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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'm going to be a great Grandma....................Jenny's 7 weeks pregnant. Ain't it cool?


It's finally here...the 36Th Annual Westfest. Vitame Vas Na Westfest. Welcome to the Westfest. This will be another special one for me, cause I'll have a guest for Westfest. Someone to show off my little town to, someone to share Skunk Egg's and Kolaches with. Just wish you all could come down for it too. Because I guarantee..we will be having some  fun. Babs will pick up Rae up at the Waco Airport while I do all my running around..It's pay day, need to pay all my bills, buy some groceries, alert the media that I'll be at Westfest so they can double up on the local police. ha..I wish.. 
So? What's going to be going on at Westfest? It starts off with Friday night Preview Party. The gates open at 5:30 with Roy Mitchum and the Heart of the Night Band  set to provide the music from 6-7. the Miss Westfest Pageant is scheduled on the the East Pavilion stage at 7 p.m. as six West High School students vie for the coveted Miss Westfest crown. The reigning Miss Westfest 2010 Katen Kolar will crown the new Miss Westfest at the conclusion of the event. Following the pageant, Johnny Lee and the Urban Cowboy Band are scheduled to perform in the same area from approximately 8-10 p.m. followed by the featured entertainer, Kyle Park, who is scheduled to be on stage from 10 p.m. till midnight. There will be special prices for the kids rides between 7 to 11 p.m. for $20, for them to ride all the rides. This doesn't include the price of admission. 
Saturday morning is set off with the Westfest Parade, which to tell you the truth is my favorite part of Westfest. I love the parade..One year I was in the parade, and I liked it cause I got to throw candy to the kids. Plus the one year I was in the parade with the Grassroot Democrats and wore my Obama Mama t-shirt. I really had fun that day. I'll take plenty of pictures.  Soon as the parade is over the gates open up and Westfest officially begins. 
Brave Combo will play for the 35th year. I always thought they had played every year but ...I was wrong.  There will be karaoke, washer tossing contest, horseshoes(which the Dulock's almost always win... they are very...very..very good. There will be a Kolache baking contest for professional and non professional bakers. One year...I will enter..just to see how well a viking does cooking Czech.
There will be a tractor pull, the Kolache 500 Race,  a Polka Mass, and arts and crafts. The arts and crafts consist from fused glass, sun-catchers, candle holders, geode bookends, belt buckles, hats, wooden toys, wicker baskets, handbags, jewelry, baby quilts, regular sized quilts, candles, potpourri, art, palm leaf hats...wait..palm leaf hats..Shady Lane has one and says they are the best hats in the world..They don't mess up your hair and don't make your head sweat. hmm, I may get me one. Etched glass, vases, caricatures , handmade boots, purses , t-shirts, novelty items, hair halos, Christmas items, mosaic tile art, rustic furniture, natural honey(oh I'll get the honey and save me a trip to Waco), face and body painting, crosses, handmade walking canes, hand puppets, decorated flip flops, wind chimes, tie dyed clothing, pewter figurines, belly dance costumes, china cup bird feeders, metal art, Russian nesting dolls, Polish pottery, steins, Salsa, Emu oil, and Goddess knows what else.
When I was younger I really cared about who played what and which tent. Cause I love to dance..now? not so much, but I do enjoy listening to Brave Combo and extra goodie for me? Gary P. Nunn is going to play from 10 till midnight. I love Gary P. Nunn. For you that aren't in the know Gary P. Nunn wrote London Homesick Blues(I wanna go home with the Armadillo) and if you still don't know who it is? you-tube it..it's a yafta.
Oh there will be  a Taroky Tourney Saturday too. Plus I'm pretty sure my niece and her 2 kids will be dancing with the Czech Dancers like they have every year and I love to see them dance. 
Raymond and Lill Matus are going to be the Parade Marshals.
Well, I'll make this short, and will post all the pictures either Sunday night or Monday after the regular Monday post. Have a great holiday, and wish you all were here.


2 more days till Rae gets here and we get wild and crazy at westfest. I keep thinking this would be a lot more fun if I still drank...but some things I just know deep down in my old heart..some things are best left alone..and that means me and booze. this way I'll be able to remember what we did so I can give you a blow by blow run down on our activities. I'm looking forward to taking her to the polka mass. I have never been to one before either. Wonder if they will get pissed if I take pictures.??? hmmm. What are they going to do? Throw me out..
Now that would be a first. Been thrown out of every place I can think of but never from Church. I am going to have so much fun. will do the West News post on the fest later on...wish you all were here.

Monday, August 29, 2011


I wish it was a rainy Monday here...it's been all the way up to 110 degrees here..holy fuckme.