I'm a liberal pagan living in West, Texas. Yes. That West, Texas.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The other evening Jamie was over for the last of my brocolli, cheese, asparagus, ham and cream of mushroom soup and we were just bullshitting and she related a story that didn't have her coming out smelling like a rose...I groaned and said:"Jamie, you know there is only one thing left for Grandma to do, so come here."....she squealed and covered her head with her hands, laughing and yelled:" no bipping ...no bipping.."...what a great grandma I am..Danny Thomas years ago said one good way to know if your a good parent is when you raise your arm all the kids in the family cover their heads and duck....arencha glad I'm here to teach you parenting skills?


Astronaut said...

Got some pictures at last, check my last two posts.

lovelylady said...

LOL! Yeah, really! Hey! Baby is with you on the football thing. The season's over for girlfriend! Good for me though..More time to watch figure skating!! :-)

Unknown said...

Hehehehe. My dad used to raise his hand and we all ran as fast as we could. He rarely ever hit a kid, but he was big and scarey so we ran.

Yes, I am an Obama fan and I pray he stays a good guy. I met him last summer and he is a really nice guy. I will definitely vote for him in any office he runs for. PS I live in Illinois

Scottish Toodler said...

You are a rocking grandma!!!

BriteYellowGun said...

My mom had a weapon simply known as "The Stick". It was a wicked, black piece of thick acrylic, about 4 inches wide, a foot long. The minute you heard her rummaging in the silverware drawer where it was kept, you took off like a bullet.

Are you sure there isn't anymore of that soup left? I'm starving.

Cassandra said...

You are a silly grandma!!! Wanna be my grandma? Or am I too old?

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