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Saturday, August 23, 2008

This is Her Royal Highness, Queen Annie, Ruler of Every Fucking Thing. Perched on top of one of my $2 bookcases, by my unmade bed.

Jenny, Grandma and Jamie. Jamie, Jenny and Jenny's boyfriend Jason.

Jamie and Jenny

and Jenny with LULU.
My Buddha display in my bedroom. I've had that piece of drift wood for about 10 years. City Hall to the left with the Gazebo and all the flags flying on 4th of July. Annie checking out her domain.
This is a great shot of some Texas clouds by the West Community Complex where we have the Senior Center to the right and behind it is the 3-field Baseball Complex, with new stands, new bathrooms and concession stand.
My $5 fucking shoes. Inky after being told he can only have one beer a day showing off his new mug.

This is what Inky and I do when people tell us shit we don't really care about...Which means "does this look like a face that gives a shit." By the way, Inky isn't really that much of a slob, he just got off work from Wolf's and was dirty and sweaty...
Ok....the work situation...is good..no..it's great..I went in Friday and when he opened the door thought ...'well, here goes nothing.' and said my usual...'good morning'...and he said 'good morning'...so far so good..I noticed that one of the u-boats was already (those things we put stock on that needs to be put out).and said, oh the truck's been here already and he said yes. So I just started putting shit up...about 10 minutes later Michel comes in ready for work...So I'm thinking, here it comes, he's going to fire me and replace me with Michel, who I really like and is a good worker(even if she is a tad slow)...but noooo...it's because(and Tom rushed over to tell me to0, probably knowing what I was thinking) we have to get all the stuff off the truck done in one day instead of the weekend as we have to get all the Halloween and Christmas stuff out by September 8th. (arghghghgghh)...So we busted ass and got it all done by noon. I actually got done with mine and then started condensing the school supply stuff down and did such a good job that I was sweating like a longshoreman..I do not glow, or perspire...I sweat ...and sweat a lot. Tom came over and said go back behind the counter and stand in front of the fan, your face is as red as a tomato and you look like your going to have a stroke and your worrying me...(????...oh yeah?...since when?) So I went and looked in the bathroom mirror and jeez, I looked like shit..I had to dry my hair(soaked like I had stepped out of the shower) with the hand blower dryer..But I stayed till 1:45 and got every thing done..Tom was so nice, and not once did he say one word( I kept dropping the fucking glue sticks) when I would drop anything, which on a daily basis I do about 15 times a day. He actually was complimentary, made small talk, and was'fucking nice to me'....Which is scary in it's ownself..But it was such a difference..I felt like a valued employee, instead of Bozo in the middle ring. So things are good..so far..I'm still not sure he's not going to drop the other shoe and fire me, but so far..so good...Thanks so much for all the sweet and encouraging comments and offers to kick his ass..and a special thanks to Allan(camelsbackandforth) for calling me and checking on me to make sure everything was ok...You're a good man Allan and glad your my friend...Speaking of which, I have to go now, as I'm going to listen to Allan's radio show..He plays such terrific music on his show...go by and check him out and listen to the music...and you can dance and sing along if you'd like....he doesn't mind....have a great weekend..jac


Jan said...

It's great that all is working out. Love the pictures.

Back up to the top...this is your bed unmade? What does it look like when you make it? Mine never looks that neat.

Nan said...

Annie's really pretty. I love that coloring on cats.

As for Tom. . . any possibility he reads your blog?

billy pilgrim said...

is one of those guys the douchebag that sent you home?

unokhan said...

i'd be willing to bet inky was one of those beautiful west tx czech boiz when he was 19. and wonderin if 'inky' is a nick derived from an east euro surname


jan:that is the bottom sheet. the top sheet and pillows are on the floor.yup..things are a-ok..
nan:yeah, annie really is a pretty cat..I don't know if he does or not and don't want to ask him either..ha..
billy:no I don't think Thom would be caught dead in strickly country..
uno:nope..inky is short for incubator..when he was born he spent a long time in a incubator so they started calling him inky...and it stuck..which is better than that fucking small baby..

Big Pissy said...

Jenny and Jamie are just gorgeous!

I love that picture of the clouds...soooooo cool! :)

Robin said...

Man! I gotta catch up! Possible ass kicking on Granny's behalf and I missed it?! This may be a belated offer...but anyone who disses Granny is gonna pay (even though you avoid the mafia...had to throw in some lazy italian!) Been canning my ass off (dont' worry, not on the menue!) so haven't gotten online lately!

Annie is such a pretty girl! I love the phrase, "Cats know exactly what we want them to do...they know...they just don't care..." Which is why I prefer Dogs and Men. Obvious in their wants and much easier to please!

Sorry to hear work isn't going well. Come to Friona, I'll get you a CDL and we'll be trucking wenches together!

Wendy said...

My sister sent me the link to your blog and now I come by all the damn time to see what is up....I actually wondered if you went into work and told that ass Tom off like he really needs to be when my Husband and I went to Jacksonville FL ... He is the reason the rest of us have to go to retarded fucking sensitivity training classes.

Wendy, Charleston SC


bigpissy:i love clouds..and ther are some awesome cloud formations in texas, and especially around here..I have been known to pull my truck over to the side of the road and just look at the clouds...i'm biased i know, but i think they're beautiful girls..
robin:oh, a trucker..trucker jackie...my handle would be 'ole yellar'..hahaha
things are going well at work..he's even nice to me when im not working and come in to buy something..humming the theme to twilight zone..
colbert:yeah, went by your blog and if you guys want to see a blog about someone that rescues dogs and the doggies them ownself, stop by...she does wonderful work..
thank your sister for me...and who's your sister?

Wendy said...

My sister is a county prison guard in NH. She just likes your no bull shit attitude. Told me to check you out and I did.

unokhan said...

the clouds of central tx appear to be from another planet which works by some unknown laws of meteorological physics. beautiful.

Heidi said...

I'm glad things are going better for you at work, Jackie Sue. It's terrible when you have to go to work every day and deal with an a$$hole. I've been really fortunate to have nice bosses with common sense lately; of course, anybody would be better than that manager I had at the phone call center. Even working for Dick Cheney would be better than working under that guy!

Nit Wit said...

Ditto this one.

McRaven said...

Great photo's and you deserve to be treated good and he better keep it up, the good treatment that is.XOXOXOX

sageweb said...

LOve the pics you and your grand daughter are beautiful. And Annie is to die for.


wendy:is that redranchero girl?
uno:i swear we have the most beautiful clouds ever...i took some pictures this afternoon right out side the apt..just beautiful..
rudegirl:lifes to short to work for assholes.
mcraven:so far it's been terrific...and i think he likes it better too..
sage:yeah, my girls are so pretty..little assholes..but pretty..
annie is prettier in person...you get to see the attitude she has...

Scottish Toodler said...

Great pictures! I wish I was coming to see it all in person!! I will start walking there now if I can just get to westfest by next year!!!!