I'm a liberal pagan living in West, Texas. Yes. That West, Texas.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Holy shit!..Where do I start...? Uhhh, kay...Thursday I'm thinking that Vicki(Junebugg) will come in sometime after I get off work...so I'm at the register giving Inky a hard time as it's the day after his birthday and he's all hung over when I look up and see this smiling face looking at me(Inky? or me..hmm) and I don't recognize her so I think it's someone waiting to say hi to Ink about his birthday...but no..it's the sly puss Vicki who has found her way here with no GPS or phone calls seeking directions. She said there are signs and I can read..She found West, knew I worked at Family Dollar, you can see the sign damn near from anywhere in town and just showed up..how cool is that?...Tom said since I was having company that I could have Friday off if I wanted, so I did. So off we go to meet Babs at the Pizza House and we got to introduce her to Skunk eggs...which is chicken, ham, sausage, 2 kinds of cheese, onions and bell peppers all rolled up into a ball, dipped in bread crumbs and deep fried...that's a skunk egg..and no matter how disgusting it might sound..it's really really good..I even had one at Westfest. Then we came home and got to know each other in person instead of on line or the phone, then I made chicken fried steak, salad and green beans for dinner. Friday I got her ring bologna so she could see what the Czechs like to have for lunch, along with rat cheese and crackers. Then we went out for dinner again at Pizza House and we had pizza. We had the zombie which has everything including anchovies..we each got the individual 6" pizza's and we couldn't eat it all..They are just loaded down with stuff. Pepperoni, 2 kinds of olives, onions, sausage, ground beef, Canadian bacon, bell peppers, jalapenos, and cheese. Then for dinner I made chicken fried steaks, salad and green beans..Breakfast, we generally did the Gerik's kolaches, and the ones that I like are called Charlotte's...oh my Goddess, they are soo good..Friday I ran all over town trying to find all the stuff to make 2 signs for the truck that was going to pull the flat bed with hay bales with Democrats waving little Obama bumper stickers. What a pain in the ass..My father always told me not to volunteer, that the only time he ever volunteered for anything, Uncle Sam gave him a rifle and sent him to Germany. Then we decided to get some plain white t shirts from work and make OBAMA MAMA shirts...Mine looked like an 8 year old kid with ADD did it..Vicki's looked so good it looked like she had it done at a shop. She kept asking me "how did you get ink on the underside of the t-shirt?"
Saturday morning we had us some Charlotte's(fuck diabetes and high blood pressure for 2 days) and then went to the WEST AREA GRASSROOTS DEMOCRATS truck. People kept staring at our tits but everyone always stares at my tits so I didn't think anything about it..and Vicki is well endowed too so it was no big deal. Then we realized they were staring at our OBAMA MAMA t shirts and not just our tits..When people would ask to take pictures of our t-shirts I told Vicki, this wouldn't be so appealing to them if we were flat chested. We had little hand bags full of candy, bumper stickers, Chet Edwards fans, and koozies.We walked behind the truck handing out candy to the kids and stickers, fans, and koozies to the adults, who really would rather had the candy. People were laughing and enjoying our OBAMA MAMA shirts and asking us to pose so they could take our pictures..Every one I knew was in the parade crowd yelling at me and hooting at the t shirt..I heard a lot of Aunt Grandma's and Jackie's, and Patsy yelled and gave me the finger again. The idea is to toss the candy to the kids, but I was afraid I was going to hit some one in the eye, so I'm individually putting the candy in their bags..I ran out of candy and look up and our float is already crossed the tracks and half way down the road..so had to run(my version of running) to catch up...and the Fire Truck kept whooping the siren and every time he did it scared the crap out of me and I'd give them the finger, which they found extremely funny..By the time I got to the front of the store where I had left the truck Vicki was already there waiting for me.I don't know about her but I had a ball, and for being part of the parade we got free passes to Westfest and since Babs gave blood she got one too, so none of us had to pay to get in, which is $21..It took 1 1/2 hours start to finish for the parade..Tom kept making fun of the floats, said they weren't floats, they were just flat beds with awings on them to keep the sun off..Asshole..
While we were waiting for the parade to start there were a bunch of African American kids tossing a football back and forth and they had Obama t shirts on and I asked them how they felt about Obama and what he had accomplished. The one boy said it was 'awe inspiring', and the other one said he would be proud to be able to tell his grandchildren about what he had done for Obama. (they passed out Obama stickers and rode on the float.)I was so impressed with both of them and made me feel good about what we were doing and what it meant for those kids..
Vicki and I left, went went to Wolf's to see if Patsty needed me for designated driver but her daughter was going to give her a ride if she and Andy needed one.Then we took off and went home for a little nippy nap before Gadfly got there from Bumfuck, Texas. He would have been there sooner but I accidentally said to get off on 531 instead of 351...such a dip-shit, he was almost to Waco before I figured out I had sent him on a wild good chase.So off we go to Westfest..Oh, by the way Kyndall Holeck won Miss Westfest. Maybe next year Charlie Jean.

to be continued...


till i recover from westest...my ass is a draggin'...holy shit! i didn't know having so much fun could be so tiring...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

.......CZECH US OUT.......


in case you haven't been to the website...this is what West, Texas is like and what Westfest is all about...


arghghghghgh, if it's not one fucking thing it's another..I finally get my diabetes under control and now I have high blood pressure..I've had it for a long time, but I had managed to keep it low..high..? At least it wasn't stroke level...Every since last Friday it's been really high...like 220/118 high..heart rate is steady at 57-65...Went to Dr. E Monday and he gave me a script, so got it filled yesterday and it was still 180/108 and today 2 hours after I had taken the second pill it was 187/120..feck!...So went back to see Dr. E. and he gave me some freebies(naturally I went ahead and got 2 months supply of the other, thinking ..'oh these will work'...but it's only $8 so that's not bad. So this is a 2-part pill, as it's supposed to lower blood pressure and help me pee...excuse the fuck out of me assholes, I'm a diabetic..I pee every 2 hours...one thing I don't need any help with is with my peeing..I'm the grand champion of peeing...So now I've missed 2 days of work because of this, and where normally I would have just blown it off today I had the Babster threatening to kick my ass if I didn't go back to the Dr's. The bad part is the sweating...jeez, I sweat like a Shetland pony in the first place and now with this..I'm like sweating like a race horse after running the Kentucky Derby. Plus It makes my head hurt...I never have head aches..I'm a carrier..I give headaches, not get them...So will work out the rest of the week and hope that I don't have a stroke in the middle of Westfest. When I called Tom and told him I was going back to the Dr's and wouldn't be in he said he wasn't worried about me missing work he was worried about me sitting in the corner drooling from having a stroke..I said yeah, that would really cut down on the sale of cookies.

Junebugg should be here sometime tomorrow ...stocked up on goodies...got some ring baloney for her to try..That and kolaches are yafta's for West...Yafta try the kolaches and the ring baloney. I'm taking her and Babs to the Pizza House for dinner Thursday. Get her a skunk egg. Will try and keep you updated on what's what. If you don't hear from me I'm sure Babs will let you know if I'm in the morgue or the Hospital. hahaha

here are some more stumbles.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm busy getting ready for Westfest. Junebugg gets here Thursday and Sooner is in the process of moving and so far he can't find his underwear or the beer, so he can't make it..hopefully next year..give all of you one year to get ready for Westfest.