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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


arghghghghgh, if it's not one fucking thing it's another..I finally get my diabetes under control and now I have high blood pressure..I've had it for a long time, but I had managed to keep it low..high..? At least it wasn't stroke level...Every since last Friday it's been really high...like 220/118 high..heart rate is steady at 57-65...Went to Dr. E Monday and he gave me a script, so got it filled yesterday and it was still 180/108 and today 2 hours after I had taken the second pill it was 187/120..feck!...So went back to see Dr. E. and he gave me some freebies(naturally I went ahead and got 2 months supply of the other, thinking ..'oh these will work'...but it's only $8 so that's not bad. So this is a 2-part pill, as it's supposed to lower blood pressure and help me pee...excuse the fuck out of me assholes, I'm a diabetic..I pee every 2 hours...one thing I don't need any help with is with my peeing..I'm the grand champion of peeing...So now I've missed 2 days of work because of this, and where normally I would have just blown it off today I had the Babster threatening to kick my ass if I didn't go back to the Dr's. The bad part is the sweating...jeez, I sweat like a Shetland pony in the first place and now with this..I'm like sweating like a race horse after running the Kentucky Derby. Plus It makes my head hurt...I never have head aches..I'm a carrier..I give headaches, not get them...So will work out the rest of the week and hope that I don't have a stroke in the middle of Westfest. When I called Tom and told him I was going back to the Dr's and wouldn't be in he said he wasn't worried about me missing work he was worried about me sitting in the corner drooling from having a stroke..I said yeah, that would really cut down on the sale of cookies.

Junebugg should be here sometime tomorrow ...stocked up on goodies...got some ring baloney for her to try..That and kolaches are yafta's for West...Yafta try the kolaches and the ring baloney. I'm taking her and Babs to the Pizza House for dinner Thursday. Get her a skunk egg. Will try and keep you updated on what's what. If you don't hear from me I'm sure Babs will let you know if I'm in the morgue or the Hospital. hahaha

here are some more stumbles.


LostInColor said...

Those stumbles were the best! So sorry about the high BP. It sucks, I know. I have high BP. Take care of yourself.

Rox said...

Take care Jackie Sue! We wouldn't want anything to happen to our Texas Tweetheart!

(Okay, I was reaching. It's too bad your not from New Orleans cause we could call you The Dahlin' from New Arlin')

billy pilgrim said...

try a little mindful awareness meditation.

maybe don't watch any cowboy games either.

sageweb said...

Dam, make sure you get that shit under control. I wish I had a witchcraft remedy but I don't so leave it up to the doctor.

I am excited to hear the news on westfest.

Nan said...

Sorry to hear about the BP. Hope the drugs start working soon.

texlahoma said...

Be careful with that BP medicine, the cure can be worse than the disease. Try giving a pint of blood right before having your blood pressure taken. If blood pressure is like air pressure in a tire it should help.

Mouthy Girl said...

This is nothing to joke about. I'm being serious here, Jac.

Enough with everyone being sick.

You are hereby ordered to attempt to start meditating at least one time each day. I'm not kidding.

I want to hear all the dirty West Fest details since my ass will be WORKING. *sigh*

Perhaps I should sell the homestead and move to Texas. Worse things have happened.


lic:i fecking love stumbleupons..ha..
ive been taking my blood pressure every 2-3 hours...and it's still high, but will try new meds tomorrow.
rox:i like being the goddess from west, texas..haha
billy:i should do some meditation, except i get bored and would rather read..if it kills me it kills me, but im not giving up watchg my boys.
sage:vicki called me and she's 200 miles away will be here tomorrow afternoon, she's taking the back roads so she can see some of the country..will give up dates..
nan:me too, im not patient with being ill.
tex:i'll ask dr. e about giving blood, im sure he'll think its a new modern day cure..it's already messing with my diabetes meds..feck!
buddha:im not good at meditating..come on down..west,tex could use some great school teachers..

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Gack! Make sure you take care of that ASAP! Nothing to fool around with.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, sorry to hear that. Hope you get that under control soon!

(Loved the Mr. Gay thing.)

Gadfly said...

OK, 220 systolic is too futhermucking high. Don't ignore that.

Benicar/hct is my hero ... I have the blood pressure of a 20 year old now.

So, you got room for a late night drive in on Friday?


im taking care of it..really..new meds..no salt..and no pepper..pepper makes your blood pressure go up..did you all know that?...jeez...
gaddy..bring a pillow and a blanket and i'll find you room..

Nit Wit said...

Gee, I have high blood pressure and the diabeties too. I wonder if you can catch it on the internet.
I'll just stick with my Lisinopril and Metformin HCL. They seem to work well for me.
The Waldo one is pretty cute.

tsduff said...

No way - pepper just can't make your BP go up - I'm on blood pressure meds too and have cut out most salt (I never salt my food any more but once in a while I get into the potato chips :() and I adore pepper. Man alive - cut out good food, drugs, alcohol and now salt - what more can they do?

PS - The Bear and I are still cracking up over Mr. Gay :) and SO enjoying Marty Robbins on your music playlist. Enjoy Westfest!!

Rainwolf said...

Meds can cause the headaches, BP being high can too. Sorry you're under the weather, hope everything gets sorted out soon.

rosemary said...

HBP meds are pee makers...I take 3 pills to control my BP...add to that an old lady bladder and I am up all night long...more than you ever wanted to know about me I know. I will check out the WestFest site....

Heidi said...

Sorry to hear you have high BP. I had to start taking HBP medicine thanks to all the stress of not being able to find a job after law school so I know what you mean about the peeing!

Take care of yourself, Jackie Sue. HBP is serious business.

Scottish Toodler said...

Hey Lady!! Don't make those morgue jokes, we can't survive without our goddess! Try hawthorne berry supplements. You can get them at places like GNC.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe that first one nearly had me spit my morning coffee out ;) Thanks JS :)


nitty:i think that is what he gave me at first..yeah, lisinopril and it didn't work and now taking hyzaar which so far is doing ok..closest to being normal since i started tracking it..
i liked the waldo one too..
tsduff:im still checking on the black and red pepper..im not giving it up..and if i get it under control with the pills im still not giving up much more..as there isn't anything left to give up...sucking on a celery stick isn't my idea of dinner..
westfest starts tomorrow..think junebugg and i are going to be in the parade..woopie..
rainwolf:hi ya sweety..junebugg said some people get head aches from that sugar replacement asperine or what ever it is..and i drink a ton of the sparking water with it in it..so going to see if i quit drinking the head aches go away..but i think it's the high blood pressure..
rosemary:yup, i don't need any help peeing, but now im doing it twice as much and that was every 2 hours.so now i pee every hour..jeez!
rudegirl: im opening up a magazine stand in the bathroom, might as make some money in there as i spend so much time in there..

st:well, have to joke about something..but it's getting better..

sue:yeah, i loved that one...brings back old drinking memories..haha

Pom said...

Man to doctor: Doc, if I give up smoking, drinking, and chasing women will I live longer?

Doc to man: No, but it will feel like it.

I really hope you get things under control! I can't navigate stumbleupon by myself! ;o) Take care and be well!!

Elizabeth said...

Take care of yourself honey. We need you around here to keep the assholes in line. Really!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your health problems, but glad to see you're keeping your sense of humor.

Love the Jeroen cartoon--pretty much the story of my love life (or perhaps I should say, the lack therof).

Jan said...

Not to cast aspersions on medical science, but are you getting your share of sugar free dark chocolate? That lowers blood pressure without raising sugar. And maybe you need to pet Annie more to get the benefit of cats lowering blood pressure.