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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Jamie came by a lunch time and after we split a subway sandwich, her babies chased rocky when he was leaving the yard..and boy is he pissed...I bet bucks he doesn't come home tonight...We jumped in my little truck and went and started working on the fence..which is actually just hardware cloth up against the house where the dogs have tried to dig their way out..they get under the house then escape out the front...I told her I thought we would need some stakes, different fence staples, and maybe some sacrete..she is still trying to figure out what the hell I was talking about..So we got the fence up and stakes driven in and will get sacrete and pour around the stakes and in places where they have tried to dig under the fence that goes around the yard...She also got some medicated shampoo for the dogs and I helped her pick out some nail clippers for the dogs and she trimmed the nails of the dogs and one of her cats..We got alot done..but sun ran out of light and gandma ran out of gas...left her to drive the stakes in front and we will get the sacrete and large water dish for them tomorrow..Told her in payment for it she could do my laundry for me..I told you I would rather do anything that laundry..even put up a fence..
She was so impressed with her old grannie..she said she didn't know anything about hardware stores and where to go or what to get..told her.."hang with me kiddo, I'll take you places you have never been before.."...lumber co's..hardware stores, auto parts, etc..I know them all...like I said..."jackie of all trades..mistress of none."
fuck me tiil Im a stud finder


Cassandra said...

I think I'd rather put up a fence than do laundry too!!

Nit Wit said...

I do laundry almost every night. Sometimes 3 or 4 loads.Of course I just go through the kitchen into the utility room.
I don't think I want to atempt another fence. I did a 6 foot privacy fenceat my first house in 1982 and haven't had the urge again.
Why would anyone want to be like all the other Grannies out there? I like non-conformests.
By the way I'm feeling Ok in spite of what doctor Dog thinks. She is sleeping upstairs tonight. :)

leo myshkin said...

laundry any day, fences are tough.

my dad had a dog that kept escaping. we fortified the fence and he still kept escaping. one day we saw how he did it. the fucker was climbing an apple tree that was close to fence and jumping over it!!

Brilliantmadness said...

Everyone should have a Granny like you!!!lol My mom and I used to trade off chores and she'd often do my laundry- ugghh! I hate it! LOl She used to tell me "go to the hardware store any Saturday at 7 am- It's Man Heaven! and they all are DYING to help you find what you need" :)