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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Two for the price of One

so there is good news...bad news..where there was one..there are now 2..one is the largest(still not big) on the right side of brain, other is behind it and is the smaller one..they are both benign..they are slow growing..so far..since to the best of my knowledge I have no symptoms..so far the symptoms I do have are same as for my cataracts so will see what the haps are after both surgeries.. If I don't have any symptoms between now and Jan. I will have another MRI..if there is growth we will discuss having surgery or whatever..at 77 I'm not sure I want them probing around in my brain..but if they can assure me it will make it better and not fuck me up ..I might go for it. To you guys that are also my facebook friends ..this is just between my family and you all..you've been with me for almost 16 years ..so ...but there are people on facebook that I don't want to stir up..will be all over West and people will be freaking me out..I will have a good cry and then finish my new Michael Crichton book on part 2 of the andromeda strain..and Dean Koontz has new book out..so I'm good..
have first eye surgery tomorrow..wheee...
To make things more interesting I was cleaning porch yesterday and found a snake on porch..or as I said while tap dancing in midair..there's a fucking snake on my porch. Normally I wouldn't mess with it..just let it be..but this is the 7th snake we've found in these apartments so fuck them..I kilt the bastid..
It's been thundering and raining like a son of a bitch here..not conducive to my state of mind right now..the rain yes, the thunder...NO.. wish ole Dexter was here to snuggle with..
laters gaters..after the operations and I can see again..I will be back...maybe not as much but I'll still be here.. plus if I can see to do it..I'll post updates..love peace and harmony grits.

Monday, July 06, 2020


 Jamie, Tyler and the Little Prince, and his grapes.
 that boy loves him some grapes.
 Daniel and Tyler put the girls on their shoulders and they had a water fight, it was hysterical.

Thom and Daniel..Thom's so goofy. 
 Abby's goggles make her look so silly, but she's a swimming mermaid..she was diving and picking stuff off the bottom..swimming width of pool underwater..she had to be hauled out at end of the day. Olivia is not pleased that Abby is a better swimmer than she is..When her mother told her she knew she could swim better than she was doing, Olivia said I hate to swim, the only reason I swim is because you said you'd spank me if I didn't. great motivator..haha
Daniel made pork ribs, Thom made beef ribs and chicken breasts..also had potato salad, macaroni salad, jalapeno poppers (which were fantastic) cole slaw, Thom's world famous beans and my white chocolate lemon truffles..omg they were so good..plus tubs of fruit..
 my beautiful granddaughters.and their boobs.
 Me and the Little Prince, who had to have eaten 40 grapes. Then he was feeding them to everyone..but for every one he gave out, he ate 3..damn, my hair is turning grayer and grayer every day.

 Thom was so pleased with himself..
                          GG, Dylan and Nana..I had to threaten to beat her with a stick to sit down and quit waiting on us..

well, fuck y'all..have to put a unhappy check mark next to my fuckyou tumor

got phone call and there was a page 2? on my mri results ..seems my fuckyou tumor jumped from 1.7 cm to 2.5 cm..so neurosurgeon will call Monday to make apt with him for Tuesday. Nurse from Cujo's office said it was pass the parameter that was what they wanted to see ...so...I don't know what's going on..but will at least find out something Tuesday..I hope..My son says not to worry that I'm tougher than some ole tumor..anyhow..Monday I have lab works, Tuesday the brain doctor's apt, and Wednesday I have my first cataract surgery ..so will let you know what I know when I know it... might wanna give the goddess something shiny for me...love and kisses..jac