY IS FALLING.THE SKY IS FALLING...
Ok, enough messing around...I left here all a twitter...Jackiesue was going to the big city of Waco to see the Kingster...First off there was 8kabillion peple there..some big deal country stars picking and a grinning..so I had to park in bumfuck,Texas which is right out side of Amarillo and walk to the heart of texas joint.So had to drag out my hand carved made in mexico cane and waddle my fat ass 70-11 miles to get there(after I had to cough up $2.25 to park my truck..which really pissed me off..so already my all a twitter feeling is turning to shit..and I can feel the old red neck Jackiesue creep out..so finally get to the little window and Im thinking these fuckers don't want to ask me for money to get in ...and lucky for me,them and all concerned they just pointed me to where they thought he was....so I start walking..and I walk...and I walk...now walking isn't something I do well after 4 back operations so I was really starting to reach the 'somebody is going to pay for this shit gage on my bullshit meter'...finally some one looked at me and I must have looked like I didn't belong in a country and western ho'down..and said"he's in here"...just like that..walk into a a room the size of my yard and maybe 12 people are in there...and of course..decked out in black hat, black duster, black shirt and pants and trusty cigar is "the kingster"..and I listened to him...and finally I said.."exactly what are you going to do if you make it in, because before I waste my democratic vote that I have used every year since I first voted, for you.I want to know how your going to do it."and I got a song and dance..lots of this is what we can do and this is what we are going to do, but really not how he was going to do it..But you know..we can't even sign the petition to get him on the ballot till March...we have to not vote in the primary and then get him on the ballot and then he can start making promises he will probably have to break...He said he would make Willie Nelson head of the energy commision..which really makes some sense as Willie is knee deep in corn oil...bio fuel...rather....I was sort of diapointed that he didn't get into the how's of what he was going to do...but he's so damn cute I may forgive him that...ha...Also said that good hair Perry had fubared (fucked up beyond all reason) Texas and it was the rallying cry of Texan's to say "thank God for Mississippi", but now it was Mississippi saying "thank god for Texas" as we are now in the bottom of the states in just about every fucking thing..health care,wages,jobs,etc.He is saying leave no teacher behind, and I said "Yes, especially when high school coaches make $100,000 a year and teachers make only $44,000 a year, and made him laugh when I said "and of those to 20 coaches, 14 of them didn't make the playoffs."..he was starting to pull up stakes about then to go on stage so I weaseled in and got his autograph and when I said my name was Jackie he said I bet you spell it weird...(smart man) and said yes it's Jacque...betcha guys didn't know that...says for Jacque..love the gov...kinky friedman...what a guy...Mary and Roland Duty of the world famous Papa Rollo's Pizza parlor were the hosts and had 2 huge pizza's shaped like texas and a bunch of smaller ones stuffed in the shape of texas...so when every one left I helped roland clean up .once a waitress always a waitress...someone came back in and said after he played he was going to the booth were they were selling kinky shit...(I bought a kinky button)and went to the booth to see what kind of trouble I could get into...they had a bunch of flyers that had 5 reasons to vote for Kinky for Governor...so I handed out flyers ...telling people "save you're self for Kinky"...I told Kinky's manager I think people thought Kinky was going to fuck them...he rolled his eye brows and said something to the fact that maybe he would..(like I wanted to fucky Kinky...) hell,doesn't that yankee know the yellowdog don't fuck?...ha..But I was having so much fun...handing out the flyers..told them I thought I had found my niche...handing out flyers and saying "save yourself for Kinky:...damn...that was fun...when I said that the yankee guy looked at me kind of strange and I said "I don't get out much"...he was putting the fake moves on some bleached out blond and when she walked off I said"you are so full of shit.."...and he took out his phone and checked the time and said .."my first compliment and it's not even 9o'clock yet"..he's pretty funny...but being cute and having a bunch of witty comebacks isn't going to unfuck up my state...so I am stll for KInky but hope he comes up with something better ..cause it don't matter if your heart is in the right place if your head is up your ass..
fuck me till Im kinky ....



I am all duded up in my black jeans, red West, Texas t-shirt and blue converse tennies..I actually put make up on and spiked up my hair..Look like a porky pine going to a barn dance.The radio station is gaydarradio.com..given to me by Kevin..click on the side where it says hear now or play now...?? instand radio...I am trying to find my local radio station that plays on the internet too and can't figure it out..My friend David O. is coming over, going to try and talk him into going with me..but he is worse than I am about getting out of the house one he is back in West..He works in Waco and has to drive it back and forth 5 times a week at least so he is not eager to go back just to see me raise hell. He has had ring side seats for that event many times over the last 25 years..so it isn't any thing new..fresh blood is only difference. I sure hope Kinky doesn't disappoint me and force me to draw blood..If worse comes to worse I will slip him $5 for a cigar and will vote for a Democrat. Will let you know what happens...
fuckme till I am a write in...


Thanks to Kevin I am listening to gaydar-radio...I wasen't sure my speakers would work as sometimes they do and some times they don't..and when nothing popped up..I thought well, no radio..and then blast...it started up and like to have gave me a heart attack..hoooboy...ha...It's bouncy...I finally figured out how to turn the sound down before I woke up the dead guy who passed away in the house and comes out to haunt me every now and then.If my granddaughters come over and find me listening to this music they will never let me hear the end of it..as I only listen to golden oldies..and willie and waylon...(bang bang my baby shot me down is playing...hooooboy..It is sure not sonny and cher.)how come the music all sounds the same..that ole 80's disco beat...do you realize how hard it is to type while doing the hussle from the waist up..?yes......this is fun...
Im preparing my list of questions to ask Kinky...Like how can you be friends with george w and be for gay marriages? and what difference does it make if he's for gay marriages.texas has already passed a law making it illegal. he can't change the texas constitution..even if he made it to governor..texans won't let him change it..I am beginning to think Kinky has feet of clay...Like I said..I will find out tonight for sure..ok, Iam out of here..have to go check the mail...will let you know the outcome of JACKIESUE VS KINKY..
fuckme till I boogie oogie

Friday, January 20, 2006





Where it is 24 degrees below zero and they are having their worse winter in over 100 years..I think I can handle 70 degree days and 38 degree nights, because I sure as hell couldn't handle 24 below zero.
I just finished reading a great great book.Title is:Summer Time, and written by Liz Rigbey.Absolutly ass kicker.I am such a dective that I always figure out who did it and way early in the book, but this time I didn't figure it out till almost the end of the book..which is fun for me as I love being surprised.I think this is something you would enjoy babs, if you want I can send it to you..but this one I would like back so I can give it to the library.
I am going to go to the a Texas website and see exactly what sort of fucked up state we really are so I can ask Kinky some hot questions..because I have been reading his web site and except for some smart ass answers to questions he hasen't said what he would do about anything..other than he is for gay marriages, raises for teachers,and prayer in shcool he hasen't said anything..Saying that he belives in gay marriages because he thinks they should be as miserable as the rest of us is not good enough(especially since he isn't married and isn't miserable).Plus I really do want to know how he can be a friend of Forest Gump's and be for anything I would give a shit about.It will take more than being buds with Willie Nelson to sway me.I called Jenny to see if she wants to go, but she has to work a double that day.She is all upset about her Hooter's job. She told them when she applied for the job that she was going to school from 8-5 and could only work on weekends and they said that was fine.Yesterday when they gave out the schedules they had her down for all days..so when she tried to explain this to the asst. manager he said this is the schedule and if you can't work it then too bad..So she left..Hurt her feelings, naturally.She is upset but part of her isn't as she still resented being told she had been hired not on experience but on her body and beauty.She was really pissed off about that.Told me that she was raised to be appreaciated for her brain not her bust size..that's my gal...
Will post more later, have to go be jr. reporter...
fuck me till I change into my cape in a phone booth


I received an email from the Kinky Kamp alerting me to the fact that Kinky is coming to Waco to meet and greet his supporters. Then from what I can make out he is going to play, I think...not sure..Maybe just make a speech..He will shake hands and kiss babies from 7pm till 8pm and then he will 'take the stage'..so with Kinky, there is no telling what he will do..But I know one thing, Iam going to corner him and tell him I enjoy the fact that he is a smart ass and pretty fucking funny, but I really want to know what he has planned for Texas. If I am going to waste a vote just so I can vote for him..he better explain his relationship with Forest Gump..and just what the fuck does he plan on doing about the cost of home insurance which is the highest in the united states, what is he going to do about the fact that next to Mississippi we have the worse health care for under privilaged children. I want some damn answers before I waste a vote on him....I will grab that little ole stogie he chews on and cram it up his nose if I don't get some good answers..I'll show him independent...they may not make Jews like him any more(his words) but they don't make grannies like me either...
fuck me till I vote the Green Ticket

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Seems like there is a lot of stuff happening in West this week.Approximately 50 West FFA and 4-H members are scheduled to exhibit livestock at the McLennan County Junior Livestock Show.Henrietta's grandchildern are all showing something..one is showing a swine and four of them are showing steers. I expect her grandkids to win..they do all the time...
The little town of Abbott is planning a celebration for their 125 anniversary.Abbott is the home town of Willie Nelson and is about 9 miles from West.Wonder if Willie will show up? Doubt it..he is on the road a lot.
The VFW and Ladies Auxillary members said farewell to the West VFW Post 4819 as it is to be torn down. The land was sold for a major fast food resturant.Sure hope it is Sonic's.
West had one marriage, one birth,one birthday, one engagement and 3 deaths..Last week I noticed that ole Charlie died..Was so sad. He was the town ..well hell I was going to say weirdo but there are too many of us to just narrow it down to one..He walked around town and well, he walked around town..He also fed all the cats that run wild in town..they keep the rats and mice population down and he fed the cats to make up the difference.He was a real sweet man who had Sooner's desease 'looking at tits'..and he loved my tits...If I had a dime for everytime I told him "hey, charlie....up here." I could get new tires for my truck.I may have to buy a huge bag of cat food and take up his duties.
West basketball team won their first district game..so we are still in the running.The girls won twice so they are going to the playoffs..
If you're interested in real estate you can buy 2 acres, 2 houses for $89,900.
Iam going to steal from Jeanette Karlik's article that she writes for the West News. She tells a great story about West way back in the good old days.West had 2 hotels,The West Hotel and Bailey's Hotel.(we have none now although they the Czech Inn Motel will be opening soon.)
There was a cafe called The Traveler's Cafe ran by a Greek named Bill Goulis and was open 24 hours a day.There was a father and son who ran a taxi service and could take a taxi to Waco for .25 a person and people would take the taxi to waco see the movie(driver would watch the movie too) and then he would take them back to West.There was a store called the Star Store and you could buy any thing you wanted..a suit, tie, shirt, shoes, and socks.Our main street is called Main Street and it used to be the main highway..So we got a lot of traffic. Plus we had a railroad station and could take the train to anywhere. Now the train just blocks our traffic.
So that is pretty much the hap's in West.Thought you would enjoy a little small town history.We still have our benefits to raise money for people, soldiers, the library, the ambulance service, and our volunteer fire dept.We honor our dead by having parades, putting flowers on graves and keeping the cememtery's mowed, trimmed and putting fresh flowers on the graves. We honor the living by raising money for their hospital bills,cutting the yards for the old folks who can't do it on their own and cooking for them when they are sick.It's a nice little town..West, Texas.


When I was 16 I married asshole number one...he was 19..We were married for almost 8 years. He was my first major boyfriend and only one I had sex with. So when we seperated and I filed for divorce I was out in the single world at the ripe ole age of 23 and I still had sort of old fashioned ideas about sex.I would not have sex with anyone until I was legally divorced.About 6 months before my divorce became final, I met a really nice guy and we dated.We had dinners, dancing picnics with my 2 sons..It was really nice..But no sex...Poor guy was about to chew nails and I was ..well..pretty damn horney myself as I had not had sex in about 13 months or so...but no sex till I was divorced.....nononono...Finally the day came and I got my divorce... I was a free woman...I called Donald( I am calling him Donald, because for the life of me I can't remember his damn name) and he asked me out for dinner..I spent 2 hours getting ready..(normally I could get ready in about 20 minutes).He picked me up and took me to this very nice resturant for a lovely dinner..We were gazing into each other's eyes, touching each other, grinning like fools and just lusting for each other..Finally after about 30 minutes the waiter cleared the table and asked if we would like to see the desert menu when I decided that I had waited long enough and said:"No, I think we will skip desert and get right to the fucking." And ole what's his name is still trying to wipe the grin off his face.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


four jobs I have held.hmmm
1. I was a prop maker at Parmount studio, until I got pink slipped because I wouldn't have sex with my boss..
2.I sold accordian lessons over the phone..1962..that sucked..
3.Field Supervisor for Book Market/Book Wharehouse.
4. Manager of the Book Department at Hastings.

Four moviess I could watch over and over.
1. Gone With The Wind. I watch it every year.
2.Christmas Story. I watch it every year.
3.Quarterback Princess. I would watch it all the time but was a tv movie and don't see it on any more.
4.The Thirteenth Floor. Is the only film I have ever watched and tuned around and watched it again and then watched it again..but mainly because I had the instant hots for Craig Bierko.

Four Places I have Lived.
1.Hickam AFB,Hawaii
2.Tinker Field, Oklahoma
3.Sunnyvale, California
4.Portland, Oregon

Four Favorite Tv Shows.
1. Lost
3.Boston LEgal
4.Medium, plus anything on pbs.

Four Places I have vacationed.
1.Big Bend, Texas
2.San Antonio, Texas
3.San Diego, Calif.
4.Canada(6 weeks in a fucking trailor in the middle of the fucking winter with asshole number 2 who I barely knew..

Four websites I visit daily.
1.blogspot.com people on my list
2.Kinky Friedman.com
3.Michael Moore.com

Four favorite foods
1.fried chicken
2.my homemade pizza
3.blue bell ice cream
4.mexican,italian,chinese,cajun,thai....etc.etc. etc.

Four places I would rather be.
1.Super Bowl watching the Cowboys playing the Steelers and we are ahead by 38 points
2.In San Francisco going to china town with my daughter.

Four albums I can't live without.
now that is really hard..as I am such a skitso when it comes to music.I like singles more than albums..so I will pick 4 singles I love...
1.Cherry hill park
2.midnight at the oasis
3.in the year 25-25
4.anything by Bette Midler..

Four cars I have owned
1.'49 plymouth
2. '56 Chevy /red convertible, 4 on the floor, white tuck and roll with red piping, electric doors and windows.top was white ....I love that car.
3. '78 Ford Pickup
4.'80 blue jeep cj-5...My favorite automobile...drove it to san antonio to show it off to my daddy and after he acted sorta blase'about it I asked him why he didn't like my new baby blue jeep...and he reminded me that he had drove a jeep all thru the war and was hoping he would never have to ride in one again..

so learn anthing new about me.??