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Thursday, January 12, 2006


I was reading the comments from my last post and made me think(ah, jeez that is scarry)about not being like other grannies...But if I force myself to think about me as a kid or a teen or a young adult or now as a Grandma...I am still the insanely profane, direct, in your face person I have always been...I just picked up people and added them to my group of family and friends..I am ashamed to admit that having children or grandchildren has not changed me in any way.I am what I have always been....Jackiesue...So I was never like other kids mother and am now not like other kids grandma...if that is a good or a bad thing..well,that is not for me to judge...you would think that maybe I had figured out things and learned stuff along the way...and Iam sure that I did..but I don't think that I have changed all that much...My relatives who have known me the longest assure me that Other than acquiring a larger vocabulary I am basicly the same ....a smart ass...stubborn, hard headed, always looking for the humor in the grimest situation and not willing to change no matter who gets run over in the process.This is me...here I am..get on board..or get the fuck off the train...cause I am going full steam ahead..I am not sure but I bet my kids and grandkids don't always think that is a good thing..I know that my grandkids probably are more excepting of me than the kids...they may roll their eyes when I do something so embarrasing they wish for the earth to open up and swallow them whole..but I also know that they know that no matter what they do or think or say...grandma is right there, cheering them on and willing to do anythng for them...My kids know this too, but I was learning when I was raising them and not sober like I am now with the grandkids..I don't mean to say I was drunk all the time but between the booze, assorted drugs, long hours at work I was not as good a mom as I am a grandma..Maybe I should have started out as a grandma..ha..
But for the record...I plan on being the same Jackiesue I was when I was 4 and will be the same Jackiesue when I am 104...
fuck me till I age gracefully.....yeah..right


Cassandra said...

Love you just the way you are!!!!

Astronaut said...

Of course you are not like any other granny!