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Friday, August 15, 2008


Things are really getting weird here in West. First of all Inky and Anessa are up to their asses in alligators with the kids..Devin is a great kid and no problem, not the same for the other two, which are becoming punks...can't think of a better word...The oldest is 16 and had his 'girl...friend' (24)buy him a bottle of rum for him and his brother who is 14 and his 'girlfriend'(19, and works at the store)...So the oldest decided to guzzle the bottle of rum and when Anessa came home from registering Devin for school she found the girls outside looking freaked and the oldest kid unconscious and puking at the same time. So Anessa(?) calls Inky at work to find out what she should do....duh, call 911...So she does and they get there and no one will tell them what happened, till finally the guy in the ambulance says, someone tell me something before the kid dies. So they say, oh well, he drank a bunch of the rum....So they take him to the hospital, he's fine now and home..and the punishment..????? Anessa says, oh that's what boys do....and they all went to the movies the next night...Fuckme sideways...No charging the girl who bought the rum for 3 minors, no grounding, no punishment, no nothing..and Inky who only has insurance on himself, is stuck with about a $20,ooo bill. I love my friends but I just don't understand they're thinking at all..Inky is the step dad and they show him zero respect. Well, not Devin but the older two, they show no respect to Anessa either...they are ...........punks...short and simple..Both are on probation for various crimes. I know that if they were my two, well...my two pulled some stunts but they were never like these two. Plus my two were more afraid of me than the police so they stayed out of any major trouble because they knew I'd kick they're asses all over Texas. So that's going on...Then today the crazy lady of West decided to drop in and make my day a little interesting...She's almost normal when she's taking her medication..but today she not only wasn't taking her medication, she was high on something..I was patient, and never let her get to me, even when she started screaming and yelling about Jesus, and having to go to Bible School and I was a rude bitch..I was calm and said, you're going to have to go outside, she said I'm going to call the President, I said go outside you'll get better reception. I had 4-5 customers at the register I'm trying to wait on and I'm saying 'I'm sorry, really, there's nothing I can do, she's nuts.'...They were all so sweet and complimented me on the fact that I never lost my cool and was very professional..I said I was afraid to lose it for fear I'd reach across the counter and snap her neck...Tom went out side and told her again for the 37th time that she was not to ever come into the store, that she was barred from ever coming in there again. She said "go fuck yourself"...Now THAT was funny...So it's weird in West..
To top it off, Annie has become a catnip crack head..I gave her some catnip, she rolled around on the floor for about 15 minutes, jumped on the dining room table, knocked all the stuff onto the floor, jumped down and laid right on top of it and then fell asleep..
I am in the process of making chicken livers..which I am making in memory of Inky's mom Agnes..He brought his photo album up to the store and got to see some pictures of Agness and Inky when he was a kid...The reason for the chicken livers is because Agness made the best damn chicken livers ever..well, she made lots of good stuff, but I was crazy about her chicken livers. I don't know how she did it, but they were the tastiest and chrispies chicken livers ever..I'm including some pictures of her and Inky when he was a punk his own-self..The bottom picture is one I took of him in front of the Capital, and the top one is what he looked like when I first met him...
I just had the chicken livers and while they were good and I enjoyed them..they just weren't Aggies..Dang!..
Well, I have to go, Olympics are going to start soon and Annie wants me to bake her some brownies, she has the munchies.
oh..oh...oh...before I go..I got the nicest e-mail last night from a lady who's in-laws used to live here and she really likes my blog and says I make her laugh, but that she really enjoys the West posts the best as I mention names that are familiar to her and she gets her updates about West from my blog, plus she said the next time the train blocks the traffic in town it could be her sonm as he was the engineer and said I could cuss him and bip him if I wanted too...Now isn't that sweet?...So 2 people now know about my blog and no one has threatened to call the Secret Service on me or stormed the store and insisted I shut my blog down...Kind of disappointing..
So we should be getting a Westfest update in the paper soon, and when it comes out I'll tell you the haps in West...y'all come back and see us y'hea?...


texlahoma said...

I can't believe the age of the oldest girlfriend, wow. Took them to the movies? I'd be lucky to see daylight in six months if I pulled that when I was a kid.

Heidi said...

Be careful of that weirdo, Jackie Sue. She might wait for you some day after work when no one is around. I'm worried about you because she sounds like a real nutjob!

Annie sounds like she reacts to catnip the same way Cartier does. Protect your ears. He got hopped up on catnip one night and practically tried to bite one of my earlobes off as I was sleeping. It hurt for days!

Anonymous said...

Always be wary of the power of your kitty. The following was related on a cooking message board:

"Last summer, I had some issues with a stray cat who would come around and jump up into my windowsill, putting my poor Max into a state of hysteria, howling and hurling himself at the wondow, etc. He finally went away, and my household returned to peace.

"Until Saturday night when he came back. And Max was doing his usual Tasmanian devil routine at the window. And let me tell you, he might only weigh seven pounds, but when someone comes on his turf he is seven pounds of fury. Tail like a feather duster, back arched, every hair on end, yowling and spitting, the whole enchilada.

"And I, in my infinite wisdom, decided the best way to handle the situation was to lean over and yell at this stray cat out the window. At which point Max redirected his fury at my head.

"I'm seriously lucky I didn't lose an eye. Stupidest effing thing I have ever done. I put my hands up to my head, took them away and I was just GUSHING blood. In my eyes, dripping down my face. I looked like Carrie at the prom. My friend DJ took one look at me and was like, 'Hospital. NOW.'

"So I went to the ER at 10:30, and got home at about 2 am. I had to have three stitches in my scalp... it would have been more except they didn't want to totally seal it up in case there's still some bacteria. Fortunately the worst of it is in my hair, you can't even see it. The scratches on my face (while definitely conversation starters) are superficial."

Woozie said...

Well if it wasn't for the huge bill and previous incidents of disrespect I would have let the unconscious vomiting be punishment enough. Kind of like sneaking out after curfew and being hit by a car while you were out. Punishment enough.

Nit Wit said...

What is there a shortage of men in West?
If that happened here the woman who bought the booze would be going away for a while to learn a trade making license plates and the kid on probation would be going away too.
The hospital would be required to notify the police and they would have to follow through.
Of course that would be a lot easier punishment than getting biped by Jackiesue.

Josh said...

That sounds like contributing to the delinquency of a minor to me. Hopefully they've had the shit scared out of them and they won't try that sort of thing again...

My cat doesn't need catnip to be all crazy like that--I couldn't imagine what he'd be like if I gave him an "herbal remedy"...

billy pilgrim said...

$20,000! am i reading that correctly.

if i was inky, i'd be gone in an instant. no ifs ands or buts.

Nan said...

Do they have any clue how lucky that kid is to still be alive?

I'm lucky when it comes to drugs and cats. Neither of my two turns hyper: Cleo doesn't react to catnip at all, and Bemis just gets blissed out -- rolls around in it and then sprawls there for a couple hours looking stupid.

Mouthy Girl said...

Ahem. Go get some water and munchies, Jac. This may be a long-winded comment.

Inky and Anessa are ignoring the problem and perpetuating the deep effects by choosing to make excuses for their children. And hello? They're both underage and 'dating' people who are markedly older than them. What the FUCK is up with that?

I'll get out my Magic 8 Ball and give you a prediction for the future:

Both lovely couples will be knocked up shortly, will choose to keep the babies because it's "God's will" and will rely on Inky and Anessa, rather than their own sorry selves, for money, shelter, food, security, etc.

The hospital bill?

No way would I pay for the treatment that kid received due to alcohol poisoning. NO FUCKING WAY. And what the hell is up with them NOT telling what the hell was wrong? Even though the event's in the past, I say that Inky and Anessa contact the police to have charges filed. The excuse that boys will be boys is the most ignorant shit I've heard in a LONG time.

How about "boys will be dead boys" if they continue to be allowed and encouraged to do whatever the fuck they want?

I wish I could get high on catnip just like Annie.

whimsical brainpan said...

I can't believe what some parents let their kids get away with these days. My Mom was like you. If I had pulled something like that when I was a kid then I would have been dead.

OK LMFAO at the "I said go outside you'll get better reception" line. Good one!

Glad you have a new reader in an old friend.


tex:no matter what those 3 kids do anessa makes excuses for them..and never follows thru with any sort of punishment.my sons wouldn't have been allowed to have a girlfriend that old.and if they pulled shit like that, they'd still be limping.
rudegirl:nah, she does it all the time, screams yells, cusses like a sailor and then says praise Jesus..she's more apt to hurt herself than anyone else..
annie's still a little giddy..
regality3:dang, that's scarry..I had a couple of thoms coming around messing with annie who is fixed and i got coyote urine and put it all over the porch and yard..no more toms..
woozie:nah, now he thinks he's invincible and nothing can kill him..he'll do it again, you watch..he's a dumb kid..not only in life but in school..im not sure he can read past 4th grade level..
nitty:im like you ..i dont understand why the hospital didn't call the cops..although they were there when the ambulance came..they said there wasn't enough evidence to charge them as it's her word(he stole it) against his..he says HE stole it..I'd just beat the crap out of all 4 of them..
josh:no one wants to do anything...you know..boys will be boys attitude..stupid people..
billy:by the time you figure in the call to the ambulance from west to waco, about 30 miles, and the er charges, drs charges, pumping his stomach..yeah, it'll be close to $20,000...i told inky to haul ass while the hauling was good..but then they took the kids to the movies..stupid people..
josh:im telling you..annie's a crack head for catnip..she's still a little high today..
nan:i thought that anessa would take a stronger stand as he nearly died, but noooo, they WENT TO THE FUCKING MOVIES.
buddha:i already emailed you my reply of agreeing with you 100%...the only bill i would pay would be to have him fixed..
annie says you can't have any of her catnip..
whim:i would have beat all 4 of them with a stick for a week..
yeah,my customers laughed when i told her that...

Robin said...

What the hell is going on in West for crying out loud?! I came home drunk when I was in high school, the next morning my father got me up at 6:00 and made me mow the lawn at the office. At 6:45 I was done and still breathing so he made me mow the ditch in front of the grocery store next door, the manager came out and wondered why and my Dad just said, "My daughter decided drinking and coming home late was a good thing..." Manager scratched his head and said, "Ya know? My grass is getting pretty tall at the house..." Swear to God I mowed the whole friggin' town...throwing up and trying to push the mower with one hand and hold my head with the other. In addition to being grounded for a month.

Inky needs to do some serious house cleaning but I feel for him, hook us up JackieSue, we'll do a Texas Two-StepParent" blog! That'd be groovy!

Sorry to hear about your crazy lady (pro-dromal schizophrenia? we have one of those!) But hey, this is the south, we don't hide away our crazy relatives in sanatoriums and deny their existence. Hell, we prop 'em up on a parade float and send 'em down main street! Yee haw!

Love visiting your life JackieSue. Always a pleasure. If you have to put kitty in rehab, would that be a twenty-four step program?

rosemary said...

i guess i am the late comer and don't know the cast of characters...I am going to add you to my blog roll...love your writing...OK?

rosemary said...

PS.....those kids would have been chained to their beds for a week...and the girlfriend in jail.....but they're not mine.

unokhan said...

that lil inky wuz hot in his day

old enough to moan said...

The parents of the delinquents on our streets in the UK are to blame for most of the ills of their kids, they either don’t care or do no have the wherewithal to administer suitable punishment for their earlier misdemeanours, which means they turn even nastier as they get older and, in most cases, end up drunk on our streets most weekends. We should introduce ‘stick’ police on our streets who would smack drunken kids up the arse and wrap the fingers of those who buy alcohol for minors.

McRaven said...

Those boys need an ass kicking and to be taught a few things!

I want to visit West and I hope too!

tsduff said...

I wish I liked chicken livers... they look like I should like them.

I'll be out to visit West one day too - but it looks like later rather than sooner. We had to cancel our road trip this summer/fall due to unexpected events which ate up my vacation days :(